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Teenage Jobs En 3ème, nous abordons le thème des métiers, orientation oblige! Nous parlerons des petits boulots qu'effectuent parfois les jeunes en Angleterre ou aux États-Unis afin de gagner un peu d'argent de poche. Nous travaillerons aussi sur le lexique lié au monde du travail. As-tu une idée de ce que tu souhaiterais faire plus tard? Connais-tu la traduction du mot en anglais? Le web pédagogique ressources audio Mar 31 2016 Publié par truepoetsociety dans READING, séquence Applying for jobs Read and do the exercises: matching, multiple choice and true or false. Do you need some cash? Are you looking for work?

Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes In today's highly competitive job market, creating the right video resume to accompany your traditional CV can make you stand out from the crowd. The wrong one, though, can make you a laughing stock. Getting it right can be pretty tough. If you're considering going down the video resume route, we've got some advice for you from pros in the know, as well as real-life examples of great attempts from clued-in job hunters. Take a look at our five must-read tips for creating a video resume and please let us know which examples you like (as well as any tips you'd like to share) in the comments below.

Reading Comprehension Quiz: Applying for a Job 1. Needed: Full time secretary position available. Applicants should have at least 2 years experience and be able to type 60 words a minute. SixPix #5 ESL Listening Game about Job Ads Thanks for calling the local College Job Center. We have lots of jobs just for you. Our first job is at the local radio station. Free Jobs and Occupations flashcards, People Around Town flashcards, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, bingo cards, and other classroom printables a doctor, a policeman, a fireman, a mailman, a nurse, a bus driver, a pilot, a teacher, a waiter, a barber, a student, a cook large flashcards PowerPoint flashcards small game cards bingo cards handout color pictures with black and white backings game cards bingo cards multilingual handouts:

The best jobs in the world We’ve all been in the situation of looking at someone else’s job and wishing ours was half as interesting. So, to give you some food for thought, we’ve pulled together 10 of the most weird and wonderful jobs from around the world to give you some food for thought… 1. Chocolate consultant Queensland's tourism department offers 'the best job in the world' What would you do to secure the job of exploring a cluster of tropical islands and reporting back to an envious world? To date, candidates have been stripping off, making improbable promises, getting tattooed - and just plain begging to be appointed. The job, billed as the best in the world, was announced this week by Queensland's tourism department, which is seeking to promote the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Since then, its website has had four million hits, crashed several times and received 2,000 60-second video applications. Among those vying to be paid to swim with turtles and stroll along pearly white sands are an Olympic equestrian gold medallist from Switzerland, an Italian doctor, an ex-British Army commander and a teenager from England who is sick of the cold. The video clips, downloaded to a dedicated website, demonstrate the lengths to which candidates are prepared to go.

The best job in the world Once again the organisation which promotes Australia, Tourism Australia, is advertising the best job in the world. But this year, they have six jobs going, all for six months, with a great salary and extra spending money. If you think one of these is your dream job, you have to make a 30-second video explaining why you are the best person for the role. But – be warned. About the Best Jobs in the World campaign - Campaigns - Tourism Australia Media & Industry > Campaigns > Past Campaigns In March 2013, Tourism Australia, along with state and territory tourism organisations and partners including Citibank Dell, IKEA,, Sony Music, STA Travel and Virgin Australia, launched the Best Jobs in the World global youth campaign. The global youth campaign took Tourism Queensland’s highly successful 2009 Best Job in the World campaign and made it bigger by involving multiple partners to promote the whole of Australia. At the heart of the campaign was a global competition to win one of six extraordinary dream jobs with a state or territory tourism organisation, including Destination New South Wales, Tourism Northern Territory, Tourism Queensland, Tourism Victoria, Tourism Western Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission.

Best Jobs in the World Park Ranger Welcome TO our travel Blog about Australia! 2013, June, 21st : Sydney – My life changed for good...I just won the worldwide competition "The Best Job in the World" organised by Tourism Australia, beating over 330,000 applicants from 196 countries! After an intense 3 month campaign and many challenges, I couldn't believe it! I spent 6 months exploring the beautiful and diverse Queensland, the second largest State in Australia. With me, my partner Max, who is a photographer, perfect! Best Jobs in the World definition Réelle fierté nationale australienne, la campagne du Best Jobs in the World est l'une des opérations marketing les plus réussies du monde (d'après le DG de Tourism Australia 2010-2014, Andrew McEvoy). Basée sur l'idée orginale de Tourism Queensland qui lanca le premier volet en 2009 et qui généra un buzz planétaire en recrutant un Gardien pour une ile de la Grande Barrière de Corail, la campagne a été remise au goût du jour en 2013 par Tourism Australia. Ce n'était plus un mais six jobs de rêve qui avaient à gagner. Six métiers pour promouvoir les différentes facettes de l'Australie (une faune et une flore exceptionnelle, sa qualité de vie incroyable, ses vins et sa gastronomie etc).

The Best Job in the World: Earn 6 Figures as Caretaker for Tropical Islands : TreeHugger Image: IslandReefJobSix Figure Salary for Fun and SunIs it real? Or just a huge hoax? Judging by the speed of the website, it appears that a lot of people are at least checking it out. The AFP followed up with acting Queensland Premier Paul Lucas, who confirms that Queensland is seeking applicants who want to be "paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle."