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Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies

Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies
Making it big in your IT lead generation can be daunting. While it’s easy to draft specific goals for your organization, the hardest part is finding the right methods that strike a perfect balance in terms of quantity, quality and cost in acquiring telecom sales leads. In many cases however, some marketers nod at the notion that more spending means better results. Then again, the most successful telecom companies – notwithstanding their capability to fund expensive campaigns – remain the most frugal in creating the best techniques that attract a constant supply of quality telecom lead. Related Post: Three Ways to Lower your IT Lead Costs If finding that perfect balance means the world to you, consider following from these examples dispensed by three of the world’s best performing IT suppliers and service providers. Virgin Mobile’s focus on partnership and approachability Related Post: How to Get More B2B Leads for IT Services Diversified multichannel marketing as sweet as an Orange Related:  Marketing Tips and TricksTelemarketing

Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation. Which is Best for IT and Software Businesses? Which water is safer and healthier to drink? Canadian Living noted that tap water is the worst water type to drink. Chlorine treatment may kill unwanted bacteria in it but may contain lead or aluminum as it passes through extensive piping prior to coming out of the faucet. On the safe side of the list is Bottled water which is treated through distillation, reverse osmosis or ionized, and Charcoal filtration but which is also prone to bacteria breed when filters are not changed regularly. The course of IT and Software companies in choosing between Lead Generation and Demand Generation as to which best marketing strategy would work for their business seems turbid as the question which water type is best safe for drinking. However, competition mainly in the aspect of customer acquisition is getting stringy as (other) aggressive companies look for more prospecting options and bravely invest in the powers of advanced technologies to grab all the chances of dominating the market.

The Best Marketing Gimmicks for Internet Service Providers “We’ll give in to your Need for Speed” Would this do for an ISP marketing slogan? In today’s cutthroat internet business, ISPs need to act more proactively in creating the best marketing gimmicks that sell. Providing customers with a mere basic internet connection to be able to do standard web activities like accessing email accounts, browse or post on social networking sites or download files, are not enough to sustain business stability and continuous patronage. ISPs need to come up with something new all the time. Creative marketers never run out of ideas and one can do both hands and feet fingers count to name but which would be the best tactic to launch to the kind of market you serve. At this point, some friends would like to share some proven marketing tactics. NetEqualizer has tips to make ISP business more profitable: A customer base that you can handle If you’re a startup ISP, it is wise to initially maintain a decent number of customers of around 500. Easy payment schemes

4 Effective Ways to Increase Telemarketing Efficiency Much of the allure of telemarketing lies in its ability to nurture prospects. But the problem many B2B executives have with it involves using the best approaches that secure a high number of conversions and promise a good increase in revenue. Here are four essentials in successful telemarketing that are worth a gander, from Get Buy-In for Telemarketing Too often, telemarketing campaigns don’t have buy-in from the whole organization. Tips: Promoting Tech Products: Three Aspects of B2B Telemarketing you Wouldn’t Want to Compromise Use Telemarketing to Bridge the Gap Whether the telemarketing call center is internal or outsourced, a campaign can’t be conducted in the silo of either the sales or marketing department. That’s because sales people tend to be focused on the short term – sales leads TODAY. Tips: Increase your Telecom Sales using Telemarketing Hire Well and Train Your Telemarketing Agents Customers don’t want to talk to an agent who’s not on the same wavelength.

Get More Telecom Leads with Multi-channel Marketing Recent market stats show that competition in the telecom industry is rising in 2018. This is due to numerous innovations and disruptions that are pushing players big and small to seek a position in their respective niches. The challenges brought about by big data and cable’s venture into the telecoms arena will further impact the way these companies do business. In this case, it is essential for telecom companies to determine the most appropriate channels for getting high-value opportunities. For sure, having a robust strategy involving various communication channels will certainly give telecom enterprises a much-needed boost in closing as many deals as their sales teams can. Related: Inside the Telecom Industry: The Trends that Matter for 2018 A more focused campaign A great deal of marketing a service, say wireless router or fiber optic transmission line installation, involves knowing what people want. Related: Telecom Campaign Ideas for 2018: Consultative + Digital Marketing Author Bio:

150+ Software/Tech Marketing Stats to Help You Plan for 2018 - Looking for solid stats to support your 2018 marketing plan? We’ve got you covered. Having ploughed through the mountain of software/tech marketing data available, we’ve compiled all the essential numbers in this free eBook. This eBook features over 150 data points hand-picked from more than 60 reputable whitepapers, slide-decks, industry reports, and other published materials. Overall StrategyContent MarketingEmail MarketingSocial MediaOrganic and Paid Search Other Channels/Strategies Get the free eBook now and start beefing up your 2018 marketing plan. Callbox Locks Up the Leads for Giant Insurance Broker The Client The Client, based in Singapore, is the largest privately-managed insurance broker in the world with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea. The Challenge The Client has an in-house team in Hong Kong which supports its marketing activities in Asia, seeking prospects of S$20M companies. The objective of this campaign was two-fold: To build a well profiled database of the Client’s prospects in Singapore.To market the Client’s Corporate Risk and Employee Benefit insurance programs. The Callbox Solution Callbox set up a telemarketing team for a two-phase campaign: Database Profiling and Appointment Setting. Callbox then embarked on an outbound telemarketing campaign to arrange office meetings between qualified prospects and the Client’s outside sales reps. As the campaign progressed, the Client narrowed down the lead qualification criteria in order to capture larger prospects with near-term requirements. The Results

The 5 F’s of Data Hygiene for Deeper Sales Conversations [VIDEO] Data is the new oil. Without it, your sales engine stops running. Like oil, data needs to be refined. Or else, it won’t fuel your sales machine. The problem is that B2B data has a very short shelf life. 24% to 36% of your CRM data decays each year Tweet this! Poor data causes reps to waste 27.3% of their time, and ends up costing you 12% of revenues. The good news is that, by following a few simple data hygiene best practices, richer data-driven sales conversations are always within your reach… Learn how to Utilize a Data-Driven Approach to Generate Technology Leads! #1 Find out what’s wrong Start with a thorough audit of your CRMInterview key data handlers and usersIdentify what types of errors and potential issues you encounter Related: Not Just an Address Book: 4 Hacks to Turn a CRM into a True Sales Tool #2 Fix what’s broken Related: Symptoms of an Unhealthy Email Marketing List (and How to Clean It) #3 Fill missing values #4 Fit data together #5 Feed into a data management process

Lead Generation for Telecom: Are You Doing It All? A challenge question is now imposed on telecom lead generation and marketing: Are you doing it all? Like any other sub industry of IT, telecom companies find it hard to fuse their hectic activities and marketing. But there are still who can manage and even write about it. Here’s three blog post about telecom lead generation that we have compiled: Lead generation for telecoms – tips and best practices Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies Increase your Telecom Sales Using Telemarketing So far these are the lessons we have learned: Solve’s a prospects’ problem Marketing telecom products isn’t just about selling, it is solving the customer’s problem. Reach out using available online materials Extend your reach with the available resources online. Analyze your data Question is: Are you getting the right visitors on your website or all you getting were noise? Use telecom product for telemarketing Learn it from the expert Outsourcing to a third party

A Rundown of the Benefits of Marketing Automation for Healthcare Services Health is wealth, and we can never really deny the fact that we have to invest a great deal on efficient diagnostic and treatment tools to better address important medical concerns. Now more than ever, people are looking towards the healthcare sector for innovations that will lower costs and bring better results. It is against this backdrop that major players in the field of medical technology are putting more emphasis on quality care to meet an ever-increasing demand for specific services and equipment for specialty care. In fact, in the United States, overall healthcare expenditures have reached a whopping $3 trillion in 2014. In the pharmaceutical sector, spending on prescription drugs is expected to reach $400 billion by 2020. These numbers drive home the point that that major healthcare providers are compelled to do more in terms of getting a good share of the market. Related: 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Refine Your Marketing Analytics Stack Simplifying the sales process