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OpenAero2_Getting_Started - nextcopterplus - OpenAero2 - Getting Started Guide V1.1 - Open source fully featured flight controller code Please read the 'Frequently Ask Questions' before loading OpenAero2 onto a KK2 board. Where can I find OpenAero2 firmware? The latest files are always listed at the bottom of the first post in the RCGroups OpenAero2 thread. NASA plans smart air traffic control for drones No humans needed: smart air traffic control would enable drones to plan routes themselves (Image: Phil Noble/Reuters) Drones could soon be getting their own air traffic control system – and like them, it would be unmanned. A new generation of smart drones could enjoy constant internet connectivity, plan routes collaboratively, and sense and avoid any obstacles in their way. How to choose Motor and Propeller for Quadcopter and Multicopter You won’t believe how much maths and aerodynamics are involved when the engineers are designing the propellers and motors. Therefore you know how difficult it is to choose the best motor and propeller combination for your quadcopter for best performance. Fortunately this is not a new subject, and there are so many people shared their experience about this. Also there are some general rules you can follow to choose the optimal and effective motor and propeller combination.

Drone Makers Seek Traffic Control The commercial use of drones remains mostly illegal in the U.S. All the same, businesses are moving ahead with ways to profit from the small helicopters, with some assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration. In February the FAA, which is preparing drone rules, agreed to exempt State Farm from the prohibition, letting the insurer test the use of drones in claim inspections. On March 19 the agency granted a waiver to continue testing its package-delivery drones. And in Portland, Ore., startup SkyWard is pushing forward with a drone traffic control system that will allow thousands of the machines to fly through cities without colliding with one another or endangering people. SkyWard is working with NASA and the world’s three largest drone makers—DJI in China, 3D Robotics in the U.S., and Parrot in France—to demonstrate that swarms of drones can safely coexist in crowded airspace.

FPV Miniquad Revolution Miniquads are great for an endless number of reason; portability, agility, and speed to name a few. You see their popularity grow more and more as they rise in accessability and lower in price. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and to some, seem a lot less intimidating than their big siblings. We've touched on the subject of racing before when we visited the Airgonay Racing Club in Argonay, France. 7 Ways to Use Drones in the Classroom I flew our shiny new drone up through the umbrellas on the quad, up past the roof of the gym, and into the low scattered clouds. The camera projected back to my iPhone, and I could see my school site in a totally different way. I saw the newly planted trees in our quad, the only green for miles in the Mondrian-like concrete grid that is our local community. The students were in class, and the few teachers during their preparation period all peered up, shielding their eyes to see it fly. The custodian pulled up with his cart, and my assistant principal whooped like one of the middle school students on my campus. As I moved the joysticks, the drone descended, and I sent it bobbing and weaving through the open hallways, back across the quad, over the tennis courts, and back to hover before us.

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit) Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit) Our latest version of the Quanum DIY FPV Goggles follow on from the successful version 1 goggles and incorporates some major changes, such as adjustable 3 position head straps, neoprene support glove, and integral storage pockets for Battery, FPV Video Receiver and Head tracker components. The new curved optics fix the hour glassing edges found when using larger LCD screens. The newly manufactured monitor housing will make your immersive experience even better due to its re-contoured face cut-out with spacing for your nose and even glasses.

Drone Design Program Flies Students Toward STEM Careers (TNS) — The Newport News, Va., Public Library System just finished its UAVs 4 Me program that enables students 13 to 18 to build unmanned aerial vehicles from small robotics kits. The program is designed as a hands-on way to engage teenagers in critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making as well as steer them toward science careers. "Students learn and apply skills in math, electronics, aeronautics, physics and programming," teacher Chinell Little explained in a release. AutoQuad 6 – Full-Size Flight Controller AutoQuad 6 is the current full-sized controller option with 14 input/output channels that can be configured for motors, servos, LEDs, audio signalling, and other uses. Although the older on-board Analog IMU on the V6 board is fully supported in the software, we recommend upgrading AQ6 board to Digital IMU. Besides improving the IMU performance and greatly simplifying calibration, the DIMU expander adds CAN Bus and 2nd serial port to AQ6. Read more on the DIMU upgrade page. Overview with connection mapping

My First Quadrotor: Parts Selection and Build Note: All this happened in mid-January. I've just been too busy to finish this and post until now... Yupp. I built it! Here's how it happened... Drones And STEM Education - Anne Lopez, Teacher/Educator [DRS 027] - Drone Radio Show Can drones provide the framework for an effective STEM Education Program? We explore this question in this episode of the Drone Radio Show with Anne Lopez, a teacher at Eastside Middle School in Mt. Washington, Kentucky. Anne teaches STEM education, and in 2015, she introduced a class to middle schoolers on the history, use and operation of drones. The curriculum quickly gained praise from the drone industry and from education professionals for its innovative approach and hands-on learning. Anne talks about the curriculum, the lessons learned and the place that drones play in STEM education.

Forums - A guide for multi-rotor newbies - Page 1 The world of multi-rotor aircraft moves rather quickly these days - newly developed parts are being released regularly, and older designs are being updated with additional features. There's no chance that I will be able to keep up with changes on HobbyKing's products, or their pricing. Please treat this list as a guide to assist you with your own part selection. THE PARTS LISTBelow is a list of parts for a basic quadcopter. This aircraft will be suitable for beginners who have never flown a multi-rotor aircraft before. It will be relatively cheap, stable, reasonably robust, and able to easily carry a payload such as a small video camera.

The Next Era of Aviation: Drone Traffic Management Convention NASA researchers in California are using a modern version of a 150-year-old German photography technique to capture images of shock waves created by supersonic airplanes. Over the past five years scientists from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base and Ames Research Center at Moffett Field have teamed up to demonstrate how schlieren imagery, invented in 1864 by German physicist August Toepler, can be used to visualize supersonic flow phenomena with full-scale aircraft in flight. The results will help engineers to design a quiet supersonic transport. MAVLink Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol - QGroundControl GCS MAVLink is a very lightweight, header-only message marshalling library for micro air vehicles. It can pack C-structs over serial channels with high effiency and send these packets to the ground control station. It is extensively tested on the PX4, PIXHAWK, APM and Parrot AR.Drone platforms and serves there as communication backbone for the MCU/IMU communication as well as for Linux interprocess and ground link communication. MAVLink was first released early 2009 by Lorenz Meier under LGPL license. Message Specification