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Browser apps vs language learning

Browser apps vs language learning
Sedan jag fick tillgång till iPads i undervisningen har jag kollat efter breda alternativ, men appar på iPad och smartphones är ofta ganska begränsade. När man i stället kopplar på appar och tillägg på sin webbläsare breddas möjligheterna. Jag testade en läs-app där man kunde markera ord, få de förklarade eller översatta och spara dem till ett eget förråd. Men där tog det stopp. Jag har testat appar för glosinlärning, men där måste man mata in orden själv. Jag önskade mig en kombination, och idag hittade jag den, via ett tips från utvidgade kollegan Sara Bruun. I webbläsaren Google Chrome finns gott om olika tillägg och appar. I den här lista finns tips för den som lär sig språk, och här hittade jag en favorit. kombinerar nämligen funktionerna jag sökte.

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Idioms used by native speakers Those of us who grew up with English as our first language have been exposed to idioms and idiomatic expressions for most of our lives. They may have confused us a little when we were children, but explanation and constant exposure not only increased our understanding of them, but likely drew them into our own vernacular. If you’re in the process of learning the English language, you may come across some of these and not be entirely sure what they mean. Here’s a list of 20 that you’re likely to come across fairly often: 1. "ESL English as a Second Language Listening and Reading Audiobooks" Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque It is 1939. Despite a law banning him from performing surgery, Ravic —a German doctor and refugee living in Paris— has been treating some of the city’s most elite citizens.

10 Tips to Know before Becoming a Google Educator Done! Amazing I actually got through the long hours of studying for the Google Educator qualifications. Creating this post was important to me because I wanted to share in detail my experience of the Google Educator journey. I did this journey because this was fun for me. English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions Use the navigation above to browse our A-Z of English idioms … If you have a question about idioms, ask us about it in our Idioms Discussion Forum. If you know of an idiom that you would like to be listed here, please use our online form to suggest an idiom. Below are listed the latest 30 entries that have been added to our database of English idioms & idiomatic expressions. Subscribe to our idioms feed to keep up-to-date:

Show Us Your #SinglePointRubric The practice of using single point rubrics is slowly but surely catching on. The simplicity of these rubrics — with just a single column of criteria, rather than a full menu of performance levels — offers a whole host of benefits: Teachers find them easier and faster to create, because they no longer have to spend precious time thinking up all the different ways students could fail to meet expectations.Students find them easier to read when preparing an assignment. With only the target expectations to focus on, they are more likely to read those expectations.They allow for higher-quality feedback, because teachers must specify key problem areas and notable areas of excellence for that particular student, rather than choosing from a list of generic descriptions.

Games/vocabulary Pages This Blog Linked From Here Useful links Your Students are Instant Messaging / Texting / Chatting using Google Docs in the Classroom We love Google Docs. We first started playing around with this classroom technology in August 2008 and we’ve been using it ever since. We’ve even completed the Google Apps for Education Training to work towards becoming a certified trainer. Although we love Google docs, over the past few months, Google has rolled out some changes in the way it handles discussions and comments and this makes us a little hesitant to use Google Docs in our classroom.

Vocabulary placement test - beginners Recently we have published a placement test based mostly on grammar. Some of our readers commented that a vocabulary placement test might be useful too. That was why we have tried to create a test which would show you how many words you know. A part of the test is partly based upon the test by Paul Nation, however the first part is completely original. This test is for beginners and elementary students of English. Here you can find out, how many words from the 2,000 most common words in English you know.