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Gnaural: A Binaural-Beat Audio Generator

Gnaural: A Binaural-Beat Audio Generator
What is Gnaural? Gnaural is an opensource programmable auditory binaural-beat generator, implementing the principle described in the October 1973 Scientific American article "Auditory Beats in the Brain" by Gerald Oster. The theme of the article is that the processing of binaural beats involves different neural pathways than conventional hearing. Research inspired by the article went on to show that binaural beats can induce a "frequency-following response" (FFR) in brainwave activity. An early version of Gnaural called WinAural was used for at least one such published study, "The Induced Rhythmic Oscillations of Neural Activity in the Human Brain", D. Cvetkovic, D.

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Binaural Beat Brain Wave Experimenter's Lab Intro | Mailing lists | Downloads | FAQ | TODO Intro Welcome to the world of Binaural Beats! johnnielawson Relax 1 Hour Nature Sounds. Subscribe to this Relaxing channel:- Facebook:- Google+:- The Ultimate Rain Sound Generator – Hearing Calibrated ♥ I recently discovered this site while I was trying to find rain noise that was high quality - and I found it. I love this so much! I've been obsessed with it ever since. The Laundry Noise Machine, Open 24/7 ♥ This is absolutely brilliant. Found it under "I'm a student with ADHD", which I do have (albeit graduated from school ages ago). I didn't even know I needed this. Thank you so, so much. ♥ Thanks a lot for sharing this, now I can work peacefully :) BrainWave Generator Musiques de relaxation Gratuites

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