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Nozbe - to-do, task, project and time management application

Nozbe - to-do, task, project and time management application

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Sankeymatic - Create Sankey diagrams showing flows ⇓ Inputs: ' Type a list of Flows, like this: ' SOURCE [AMOUNT] TARGET ' Examples: Wages [2000] Budget Interest [25] Budget Budget [500] Taxes Budget [450] Housing Budget [310] Food Budget [205] Transportation Budget [400] Health Care Budget [160] Other Necessities ' After all your Flows are entered, use ' the controls below to customize the ' diagram's appearance. ' For even finer control over presentation, ' see the Manual (linked above). ⇑ Size, Spacing & Shape: ⇓ Colors... ⇓ Labels & Units... ⇓ Advanced...

Nozbe Review Rating5What's this? What Does the Rating Mean? Software is rated from 0-10. A higher rating suggests that the software is actively developed and has a good selection of truly effective features. The rating system is stringent, so don't look for a perfect score. Login blog | faq | donate log in to don't have an account? sign up just a peek? try login gwbush, any password secure login? bookmark mobile device? nozbe PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SYSTEM WORKS NOW ONLY ON THE WEBAPP. Pretty soon it will be fully replaced by in all our apps. The two system are separate. To send actions to Nozbe via Email, start off by going to “Settings” to set up your nickname and PIN. From now on, your personal Nozbe email is:

*Hootsuite - Manage Social Media ©2014 Hootsuite Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Risk free. Cancel anytime. Compare plans and select the right one for your needs Hootsuite—the best way to manage social media Getting Things Done With Software : Tom's Guide to Getting Things Done with Software Introduction The Getting Things Done (GTD) mantra is a great one for the start of a new year. It’s not just about making a to-do list of things that never get done. It’s about organizing what you need to get done in such a way that you can relieve some stress and perhaps be more efficient in getting your tasks accomplished. “Getting Things Done” isn’t a cliché; it’s actually the name of a popular personal productivity book by David Allen. Allen’s approach has spurred a cottage industry of software applications designed to help users implement the GTD methodology.

5 web tools to keep you productive — on any desktop You have work to do, deadlines are looming. Then: a crash, theft, damage... We’ve all experienced this (or, at least, we know people who have). If you're #iPadOnly and have a secondary device, lucky you. Bitly - URL Shortener Create a free account Sign up with FacebookSign up with Twitter Or Sign in & Start Sharing My Ideal GTD Software Jan 15, 2011 What This Post is Not: Scientific – This post is based on my opinion. I have a considerable amount of experience with project management (PM) and as such I have strong opinions on GTD as I rely on it to stay organized from day-to-day. My Addiction to GTD Software I’ve been using various GTD apps over the last 10 years, and I always end up using an application that does most of what I want, but not all.

What is Fargo? Friday, August 23, 2013 at 3:55 AM Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, blogging tool, project organizer. # It's an HTML 5 application, written in JavaScript, runs in any compatible browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft IE 10. Kuler - Choose colors that work together, create palettes Color Rule AnalogousMonochromaticTriadComplementaryCompoundShadesCustom Set as Base ColorSet as Base ColorBase ColorSet as Base ColorSet as Base Color Name Circular visualization of relationship data Before uploading a data file, check the samples gallery to make sure that your data format is compatible. Your file must be plain text. Your data values must be non-negative integers. Data must be space-separated (one or more tab or space, which will be collapsed). No two rows or columns may have the same name. Column and row names must begin with a letter (e.g.

How to manage your day-to-day energy (with Nozbe) Some people rely on their calendars completely: they work on reducing blank holes in their schedule, minimizing time spent in meetings and tasks and optimizing processes. But what if this isn't enough to fully improve our workdays? Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy, in their fundamental article from 2007, point out the drawbacks of time-based planning. Time is a finite resource.

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