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21 Quotes On Womanhood By Female Authors That Totally Nailed It

21 Quotes On Womanhood By Female Authors That Totally Nailed It
Yearling | $6.99 | "It tackles religion, the awkwardness of adolescence, and the weird contraptions that women used to use when they first got their periods. (References to the "belt" definitely confused me as a kid.)" -Kathleen Massara, Editor, Huffington Post Arts Anchor | $10.20 | "In the near future, the United States is overthrown by a group called the Sons of Jacob. The bank accounts of women and other undesirables are frozen, and a group known as Handmaids become the hosts for the future children of the ruling class. This book will haunt you, and is a reminder of how easy it is for extremists to take over... Once they do, the target is often women.

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Ronda Rousey Says She Could Beat '100 Percent' Of Men In Her Weight Class UFC women’s bantamweight champion and all-around American badass Ronda Rousey said on ESPN’s Sportscenter Thursday that she believes she could beat “100 percent” of the UFC male fighters in her weight class. “UFC announcer Joe Rogan has stated that he thinks you might be able to beat 50 percent of UFC male bantamweight fighters,” Sportscenter anchor Matt Barrie said. “So now this debate has started. Ronda, what do you think of about Rogan’s comment?” "I never say that I'm incapable of beating anybody, because I don't believe in putting limits on myself," Rousey replied.

Chloe Giordano – The space between embroidery & painting Oxford based artist Chloe Giordano’s elegantly detailed work combines illustration and freehand embroidery. Using a simple repetitive stitch, embroidery thread and calico Chloe developed her technique at the end of her degree at the University of the West of England. Alongside her brightly coloured miniature animals she also creates larger 3D soft sculptures. In our interview with Chloe we talk about her love of drawing animals and nature, her progression from simple soft sculptures to detailed embroidery undefined out why she is torn between referring to her work as ‘illustration’ or ‘embroidery’. Dormouse – Chloe Giordano An unrestrained ability to create

10 Female Revolutionaries That You Probably Didn't Learn About In History class By Kathleen Harris / We all know male revolutionaries like Che Guevara, but history often tends to gloss over the contributions of female revolutionaries that have sacrificed their time, efforts, and lives to work towards burgeoning systems and ideologies. Despite misconceptions, there are tons of women that have participated in revolutions throughout history, with many of them playing crucial roles. They may come from different points on the political spectrum, with some armed with weapons and some armed with nothing but a pen, but all fought hard for something that they believed in.

Womanism Unification is a key cornerstone of Womanism ideology. Womanism is a social theory deeply rooted in the racial and gender oppression of black women. There are varying interpretations on what the term womanist means and efforts to provide a concise and all encompassing definition have only been marginally successful. 21 Ways Gloria Steinem Taught Us To Be Better Women Without Gloria Steinem's passionate zest for change and equality, women would not be where we are today. To celebrate the feminist author, activist and all-around awe-inducing goddess on her 80th birthday, we've compiled some of her best quotes and lessons from over the years. Here are 21 things Gloria has taught us: "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning."

How Women Are Changing The World, Shown In Gorgeous Illustrations How Women Are Changing The World, Shown In Gorgeous Illustrations The Huffington Post | By Nina Bahadur Posted: Updated: Peruvian artist María María Acha-Kutscher wants to make women's participation in social movements more visible -- and her gorgeous illustrations do just that. (Story continues below.) Acha-Kutscher started her "Indignadas" project in 2012, paying homage to woman activists worldwide. You Probably Haven’t Heard Of These Five Amazing Women Scientists – So Pay Attention All week I’ve been intrigued and inspired by posters appearing in my department that depict truly great scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Few of them were known to me or my fellow students, yet their achievements include revolutionising algebra, developing the first treatment for leukaemia, and discovering fundamental processes in physics. Their only common characteristic? They are women, and their appearance on the walls marks International Women’s Day. Try to recall a woman scientist and Marie Curie may be the first and perhaps only name that springs to mind.

Black feminism Black feminism argues that sexism, class oppression, and racism are inextricably bound together.[1] The way these relate to each other is called intersectionality. Forms of feminism that strive to overcome sexism and class oppression but ignore race can discriminate against women through racial bias. The Combahee River Collective argued in 1974 that the liberation of black women entails freedom for all people, since it would require the end of racism, sexism, and class oppression.[2] One of the theories that evolved out of the Black feminist movement was Alice Walker's Womanism. Alice Walker and other womanists pointed out that black women experienced a different and more intense kind of oppression from that of white women.

42 Frida Kahlo Quotes You Need To Read Today My kids and I went on an educational vacation to Austin, Texas some years ago. Our primary objective was to visit the Harry Ransom Center to view their copy of the Gutenberg Bible. At the center, we also discovered some great art and letters. These Intense Photos Capture the Sexual Aggression That Women Face Every Day Whether it's being catcalled, groped or attacked, women know all too well that male entitlement often knows no bounds. A new photo series from Brooklyn-based photographer Allaire Bartel is attempting to capture the aggressive male behaviors many women encounter on a routine basis. From sexual harassment in the workplace to being groped while walking down the street, the striking photos demonstrate how these situations impact women's lives in both public and private.

Ladies Last: 8 Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For October 15 is Ada Lovelace Day, named for the world's first computer programmer and dedicated to promoting women in STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math. A Victorian-era mathematical genius, Lovelace was the first to describe how computing machines could solve math problems, write new forms of music, and much more, if you gave them instructions in a language they could understand. Of course, over the ensuing 100-plus years, dudes have been lining up to push her out of the picture (more on that below). Lovelace is hardly the only woman to be erased from the history of her own work. Here's a quick look at eight women whose breakthroughs were marginalized by their peers. (This isn't a complete list, by tragically epic degrees.

Feminist writers are so besieged by online abuse that some have begun to retire Jessica Valenti is one of the most successful and visible feminists of her generation. As a columnist for the Guardian, her face regularly appears on the site’s front page. She has written five books, one of which was adapted into a documentary, since founding the blog 5 Brilliant Quotes From Women, Illustrated To celebrate International Women's Day this past Sunday, CNN asked their audience to share their favorite quotes from inspirational women and recruited female designers to turn them into art. CNN crowd-sourced the quotes using the hashtag #InspireWomen before enlisting the help of female designers who volunteered to illustrate a selection of the quotes. On Sunday, CNN revealed the final product: a gallery of 17 gorgeous illustrations capturing powerful words from women throughout history. All of the quotes were suggested by CNN's audience, CNN journalists and women interviewed by CNN's Leading Women program. The designs include quotes from Helen Keller, Maya Angelou and Sheryl Sandberg.

6 Women Writers To Add To Your Bookshelf Last week, we asked editors at The Huffington Post to share which books they think all men should read, as a way of subverting the typically macho roundups of books for dudes. The responses ranged from Jane Austen to edgy young essayists such as Roxane Gay. But we also think it's important to highlight the great female authors who aren't always in the spotlight. These women don't necessarily address women's issues directly. In fact, one of them, Deepti Kapoor, wrote in a blog for us last week about maddeningly only being placed on panels that discussed the changing role of femininity in India, while more lofty topics were reserved for her male contemporaries. Another, Kelly Link, writes fantastical stories packed with very real emotions, and another, Laura van den Berg, has penned a dystopian book with a strange twist.