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GUP - Guide to Unique Photography

GUP - Guide to Unique Photography
Hungry Still is a combined photobook and cookbook conceived of by Slideluck London presenting photo-stories and recipes by 24 photographers. Kacper Kowalski shoots the world from above in his aerial photographs, a collection of which is brought together for his first book, Side Effects. Irina Popova's Another Family is a captivating yet controversial book about Lilya, Pasha and their 18-month old daughter Anfisa, capturing their lives in a complicated setting of alcohol, drugs and childcare. Motohiko Hasui emphasises the personal side of life in his first monograph. What does life look like on a remote island with only a few inhabitants? British photographer Jon Tonks (b. 1981) visited four islands, all overseas British territories, to find out.

Slideluck Potshow Thank you for your interest in showing work with Slideluck! Our curated slideshows generally consist of 20-25 artists, with each artist featuring up to five minutes of original work. In most cases, this is a slideshow of between 15 and 40 images. Every slideshow is set to music or an audio recording that the artist has selected. We generally accept all types of submissions, as long as the work can be represented fairly in a slideshow format. Holland Cotter Holland Cotter has been a staff art critic at The New York Times since 1998. In 2009, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, for coverage that included articles on art in China. Between 1992 and 1997 he was a regular freelance writer for the paper.

Tips for judging, critiquing and self-assessing photos I often solicit other people’s opinion when it comes to assessing the quality and creative merit of my photographs. I genuinely want to see how others react to the pictures I’ve taken. I want to find out if my viewers are seeing the same things as I am seeing, if they are seeing things I am not seeing, and in the process discover if there is a connection going on through my pictures. The problem is, most people tend to be “nice” rather than “critical” when it comes to their feedback. They are often not as open and not as candid as I want them to be when analyzing my pictures.

Inkjet & Laser Heat Transfer Paper A4 A3 Size For T-shirt - Buy Heat Transfer Paper,Heat Transfer Paper A4 A3 Size,Laser Printer Heat Transfer Paper Product on Inkjet & Laser Heat Transfer Paper A4 A3 Size For T-shirt 1. Easy to iron on100% cotton fabric or other fabric. 2. Photos, Photographers, and Picture Paraphernalia from All Corners of the Globe Jaimie Warren at The Hole: The Exclusive VICE Preview Here's an exclusive VICE preview of new work by Jaimie Warren from her second show at The Hole, which opens tonight. If You're Sick of Hearing About Ukraine, Try Living There In Donbas, Eastern Ukraine, you spend the day hacking away inside a pitch-black, kilometer-deep tar hole, breathing in exposed coal and methane. Why Are So Many Girls Wearing Cat Makeup on Tinder? Like many single, hot-blooded, smart phone-enabled men, I am on Tinder. A strange trend has come to the surface, rising above the Friday night outfit, the bikini picture, the cleavage selfie, the business suit, the goofy face, the model pose, and the picture with pets—girls in ca… Taking Photos of Jihadis in Battle Isn't As Easy As It Used to Be When Robert Nickelsberg began his career as a photojournalist, all it took to embed with the mujahideen was a phone call to their PR representative.

Make These Now, Pack Awesome Lunches All Week Falling into the takeout-for-lunch habit is an easy trap: It's just so easy. And no one wants to dedicate their morning or lunch-hour to preparing a feast. With a little foresight, however, you can save time and money by packing lunch ahead of time. Heading East: photographers Ferit Kuyas' Aurora I'm a big fan of Ferit Kuyas's work. His new book on Guatemala City will be out soon. I'm excited. Hey, Hot Shot! - Fall HHS! Winner: Juliana Beasley Paddy's Mother's Wig by Fall 2006 Hot Shot Juliana Beasley Juliana Beasley Currently residing in: Jersey City, NJ Website: Work Statement: The people in these photographs are largely disregarded: the poor, the elderly, the mentally ill, alcoholics, or drug addicts. They live in a close- knit community along the boardwalk of the Rockaways. I became accepted with my camera in hand.

Landscape Photography Melts into Color Fields See Also An Entire Film in One Frame: Movie Bar Code Schlaug has been exhibiting his work since way back in 1982. The photographs we bring you here are atypical of his normal series’: he rarely uses digital methods in his work. Breaking The Fifth Wall: Visual Essay On Our Perception Yovcho Gorchev not only completed a masters in architecture, but a masters in film design as well. These combined interests of design and film have led him to become a narrative driven, mixed media artist. His latest endeavor, Breaking The Fifth Wall, entails Gorchev creating mind-blowing images in the GIF platform and using them to posit new theories of human perception, the diminishing value of physical space, and sensory experiments of a metaphysical nature.