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Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

Microsoft OneNote Tutorial
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10 Tips to Unlock the Potential of Microsoft OneNote | OnTheHub Often overshadowed by its brothers and sisters, like Excel and Word, Microsoft OneNote is truly the hidden gem in the Office suite. Literally your digital notebook, OneNote is a great way to create and organize your notes, whether its for school, work, or personal. Ever since Microsoft released a bunch of new features in the 2013 version and made OneNote absolutely free for everyone, it’s a must-have organization tool. ➤ Want the full Office suite? Get the new Office 2016 for free* In this post, we cover 10 tips to help unlock the potential of Microsoft OneNote: 1. Don’t like the default blank pages in OneNote? 2. Don’t limit yourself to just text, OneNote lets you improve your notes by adding other file types. Make you sure you enable searching within video and audio recordings to do this (File > Options > Audio and Video). 3. 4. When you’re taking notes in class, there’s not always time to bold, italicize, and bullet. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. You might also like:

Vidéo : démarrer OneNote 2013 et commencer à prendre des notes <div class="cdOLblEmRed cdSearchResultsMargin">Avertissement : ce site requiert l&#39;utilisation de scripts, ce que votre navigateur n&#39;autorise pas actuellement. <a href=" comment activer les scripts.</a><br/></div> Vidéo : démarrer OneNote 2013 et commencer à prendre des notes Dans cette vidéo, découvrez en détail OneNote 2013 : depuis son démarrage pour la première fois jusqu’à la prise de notes. Autres vidéos du cours Cette vidéo fait partie d’un cours de formation intitulé Découverte de OneNote 2013. Vidéo : introduction. Prêt pour un autre didacticiel ? Évaluation : S'applique à : OneNote 2013 Affichages : Envoyé le :

A Guide to Helping Your Students Through the Writing Process – Imagine Easy Solutions Note: Academy lessons include instruction, videos, and formative assessments that help students develop these key skills. After students complete the lesson, you can use the analytics to quickly see who needs more help and who is ready to start writing! Tip: Even if you’ve already completed a number of writing projects in your class, it’s always good to review best practices with your students. Set the Assignment As students build out their skills, they can start applying what they’ve learned about the writing process to a writing assignment. Students should be writing for many different purposes and at different times of the year. Get Informed! This year, we will elect a new president. For your profile, you will need to pick one candidate, provide some biographic information and explain the candidate’s views on taxes, education, and foreign policy. Your profile should be supported by at least three credible sources. Letter to the editor: What’s your cause? Give Students the Tools They Need

The best OneNote 2016 tips: 10 ways anyone can get organized Microsoft’s OneNote is a surprisingly versatile tool for jotting down and organizing notes, random facts, and anything else that doesn’t fit into a spreadsheet or organized database. To keep it from turning into a virtual junk drawer, take advantage of its hierarchies of pages and outlines, sections and section groups, and notebooks. I'll walk you through those fundamentals and then show you my other favorite features. I’m concentrating here on OneNote 2016—the version that comes with current versions of Microsoft Office, whether you're using the desktop version or Office 365. Hierarchy 1: Pages and outlines OneNote launches as a big, white space. You can type anything you want into that page, including a collapsible outline. Hover your mouse over the top paragraph in the outline. That’s your hierarchy within a single page, but you can also create a hierarchy of multiple pages. To create a new page, press Ctrl-N. Hierarchy 2: Sections and section groups Searching for your information

Microsoft OneNote 7 Ways Imagine Easy Scholar Supports the Writing Process – Imagine Easy Solutions We’re gearing up for a new school year at Imagine Easy HQ. This year, we have even more of a reason to be excited–it’s the first year schools will be using our brand new tool, Imagine Easy Scholar, to teach close reading, ethical writing, and digital literacy. Hooray! Scholar is an online platform that supports students throughout the writing process. We’ve compiled a quick presentation to explain seven ways Scholar supports students with writing (yay, alliteration!). Digital Literacy Students interact with digital content in assignments, including videos and hyperlinks.Students use digital tools to interact with and evaluate authentic texts. Project Management Scholar can be accessed from anywhere. Close Reading Students can create annotations by: highlighting textcreating notecardscolor-coding informationadding personal ideas and paraphraseskeeping track of sources. Organizing Information Outlining Ethical Writing Everything that you love about is in Scholar. Emily Gover

Page Locking comes to OneNote Class Notebooks - Microsoft Tech Community - 200336 Educators face an array challenges, not least of which is ongoing classroom management. As more and more teachers use Class Notebooks, stand alone or integrated with Microsoft Teams, the most common request we’ve heard from teachers is the ability to “lock” a page. This capability allows educators to have control and make the OneNote page read only for students while still allowing the teacher to add feedback or marks. Today, we are excited to deliver on this request and begin rolling out page locking broadly to help teachers manage their classrooms and save time. Page Locking—To further simplify classroom workflows, we are delivering on the number-one request from teachers for OneNote Class Notebooks—enabling lock pages. During our early testing process, we’ve had teachers trying out the page locking in their classrooms. Scott Titmas, Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools, NJ was also an early beta tester of the new page locking feature.

outilspedago - OneNote Pour vous et pour vos élèves OneNote pour les enseignants Pourquoi utiliser OneNotePrenez vos notes facilement - vous pouvez écrire n'importe où sur la pageClassez vos notes à l'aide des ongletsCréer des pages, autant que vous le désirez, aussi longue que vous voulezCréez plusieurs blocs-notes pour tous vos dossiers ( cours, parascolaire, personnel, recettes....)Plus besoin d'enregistrer vos notes, c'est automatique! Guide de référence OneNote Live Training – Search Education – Google With these webinars, you can improve your own search skills and learn how to bring search literacy to your school. Browse the archive of past trainings, and make sure to follow us on Google+ to stay up to speed on the latest tips and trainings from Google. Even better search results: Getting to know Google search for education Google makes it simple to find the information you need, but there are strategies for finding higher quality sources even more easily. Learn the basics of predictive search, a method for drawing on what you know about what you need to find it faster, including successful word choice and using the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to uncover information you never dreamed was possible. Power searching: Advanced Google search for education When you realize that the information you want will be a presentation or PDF, what can you do? Beyond the First Five Links Looking for new ways to motivate students to look beyond the first five links in a search engine?

OneNote Clipper capture toutes vos envies ! | Office France : le blog officiel de Microsoft France « Wow cette robe est canon et pas chère pour les soldes ! », « Je veux absolument cette Surface Pro 4 ! », « Il faut que j’aille voir Star Wars ! », « Il faudrait que j’aille sur Marmiton trouver une recette de pâtes à crêpes » … Qui n’a pas prononcé l’une de ces phrases ces dernières semaines ? Prenons l’exemple sur Mac, avec le navigateur Safari. 1. 2. 3. Notes : Pour Internet Explorer : affichez votre barre des favoris > clic droit sur « Couper dans OneNote » > Ajouter à la barre des favoris Pour Chrome : OneNote Clipper est une extension à ajouter à votre navigateur. 4. Note : Sur Chrome, vous avez également une 3e option qui est la sauvegarde d’une zone sélectionnée. 5. 6. Continuez à surfer sur le web, et retrouvez toutes les informations qui comptent pour vous sur OneNote. Vous n’avez pas encore OneNote ? – Pour Windows : OneNote est déjà installé sur Windows 10 ; – Pour iOS :

Help Your Students Conquer the Dreaded Blank Page - EasyBib Blog For students who LOVE to write, there are few things more exciting than a blank page. They don’t see white space; they see opportunity, and they can’t wait to get started. For many students, however, the opposite is true; just the sight of all that white, empty space fills them with dread. For them, the blank page is a vast wasteland stretching for miles and miles; they have to fill it, and they don’t have a clue how to begin. Writing prompts are an excellent way to create a safe environment that encourages all students, even the most reluctant writers, to express their thoughts without reservation. Students can step out of their personal comfort zones and focus on what they want to say, instead of how they’re saying it. Writing prompts can also be effective in helping students break through writer’s block, providing a space to record free-flowing thought they can always revisit and organize at a later time if they choose. Open-ended Prompts Sample Scenarios Question Prompts Picture

7 things Microsoft OneNote does that Evernote can't We're moving deeper into the modern "walled garden" of digital life. Generally speaking, you choose the garden you like best — be it Apple, Google or Microsoft — and the more time and money you invest, the more painful it is to leave that ecosystem. Similarly, many people pick Evernote or Microsoft OneNote as their repository of choice for digital scraps, doodlings and scanned documents. Then they usually stick with that choice, because it's not easy to toggle between them or switch. About a year ago, I chose Evernote over OneNote, and I started amassing my own digital archive. To help you decide between these two notebook tools, I've come up with seven things OneNote does that Evernote can't. 1) OneNote is a design-friendly, freeform canvas Each OneNote note is a blank canvas, every element its own movable container. OneNote 2013 for Windows also lets you customize your notes. Other versions of OneNote, including the iPad and Mac apps, offer some but not all, of these capabilities.