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Digital Detox® LLC. - Disconnect to Reconnect
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We Need to Break Free From Technology Les extraits marquants de l'exhortation apostolique du Pape sur l'amour dans la famille EXTRAITS - Retrouvez des passages de l'exhortation apostolique post-synodale du pape François, publiée ce vendredi. 1) «Il ne sert à rien non plus d'imposer des normes par la force de l'autorité» «En tant que chrétiens nous ne pouvons pas renoncer à proposer le mariage pour ne pas contredire la sensibilité actuelle, pour être à la mode, ou par complexe d'infériorité devant l'effondrement moral et humain. Nous priverions le monde des valeurs que nous pouvons et devons apporter. Certes, rester dans une dénonciation rhétorique des maux actuels, comme si nous pouvions ainsi changer quelque chose, n'a pas de sens. Mais il ne sert à rien non plus d'imposer des normes par la force de l'autorité. En même temps, nous devons être humbles et réalistes, pour reconnaître que, parfois, notre manière de présenter les convictions chrétiennes, et la manière de traiter les personnes ont contribué à provoquer ce dont nous nous plaignons aujourd'hui. 8) «Les divorcés remariés ne sont pas excommuniés»

Camp Grounded - Summer Camp for Adults - Digital Detox Commentaire Le pape François ouvre la porte de la communion à certains divorcés remariés VIDÉO - Le Souverain pontife prévient toutefois dans le document intitulé La joie de l'amour, publié ce vendredi, que cette ouverture pastorale en cas d'échec n'a rien d'automatique ni ne justifie le divorce. C'est officiel maintenant. Le pape François entrouvre une porte de l'église qui était jusque-là fermée aux divorcés-remariés. S'ils ont, par exemple, subi un divorce, s'ils ont refait leur vie de façon stable et s'ils ont des enfants, s'ils désirent vraiment - au sens d'une quête spirituelle authentique - participer à la communion eucharistique «qui n'est pas un prix destiné aux parfaits mais un généreux remède et un aliment pour les faibles», cela pourra se faire «pour certains cas» au terme d'un chemin de «discernement». Par le biais notamment «d'un examen de conscience» avec un prêtre selon une «logique d'intégration» et non plus «d'exclusion». La situation des personnes homosexuelles absente du texte «D'aucune manière l'Église ne doit renoncer à proposer l'idéal du mariage»

VICE | United Kingdom ©2015 VICE Media LLC United Kingdom Commentaire The Compassion Revolution — How Society Is Designed To Crush Empathy Chloe Papas is a writer, journalist and prodigious eater based in Perth. chloepapas Approx 8 minute reading time In a time where self-care is considered paramount and we are taught to look after number one, Roman Krznaric sticks out like a sore thumb. The philosopher and writer believes that empathy, rather than self-preservation, will change the world and get us through the cold, dark nights. Krznaric, who spent his formative years in Australia and now lives in the UK, defines empathy as the “imaginative ability to put yourself in someone else’s position and look at the world through their eyes.” We spoke to Krznaric about the empathy revolution. Why is empathy so important to you? I used to be a political scientist, and I used to think you could change society through elections and changing institutions. I think like everybody I’ve had experiences in my life where I’ve learnt that empathy really matters. Do we naturally display empathy? Do you think society is generally empathic? No.

The Man Who Wants to Cure Your Internet Addiction | VICE | United Kingdom (Photo by Nicolas Nova) Sweden's first ever internet emergency room opened its doors in Stockholm last month. I guess it was about time, considering Sweden is one of the most connected countries in the world. That said, various scientists, experts and journalists have spent the past few years debating whether internet addiction is even a real thing that needs legitimate treatment centres, or just a modern urban legend. Patrik Wincent, licensed therapist and founder of the internet ER, would argue the former. Prior to setting up the rehab programme, Patrik spent a decade helping video game addicts break free from their controllers, and used to be addicted to games himself. Patrik Wincent VICE: Hey Patrik, do you have time for a chat? Were you using your phone before I called? Wow. Looking at your phone when you're hanging out with someone is pretty much the norm, though – at least in Sweden. Do you think people in Western societies are afraid of loneliness? Why girls? Cool – good tip.

Commentaire Cyborg Buddha: James Hughes on Transhuman Enlightenment Podcast: Play in new window | Download We are entering an era where increasingly, a single individual can have a major impact on the world. New technologies are constantly being developed. More and more, they are available to everyday people at a lower cost. On one hand, this is amazing. The human brain has not changed in over 10,000 years. Transhumanist Movement: Becoming More Than Human How can we enhance a human being’s intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities using cutting edge technology? Many present day transhumanists are largely concerned with personal enhancement. Back in his basement, Average Joe may be now a highly enhanced cyborg. Increasing human empathy is something that certain groups of people have been at for a very, very long time. Cyborg Buddha: The Future of Moral Enhancement That is exactly what James Hughes is attempting to do in his upcoming new book, Cyborg Buddha. But the need to upgrade ourselves isn’t the only hurdle we will be facing this century.

Countdown to Eternity | VICE | United Kingdom Everyone I know in Los Angeles lowers his or her voice when they talk about Scientology. This religion more or less runs Hollywood, and Hollywood pretty much runs Los Angeles, so people don’t fuck around with Scientologists. Like the mafia, they always find out and they never forget. Scientology is like heroin at this point: You know damn well what you’re getting into when you start to tangle with it, and if you choose to go down that route or date someone who does, well, that’s your problem. Mention Scientology or heroin to almost anyone, and they’ve got a story to tell. I still receive mail addressed to the prior tenants of my home. Scientologists are known as propagandist, pushy folk, which I’m sure to them seems like they’re simply emphatic about their religion. I feel sorry for anyone who’s actually homophobic because it implies mental retardation; therefore, I have no huge personal beef with Scientology. Plus, all that stuff where they abuse members, idolise their guru L.

Internet Addiction 1. What is Internet addiction? Internet addiction is a growing problem facing today's society that is plaguing many families, couples, and individuals both young and old. Internet addiction not only threatens the psychological well-being of individuals, but quite possibly the entire social fabric and as we know it. This psychological disorder is defined as uncontrolled Internet-related behavior which interferes with or impairs normal functioning, and causes severe emotional distress for the individual, their family, friends, or their loved ones. 2. As a relatively new problem, Internet addiction has not yet been included in the DSM. 3. The study of Internet addiction is still relatively new. 4. There is an extremely wide range or broad spectrum of behaviors related to Internet addiction. 5. There appear to be gender differences influencing the types of Internet applications preferred by men and women.