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The 10 Best Free Blog Sites

The 10 Best Free Blog Sites
Getty 2017 is here, and it’s finally time to start that blog you’ve been thinking about creating for years now! We’re giving you a leg up by pointing you in the direction of some of the best free blog sites out there. MORE: 26 SHOCKING Before-and-After Celebrity Plastic Surgery Pics It’s free to start a blog here, and you’ll be able to choose from several gorgeous themes. Perhaps one of the most well-known platforms, Blogger is backed by Google, so it’s trustworthy and reliable. Founded in 2012 by Evan Williams (Twitter, Blogger) and Biz Stone (Twitter), this platform offers a distinct story-telling feel. Penzu is loved because of it’s versatility: There are three different types of journals you can start when you sign up for the site: Daily Diary (public), Expressive Journal (private), and Travel Journal (great if you’re going on a trip). Price: 14-day free trial, then $8-$24/month based on your preference Related:  Job, career, business, entrepreneurblogville

THE Best Places to Start a Blog (Updated 2015 Edition) - Dear Blogger Please check out my guide to blog hosting sites and answer some blogging questions below if you want (you have my permission to do so, though you don’t really need it ). I can’t get to them all anymore and who knows, you might find an answer you’re looking for too! — Blogging. » Start a blog demo (YouTube) Browse at About: Setup nowadays so easy Snoop Dogg can do it with the elegance of NYTimes, Sony PlayStation, Wall Street Journal, Paris Hilton and more. Stats: Recommended for: Blogging and websitesFounded: May 27th, 2003Founder: Matt Mullenweg of AutomatticTotal users: 60 million, 19% of the internet and 1 in 5 websites as of December 2013Total employees: 151Pros: Elegance and easeCons: You need to get a domain name and web hosting firstCosts: Your domain name and hosting can be bought together for about $3-6 per month. Please Note: There is a material connection between this blog and HostGator. Browse at Blogger Browse at Wix

clearings | creations, reflections and intuitions 10 Best Blog Sites to Create a Free Website Creating a website or a blog is as easy as it gets, in just few seconds you can start blogging. In this article you will find ten of the best blog sites to create a free website. If you are completely new to blogging then read – what is a blog? and reasons to start a blog, plus don’t panic, we will cover almost every bit of blogging knowledge on this website. is a also a blog cum website that is made on a blogging platform called WordPress. – is probably the best platform for opening a new blog, espcially for newbies. See Also – Start a Blog on in Under 5 mins Few Things about WordPress: Blogger – Blogger blog platform allows private and multi-user blogs. Google hosts the blogs at subdomains of blogspot (“”) It allows you to add advertising to your blog (with Google Adsense) and you can earn money from blogging. Also see: Best Free Tumblr Themes Blog –

60 brilliant WordPress tutorials | WordPress (Image: © Alexandra Bruel) WordPress is one of the world's most popular publishing platforms. It's highly customisable, very easy to use and it's completely free, making it an obvious choice for anything from a simple blog to an online design portfolio. Because of its enormous popularity, there's a wealth of WordPress portfolio themes available, plus plenty of WordPress tutorials online to help you get to grips with the CMS. To save you time, we've picked 25 brilliant WordPress tutorials from around the web. 01. Perhaps the most frightening part of getting started with WordPress is the business of actually installing it. 02. This complete guide to creating your first WordPress site is a great place to start if you're a total beginner, or someone with a bit of experience looking to fill holes in their knowledge. 03. Cheat sheets are ideal when you're starting out, and can still prove useful to refer back to when you're more experienced. 04. 05. Next page: Intermediate WordPress tutorials

Blog Hosting Sites - a Quick Guide to Bring You Up to Speed in Blogging - Dear Blogger Blogging: Yawn. Login. Write. Fail. Triumph. Repeat. This quick tutorial will help you learn about blog hosting sites, important terms, and additionally how to setup WordPress, the web’s most popular CMS. What is the best blog hosting site for me? A blog hosting site, also called a blog hosting service (full list on Wikipedia) refers to the virtual space where your blog lives. As such, it’s important not to leave your blog hosting up to just anybody. As a rule of thumb – Your blog hosting site should be a good match your level of commitment, as well as your ambitions, with blogging. If you want to make a living blogging and blog professionally for a large audience, it’s highly recommended you pay a small fee per month for your own web hosting. Free blog hosting sites Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress (com) are the best and largest free blog hosting sites by number of customers. You can create a blog in a matter of minutes and begin blogging. So, what exactly is a free blog hosting site? Hey. Greg

Arthur Hall on Pinterest Log in Home Categories There’s more to see... Come take a look at what else is here! Arthur Hall MOOCs Arthur Hall Web Science Personal Learning Networks EFL ESL EAP English for Business What & When in Schools food knee exercises grammar America writing Why Blogs Fail to Get Traffic - Dear Blogger The days of easy Google traffic are over and I hear the complaints all the time. How can I attract more traffic? Will Google ever notice my blog posts? Well the answer is YES, you can attract great traffic and yes Google WILL notice. Well…sort of. In this post I’d like to address a couple problems holding you back from getting more traffic. I’ll help you look at blog traffic in a different light. As usual, feel free to comment. Traffic terms Here are some useful terms before we get going. Traffic = Online visitors to your siteReturning traffic = People who come back to your site 2 or more times Target audience = People who will take action on your messagesOnline graveyard = Where thousands of traffic-less blogs end up every day Ok, “online graveyard” is one I made up To find the solution to a lack of blog traffic I’d like to look at two problems I commonly see. Problem 1: We only look at the numbers I feel like a lot is wrong with the whole “gimme more traffic” world nowadays. a.

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