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The 20 funniest French expressions (and how to use them)

The 20 funniest French expressions (and how to use them)
Photo: Ben Raynal 1. The French don’t “piss you off”…they “shit you off” (Faire chier quelqu’un). 2. The French don’t call you “idiotic”…they call you “as dumb as a broom” (Être con comme un balai). 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

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10 Phrases You Won't Learn in French Class by Emily C. Sims The French are really very gifted at the insult. The fun part is that even though you’re saying something horrifically dirty, it still sounds elegant. Your French teacher definitely never taught you any of these. How to write a letter or e-mail in French: closing formulae Continuing our section on writing a letter in French, we look at some common forumlae for closing a letter in French. Closures: informal Closures to informal letters are less formulaic than formal or business letters, so there are a variety of possibilities. Here are some common ones:

8 French idioms every traveler should know Photo: Georgina Cabrera 1. Saoul comme un Polonais | To be very drunk Why we should simply stop teaching English Comment:Last Updated:16 November, 2014Section:news Lessons in grammar, literacy and the like can be dull for pupils and frustrating for staff. So why not abandon them altogether? Learn English Harry Potter lesson These TV show courses were written in order to help my online students learn English. They proved to be a popular and effective resource, and so I have decided to make them available here, on my website. It could be useful for two different types of readers. Firstly, teachers of English may find it a fun and effective resource to help their students learn English.

22 Embarrassingly Awkward English-French Translation and Pronunciation Mistakes Have you ever had an embarrassing translation faux pas that is so cringe-worthy it made you want to duck to the nearest restroom and hide there forever? Or probably pronounced a French word so inappropriately that it made everybody snicker? French words, with its subtle nuances and undertones, is quite easy to bungle. You might be saying something that you think is totally innocent, but the word you choose or a slight error in your pronunciation could all too easily make you sound like a horndog pervert…or even highly rude and offensive. via GIPHY “Did I just say THAT?!”

30 Bilingual French Quotes - French Quotes in English and French By Camille Chevalier-Karfis Updated August 07, 2015. French Quotes are a fun and interesting way to memorize some French vocabulary. I selected the quotes below because they are short, famous, and easy to memorize. When somebody told this woman she was 'faking' her chronic illness, she had the perfect response Meet Julie McGovern. The student from Arkansas has long been physically active, running on her high school and college track teams. But after experiencing headaches, and excessive tiredness a doctor told her she had mononucleosis, which meant she had to curtail a lot of her sporting activities. Sadly, six months after her mono diagnosis, Julie was still suffering from migraines and extreme weakness - even walking to the postbox would make her out of breath. After searching for an answer for months, eventually Julie learned she has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a chronic and debilitating illness which can make it difficult to even stand up as the body can't adjust to gravity very well. Understandably, POTS has had a devastating effect on Julie's life - but one of the hardest things to deal with is the fact that since she has no physical symptoms, people often don't believe she's ill.

About corp.ling.stats This is a personal blog discussing experimental design and statistics for corpus linguistics. Corpus linguistics is an approach to linguistics research which focuses on analysing volumes of annotated text data, or corpora. Over the last decade and more, the size and complexity of these corpora have increased. Increased size – with multi-million-word corpora becoming commonplace – means that we now have the weight of evidence that might allow statistically meaningful statements to be made on hitherto unanswerable questions.Increased complexity – such as the series of recursive grammatical tree structures found in million-word parsed corpora (Penn Treebank, ICE-GB, Prague Dependency Treebank etc.) – raises new possibilities for research, and consequent issues of how to pose research questions correctly to obtain sound conclusions. I believe that the statistical methods we have at our disposal as researchers are frequently weak and often misunderstood. – Sean Wallis