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Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen - Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Antragstellung

Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen - Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Antragstellung

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Distance calculator The tool is not designed for individuals to determine how much they should receive in funding; these amounts are dependent on various factors, including administrative costs incurred by participating organisations and the National Agencies. The distance calculator is designed for organisations taking part in the Erasmus+ Programme to calculate travel distances for grant support to individuals. For grant support to travel costs in the Erasmus+ Programme, travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator provided below. Based on the distance expressed in km, the corresponding distance band must be chosen in the application and report forms. In order to use the calculator, you should: Language descriptors for migrant and minority learners' success in compulsory education Project working languages: English, FrenchProject term: 2012-2013Project team: Eli Moe, José Pascoal, Marita Härmälä , Meilute Ramoniene What is it about? The project will focus on the language competence required in the language of schooling in order to achieve educational success. Eliciting language requirements in curriculum subjects and linking these to CEFR levels will raise educators’ awareness of the language migrant and minority language learners’ need to perform successfully in compulsory education.

Master's Programme in Development Geography Start-up Date August The Degree The master's programme leads to the degree Master of Philosophy in Development Geography. It is a two year programme (120 ECTS credits). The role of language in education Thesis The role of language in education "Miss Kelly said that when you talk to somebody it's like you're playing ball. Call for papers - XIV CercleS International Conference 2016 The Language Centre of the University of Calabria is pleased to announce the XIV CercleS International Conference entitled Enhancing Learners’ Creative and Critical Thinking: the role of University Language Centres. The Conference will be held on 22-23-24 September 2016. The aim of the Conference is to create an occasion for scholars, practitioners and project managers to share ideas about research and didactics related to language learning and teaching. The Conference wants to offer the opportunity for a three-day collaborative and friendly debate which will involve the many members of the Associations of Language Centres in Europe who, thanks to their varied working and geographical backgrounds, will enrich the conference discussions.

Faculty of Design Studying design in Hildesheim has a long tradition. The foundation for today’s Faculty of Design was already laid in 1831. The Faculty’s current study programme in modular form is a two-stage study system with a Bachelor degree and a consecutive Master degree that qualify graduates to work in this field. With its large spectrum of eight competence fields, which complement and are also linked with one another, the artistic-scientific Bachelor programme in Design forms an interdisciplinary study programme that is unique in its diversity and with its very well equipped workshops. The fields of competence are: Advertising Design, Corporate Identity/Corporate Design, Colour Design, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Interior Design/Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, Metal Design and Product Design.

Master's Programme in Public Administration Start-up Date Autumn (August) The Degree The master's programme leads to the degree Master of Philosophy in Public Administration. Language Policy Unit - Homepage October 2015: New Publications,available, including: The language dimension in all subjects: A Handbook for curriculum development and teacher training and The Handbook at a glance Intergovernmental conference on “The language dimension in all subjects: equity and quality in education". Strasbourg, 14-15 October 2015 Now online: Programme including presentations and related Conference documents Symposium on The linguistic integration of adult migrants: lessons from research, Strasbourg, 30 March – 1 April 2016. In response to the Call for papers, 97 abstracts have been submitted which are currently under review. Nearly 160 persons registered online. August 2015. Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM): visit the new version of the dedicated website Competences for Democratic Culture: Education professionals are invited to take part in testing competence descriptors from July to mid-November 2015.

Admission - Roski School of Fine Arts The M.A. program is currently accepting applications for Fall 2014. Application deadline is February 1, 2014. For more information, please contact the M.A. program office at 213.743.1804 or to arrange a meeting with the M.A. 15 Fully-funded Development Scholarships for International Students © Not all scholarships are created equal. Some scholarships are in the form of tuition fee waivers only, some only cover living expenses, while some offer a partial cash grant but there are those scholarship programs that cover both tuition fee and living expenses and sometimes include travel costs, book allowance, insurance, etc. Fully funded scholarships provide most, if not all, of what you need to pursue your studies abroad.

James Heywood's blog A very long time ago. Many years before humans wrote the first grammar book… If Turkish is your mother tongue, then you might have difficulty with ago, earlier, before, after, in, and later. Philosophy for children, business and communities - Philosophy for and with children Philosophy for Children ‘Philosophy for children’ (P4C) began with the work of Professor Matthew Lipman, who founded the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children at Montclair State University in 1974. He believed that young children possess the tools needed to think rationally, and through his method of reading philosophically stimulating narratives, he believed that children could be encouraged to respond philosophically. This dialogue-driven method would go on to influence other subsequent approaches of doing philosophy in the classroom.

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