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H&M on Conscious Materials

H&M on Conscious Materials

Economy Of Fashion: How Different Trends Reflect The Financial State It's common knowledge fashion is cyclical in nature. The concept of “newness” in fashion doesn't refer to the premiere of a trend, but rather its revival. Why fashion cycles in this manner, however, is less obvious. There are lots of factors at play: cultural trends, politics, celebrity influence. One one of the most surprising factors to influence the cycle of fashion, though, is the state of the global economy. Sustainable Clothing and Sustainable Fashion - The Fashion eZine Also known as Eco-Fashion, sustainable fashion is a growing design trend in the fashion and textile industry wherein the goal is to create environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing. There is also a larger trend called sustainable design, wherein architecture and products are made with special consideration for their environmental and social impact throughout its total life span (meaning the product doesn't pollute or harm during production, usage and eventually disposal), including efforts to minimize its "carbon footprint" for transportation. Sustainable fashion has been getting a lot more press in recent years, appearing in magazines like Vogue, but that is only because the staff at Vogue noticed the growing trend of independent fashion designers who are selling sustainable fashion online and via independent stores. Eco-conscious clothing is becoming the forefront of fashion design. CONCLUSIONS Sustainable clothing is here to stay.

MADE IN BRITAIN - Topshop Blog Featured Tis the season to be British – tralalalala… lalalala… With the Jubilee and the Olympics encouraging our patriotic tendencies, we thought it was high time classic, quintessential style hit the fashion headlines and thus, our new collection Made in Britain was born. Marrying tradition with innovation (because isn’t that so the British way?), every piece has been lovingly crafted in the heart of London’s East End to create a capsule collection that even the Queen herself would be proud of. The New Green Voices: The 5 Best Green Fashion Blogs Bloggers really are taking the fashion world by storm. They now rub shoulders with Vogue editors at the big international fashion weeks, interview famous designers and models and even create full time careers from marrying the digital world with sustainable design. With so many fashion writers seeing the future in sustainability, I look at where the new green fashion voices are coming from and how to find them online.

Can big brands catch up on sustainable fashion? Imagine a pair of trousers you could throw on the compost. After years of use, they could decompose among the eggshells and tea bags to leave behind nothing but some fertile soil to help grow new raw materials. It takes the circular economy to a whole new level. This is the idea behind F-ABRIC, a range of materials developed by Swiss company Freitag. Investigating The Sustainability Claims Behind H&M ColumnIs fast fashion giant H&M really making moves to become more sustainable, or is it all just greenwashing? Editor’s Note: This is Jessica Marati’s first column for Behind The Label, which will explore whether brands claiming sustainable initiatives are going green – or just plain greenwashing. It’s so easy to love and hate H&M. On the one hand, the Swedish fashion chain has played a significant role in democratizing fashion and bringing trends once reserved for the upper classes to the masses.

Interview with Olivia Burton founders, Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings Succeeding in creating a women’s watch collection that is distinctive, creative and fun – we wanted to know a little more about the women behind the Olivia Burton watch brand, that brings us such delectable and affordable British styled wristwear. How did you decide that making wristwatches was what you wanted to do? We’re both very passionate about watches and have talked about starting our own business for a while. Jointly we had both been working in fashion buying and production for 15 years and felt that we were ready to take the plunge. FASHIONED BY LOVE : Exclusive interview with Olivia Burton designers In a recent interview to Harper's Bazaar Karl Lagerfeld confessed that, in his opinion, British girls make some of the best fashion designers. I think he is right. Not only British girls keep leaving their significant mark on the history of ready-to-wear, they are pretty good at creating striking accessories, too.

Exclusive interview with the Olivia Burton Designers We caught up for a quick chat with Lesa and Jemma from Olivia Burton. We fell in love with them and their collection as soon as we met them. Lesa and Jemma are the designers and founders of the much talked about British designed fashion watche brand Olivia Burton