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Online Presentation Tools

Online Presentation Tools

WeVideo Log In Don't have an account?SIGN UP Facebook Google Yahoo Office 365 E-mail or Username Password TEDxTaipei official website | TEDxTaipei Bubble - Reference This reference covers every feature and interface element element in Bubble, while the User Manual explains the concepts that you should keep in mind when you're building on Bubble. You'll find below the explaination for each element or action's property. You can search the reference using the Quick reference search box on the top right of the screen, or access the relevant part from the editor itself. Just hover an interface element or a property and you'll see a 'Show reference' message. Clicking on it will take you to the relevant section in the reference automatically. When working on Bubble, it's a good idea to keep the reference tab opened for quick access. Main Tabs Design tab This is where you design your pages, dragging and dropping elements on the page. Workflow tab This is where you define what happens when your users interact with your app. Data tab Styles tab The Styles tab is where you can define, modify and delete the different styles that your app elements will follow. Undo

Travel Tools - The Suitcase Entrepreneur As a Suitcase Entrepreneur I travel a lot. In fact since the age of 2 I’ve managed to visit 68 unique countries, many of those several times over. I can’t begin to imagine how many flights I’ve been on in my lifetime and how many kilometers I’ve racked up. Despite all that it’s taken a while to get savvy to how I can travel for less and sometimes free. Below are some of the tools that help me do that. Naturally I’m an affiliate of some of the travel tools below since I only recommend what I use and love to my community of suitcase entrepreneurs. By the way I feature a ton more in my No #1 Bestselling book The Suitcase Entrepreneur too. Enjoy! Travel Tools and Services 1Above 1Above is my favorite travel tool – it’s your inflight drink to cure or decrease jetlag, especially on those long-haul flights. You can either get it in capsules to add to water, or with a small concentrate of 100ml (perfect size to take on board) and to add to water. Save a fortune on Flightfox Skyscanner Private Wi-Fi Free

IMG 2298 Keyboarding Online by Ellsworth Publishing Co. Business Tools | Live a Location Independent Nomadic Lifestyle with Freedom Sell Your Digital Goods And Services Online: PayPal – This may seem astoundingly simple but the easiest way to start selling your goods or services online is with PayPal. You set up a free account, link it to your bank account and then you’re off and running. You can accept payments via email or through creating email links directly to a PayPal checkout page. e-Junkie is my number one recommendation to people starting out on line who want to set up shop quickly and easily. SendOwl lets you sell digital products and programs through their software which acts as a payment option on your site to collect credit card payments, you don’t even need a website or PayPal account. Website, Membership Sites, Hosting and Design Solutions LeadPages™ was designed to help you build your audience, build your list and make more sales with video. If you consider how many hours you’re probably spending right now, on niggly little issues, you’d be wise to check them out. Email Marketing and List Building

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