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Background patterns and tiled background patterns

Background patterns and tiled background patterns
Repeating background patterns and images, patterns such as these can be used for a host of things such as a web page backgrounds, or adding that extra detail to a containing block, adjust the visibility and you’ve got a great new look for some thing that would normally look quite plain. Here you’ll find some tutorials on how to create your own patterns and some resources to download patterns. Download Patterns Below are a few sites that have huge collections of background patterns for you to download and use for free. Brusheezy Patterns Deviantart Patterns Squid Fingers Patterns Pattern 8 Patterns Ava7 Din Pattern Everyday Icons Patterns Pattern Cooler k10k Pixel Patterns Noqta Patterns Make your own patterns online Make you own custom patterns online and downlaod them, or use someone elses as a base for you own creation. Stripe Mania Bg Patterns Stripe Generator Tutorials A collection of useful tutorials on how to create repeating background patterns of your own. Other Resources about patterns

Top 10 Free Resources for Background Patterns and Textures for Web Designers | Speckyboy Design Magazine Quite often we stumble on to a blog that looks bland, in dire need of some color, a little bit of character, these sites maybe aren’t very familiar with blog design, let alone CSS. The simplest way to freshen up a site is with a new theme or to do a little CSS tweaking with your current theme. You could be surprised with the results. In this article I will show you the best resources for backgrounds and textures. For those of you who aren’t familiar with CSS, here is a brief tutorial on how to change your themes background: 1. Download and save your background tile to your images folder stored in your root directory. 2. Were it says pattern this is the name you give to your pattern tile and the .png is the format in which your pattern comes in ( could be: .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif). …below are a list of my Top 10 Free Resources for Background Patterns and Textures for Web Designers. 1. 2. 3. 4. milleseicentopercento ( 5. 7. 8. 9. 10.

54 Awesome Tutorials To Satisfy The Appetite Of Any Web Developer | Tutorials When a roundup of tutorials is done, they usual focus on one specific area of design, development or coding. However we at Pelfusion know that a lot of our web developers have their fingers in more then one area of development. So, we’ve dedicated this article to the development of fantastic blogs and website. We have focused on finding articles based on the following areas of web development: WordPress Jquery Whether you have just started in web development or if you’re a pro, or if you want to just improve your skills, then these tutorials are for you. This article focuses on the BEST tutorials for each field, so we hope you enjoy it and if you have any other tutorials to suggest, please feel free to let us know. CSS 3 Tutorials 1. Not everything in this article is practical, or even bug-free, but it’s a fun primer on what’s in the pipeline for Web design. 2. Why bother with CSS that has such limited support? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. “I’ve included quite a lot of other CSS3 into the mix. 10.

Stripemania - Striped background generator TN3 Gallery – jQuery Image Gallery DinPattern – Free seamless patterns Beautiful Background Image Navigation with jQuery In this tutorial we are going to create a beautiful navigation that has a background image slide effect. The main idea is to have three list items that contain the same background image but with a different position. The background image for each item will be animated to slide into place in […] View demoDownload source In this tutorial we are going to create a beautiful navigation that has a background image slide effect. On top of that we will have sub-menus that appear with their semi-transparent background sliding in. Note: There is a new version which let’s you customize things better:Sliding Background Image Menu with jQuery We will be using the amazing Background-Position Animation Plugin by Alexander Farkas. The photos that we will be using are from Pat’s beautiful B&W collection on Flickr. There will be a little bit of CSS3 involved which absence will almost not be notable when using a browser that does not support its properties (like IE). OK, so let’s get started! The Markup The CSS

Free Textures from TextureKing 17 More PSD To HTML Tutorials Website designing in Photoshop gives you full freedom to check the outcome but it can also worry you to code it to make it live. Now that’s where PSD to HTML tutorials comes handy and today we have come up with some more tutorials to enliven your designs. How to Code a Grunge Web Design from Scratch In this step-by-step web development tutorial, you will learn how to convert a beautiful and eye-grabbing grunge theme web layout–created from Photoshop in a previous tutorial–into a working HTML and CSS template. PSD to HTML Tutorial Link Advertisement Converting a Design From PSD to HTML Author will take you through the process step by step – even through the tedious parts. PSD to HTML Tutorial Link Portfolio Layout #10: Learn To Code It In this tutorial author will explain the steps to take in slicing and coding the layout. PSD to HTML Tutorial Link Design and Code a Slick Website From Scratch – Part II PSD to HTML Tutorial Link Portfolio Layout 4: The Code PSD to HTML Tutorial Link PSD To HTML

High resolution texture library - High resolution texture library A Beautiful Apple-style Slideshow Gallery With CSS & jQuery Martin Angelov Introduction When speaking about design, there is one company that is impossible to go without. Apple values design – being a new product, a fancy catalog or their website – there is always something to admire. This week, we are making an Apple-like slideshow gallery, similar to the one they use on their website to showcase their products. It will be entirely front-end based, no PHP or databases required. So go ahead and download the example source code and continue with the first step. Step 1 – XHTML There is no need for a database nor a PHP back-end for this gallery. Lets take a closer look at the XHTML markup: demo.html The idea is simple – there are two main container DIVs – the one with id=”menu” holds the thumbnails, and the other – “slides” holds the slides themselves. To add a new slide, you’ll just have to add new elements to both containers. You can even put any kind of HTML in as well. Also notice that the thumbnail LI elements. Now lets continue with the next step.

High Resolution Textures | Free Textures, Game Textures, 3D Textures, Design Resources and More 99 Icon Sets To Use In Commercial Design Projects Today’s blog post we have decided to do a massive collection of 99 icon sets which can each be used within commercial design projects. This compilation was put together simply because of the lack of free icon sets which are available to be used in commercial design projects, what’s the point creating an icon set if its not free to use ? A great blog post of high quality icon sets which is a greate reference to bookmark for future reference. 1. This high quality, hand made, icon pack is full with 9 Extreme Grunge Social Media Garments. 2. 50 Free and Exclusive Twitter Icons The icons are provided in both raster and vector formats: The transparent PNG versions are 256×256, and we have also included Illustrator files so that you can resize the icons as needed. 3. This icon sets download package contains the six icons, and include a choice of eight different sizes: 12px, 16px, 24px, 32px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 21 folders icons . 11. 12. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.