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new and noteworthy Throwing, Handbuilding, Decorating, and More with Kari Radasch Register before May 18, 2014 and save up to $25! In this one-day workshop Kari Radasch will focus on making and decorating a variety of pottery forms using earthenware clay. She will incorporate a smorgasbord of making-techniques, including but not limited to: coiling, pinching, slab building, throwing, and slip casting. She will also spend time decorating pots with brightly colored terra sigillatas, underglaze, and sgraffito

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pitinstruct Fabricating the Ware Ceramic pieces of all sizes are usually made of a stoneware body that contains grog and/or sand. White stoneware clays work very well, such as Claymaker’s Stout Stoneware, Laguna’s Danish White, or Aardvark’s Hopkin’s White. However, colors will differ when the stoneware contains some iron (Laguna’s Soldate 60 or Amador). Virtual Ceramics Exhibit Your purchase supports this resource! The following is an exhibition of contemporary ceramics utilizing the Internet as the gallery space. Statements by the organizers, jurors and artists along with brief resumes and digitized photos of the selected work comprise this electronic exhibition. About the Exhibition Statement by Exhibition Organizers, Joe Molinaro and Richard Burkett. Juror's Statements Statements by the jurors, Bill Hunt and Janet Mansfield. List of Artists

How to Make Banding Wheel Pins for Centering Ease Click to enlarge! Position the blocks on the X lines and glue them with the curved side next to the banding wheel. Use tape to hold them while the glue sets (3). Turn the bat over when the glue is dry and center it again on the pottery wheel. Ceramic artworks by Eva Funderburgh Eva Funderburgh is a ceramic artist located in Seattle, Washington. Coming from an education in chemistry and sculpture, she has focused herself on making strange whimiscal clay creatures. She works on exploring the colors natural to the clay and the finishing process of woodfire, and strives to present creatures that equally mix whimsy, mischief, and threat. Official website Facebook

Leach Pottery - What's On Craft In America / 92nd St Y Cary Esser Cary Esser (b. 1957) is a ceramic artist who works in Kansas City, Missouri. She creates architectural tiles and terra cotta details using the language of architectural ornament to interpret human culture and the natural world. Esser received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and her MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She is currently Professor and Chair of the Ceramics Department at the Kansas City Art Institute.

s Pottery tips Idaho potter Brad Sondahl's Pottery Tips Favorite ways I do things:Click on any item on the list to get to a topic quickly, or scroll down the page to browseUse your back button to return to this menu Clay recyclingHand glaze stirrerDrill Powered MixerTo keep glazes from settlingGlaze pourerReady made toolsMake your own wedging tableBatsTrimming ToolsEmbossing stampsThrowing RibsThrowing SticksSponge on a stickHole PuncherCleanup ScraperGlaze thickness testerWheel Powered GrinderFor a shortcut to Pottery Links at the bottom of this page, click here The following are related pages on my website:

Banksy WikiClay handmade и прочее интересное... - 圓錐藍 Много ли сюрпризов вы ожидаете от работ автора, решившего стать гончаром? Пэтси Кокс (Patsy Cox - 圓錐藍) родилась в 1973 году в Ubon Ratchatani, в Таиланде. Она выросла в Дрэйкате (Dracut), штат Массачусетс, а среднюю школу закончила в Керни (Kearney), штат Миссури. До своего двадцатилетия, Пэтси успела пожить в городке Джуно на Аляске, Солт-Лейк-Сити, штат Юта, и Ньюарке, штат Делавэр. Наконец, будущая художница поступила в Университет и осела в Лос-Анджелесе

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