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Pursuing excellence for library service to children

Pursuing excellence for library service to children
Here is a story, told in pictures, of five things I wasn’t prepared for before I became a storytime librarian: [Making finger puppets after a day at ALA Midwinter. Image courtesy of the author; originally posted on Instagram.] 1. That I would chose to spend so much of my free time doing things I love that happen to relate to work. First of all, this is 100% my choice to spend my time researching beginning readers and making flannelboards. Working with felt and sewing finger puppets have become my favorite way to relax. [Me, dressed as Princess Anna from Frozen. 2. Do you need a musical instrument? How about a Frozen costume? [Storytime scarves in the washer! 3. My weekly routine involves taking our scarves home to wash after every use. My daily routine involves washing shaker eggs and wiping down board book pages. [Ukulele & accessories. 4. The great thing about storytime is that there are always new books and songs and rhymes to explore. [A thank-you note from a patron. 5.

A Geek in Librarian's Clothing Google Web - A Scholar's Guide to Google Advanced SearchingTips on conducting advanced web searches using Google, including using operators not readily available from the Advanced Search Page. Google users can conduct advanced searches in two ways: 1. By using the search engine's dedicated Advanced Search page 2. By integrating Advanced Search Operators into their search. Advanced Search Page Google's Advanced Search screen (shown below) allows researchers an easy way to refine a query by filling in special fields or using a series of pull-down menus. Google also allows users to automatically filter explicit sexual content from their results list by using SafeSearch Filtering. Alternate Query Types Some special queries NOT readily available through the Advanced Search Page are listed below. cache: The query [cache:] will show the version of the web page that Google has in its cache. For instance, the search above will show Google's cache of Harvard's main homepage. is the same as 1. 2. 3. Google searches are not case sensitive. 4.

Products Worth more than I paid! "I am so glad I found the Elementary Librarian lesson plans! The fact that these plans were easy to use and were aligned to both the AASL and Common Core ELA standards made them worth far more that what I paid for them!" All the work is done for me! " This will be my 7th year and until your plans I have been spinning my wheels trying to come up with solid plans each week. My students are engaged! "I was thrilled to discover your treasure trove of resources. My principal was impressed! "Your lesson plans with the Common Core and AASL 21st Century Standards were a life saver!

The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open, Online Textbook | Open SUNY Textbooks Allison Hosier Allison Hosier earned her MSIS from the University at Albany, State University of New York in 2011. She is currently an Information Literacy Librarian at Coastal Carolina University. Daryl Bullis Daryl Bullis is the Lead Instruction Librarian at Babson College. He recieved his BA in Classics and Russian from the University of New Hampshire, an MA in Russian and an MLS from the University at Albany, State University of New York. Deborah Bernnard Deborah Bernnard is Head of the Dewey Graduate Library at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Greg Bobish Greg Bobish is an Associate Librarian at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Irina Holden Irina Holden teaches Information Literacy in the Sciences and works as an Information Literacy and Science Outreach Librarian in the Science Library at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Jenna Hecker Tor Loney Trudi Jacobson

8 Awesome Ways Libraries Are Making Learning Fun | Jordan Lloyd Bookey In my line of work, I get to meet a lot of librarians. Our company works with public libraries to promote early literacy and boost family engagement. That means we partner with people constantly coming up with new ways to make reading--and learning in general--more fun. And what I'm constantly amazed by is how much libraries have changed. Last week, a friend asked me an interesting question. "Libraries are so antiquated," she said. As Rachel Zukowski from Prince George's Memorial Library System in Maryland pointed out, "We're over that whole shushing thing." More and more libraries are also serving as early literacy spaces--a loud, playful place that lets kids play freely and reinforces the fact that play is early literacy. For my friend, her three kids, and for any parent of little ones who hasn't taken their kids to the library lately, here are 8 awesome reasons to go! Photo Source: Jessica Zaker 1. Photo Source: Kent District Library 2. 3. 4. Photo Source: Cleveland Public Library 5.

Library Services Curriculum & Instruction Library Services SCS Library Procedure Manual Library Media Curriculum Grades K-5 Q1 Library Media Curriculum Grades K-5 Q2 Library Media Curriculum Grades K-5 Q3 Library Media Curriculum Grades K-5 Q4 Elementary Library Curriculum Resources Q1 Elementary Library Curriculum Resources Q2 Elementary Library Curriculum Resources Q3 Elementary Library Curriculum Resources Q4 Middle Library Curriculum Resources Q1 Middle Library Curriculum Resources Q2 Middle Library Curriculum Resources Q3 Middle Library Curriculum Resources Q4 Parents/Students Employees Extras Shelby County Schools • 160 S.

Who speaks for Intellectual Freedom in schools? Intellectual freedom is the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction. It provides for free access to all expressions of ideas through which any and all sides of a question, cause or movement may be explored. ALA Who in your school understands and values the concept of Intellectual Freedom (IF)? With the loss of school librarians, I fear what I suspect are the already low numbers of educators who understand and value intellectual freedom will fall. AASL has long been trying to promote IF. Description from the AASL website: Brochure created by the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee available for download, duplication, and distribution. As I see school librarian positions being replaced or rebranded as "digital learning specialists" or "technology integration coaches," I worry about three real very real losses. There has never been a more critical time to understand and support intellectual freedom.

Creating Tools for Specific Assignments I have been writing a lot here about the different types of collaboration that I have been doing in all subject areas. I want to share an instance where I created the tool for a science class, but I didn't really do any teaching for this assignment. The biology teacher, Mrs., Higgins, came to me recently about beefing up an assignment that she has done in the past. She had created a writing assignment on the stem cell controversy that she has used before. Students had to take a stance on whether they believed embryonic stem cells should be used for research, or if they thought the use of adult stem cells was sufficient. She was happy with the idea of the product where students wrote a letter or a speech defending their stance. I used Livebinders because they are the best tool when you want to include links to audio, video, and database articles as well as embed documents or files.

7 Classrooms: library as pedagogical incubator - The Ubiquitous Librarian Three years ago we had two classrooms in our library. They looked like this: The former “training-based” classrooms at VT Library. These were suitable for training-based instruction but our program has evolved. One is based on Steelcase Verb: The other will be a Node classroom: This all started with a partnership between the Library and VT’s College of Science when we built a SCALE-UP classroom together. Scale-Up – VT Library Shortly after that we introduced a Multipurpose Room. Multipurpose Room – VT Library Then we built three Teaching Studios in partnership with VT’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology. DISIS – Digital Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio DAAS – Digital Arts and Animation Lab Cinema WHY SO MANY CLASSROOMS? Not only do we use these rooms to expand our teaching capacity, but they also enable us to observe and learn from others. So there is a functional layer. There is also a symbolic layer. I think there is an even higher level though.

Study finds that high-poverty schools with a certified teacher librarian achieve a 5-year graduation rate of 79% « Library Research Service Image credit: Washington Library Media Association There’s yet more reason to invest in school library programs! Even as the number of endorsed librarians in today’s schools continues its downward trend, studies are consistently finding that there is no substitute for a quality school library program (You can peruse through research done by LRS and other institutions on this subject here). While 85% of students in schools with CTLs graduate in 5 years compared to 79% of students in schools without a CTL, the difference is far more profound in high-poverty schools. While these findings are in line with many other recent studies, the WLMA took their research a step further by creating a method for evaluating the overall quality of library services. Check out the full report from the WLMA here. Note: This post is part of our series, “The Weekly Number.”

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age Part of a series of case studies produced by Digital Promise examining the work of members in our League of Innovative Schools. Click here for more info on the League. To stay up to date on future case studies, sign up for our email newsletter. Location: Vancouver, WA Enrollment: 22,192 students Superintendent: Steven Webb Per-pupil funding: $7,447 Low Income: 53% As school districts confront budget constraints and cuts, one of the first places administrators often look for savings is the school library. These cuts can impact both students and teachers. For these reasons, Vancouver Public Schools in Vancouver, Washington, is investing in its librarians while others are cutting back. A cohort of 33 teacher-librarians is viewed as indispensable to the district’s vision of a technology-infused path to improved outcomes for students. Teacher-librarians at VPS play a crucial role in this digital transformation and other strategic initiatives. Reasserting Relevance Emerging as Leaders

The ALSC blog contains many book reviews for children's literature as well as other resources for school librarians. by kl03645 Sep 11