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Pursuing excellence for library service to children

Pursuing excellence for library service to children
Here is a story, told in pictures, of five things I wasn’t prepared for before I became a storytime librarian: [Making finger puppets after a day at ALA Midwinter. Image courtesy of the author; originally posted on Instagram.] 1. That I would chose to spend so much of my free time doing things I love that happen to relate to work. First of all, this is 100% my choice to spend my time researching beginning readers and making flannelboards. Working with felt and sewing finger puppets have become my favorite way to relax. [Me, dressed as Princess Anna from Frozen. 2. Do you need a musical instrument? How about a Frozen costume? [Storytime scarves in the washer! 3. My weekly routine involves taking our scarves home to wash after every use. My daily routine involves washing shaker eggs and wiping down board book pages. [Ukulele & accessories. 4. The great thing about storytime is that there are always new books and songs and rhymes to explore. [A thank-you note from a patron. 5. Related:  annielizinformation literacy

The Brain Hive Buzz | More Reading. More Sharing. More Value. More success. Only with Brain Hive. The Horn Book - Publications about books for children and young adults “Nazis. I hate these guys.” August 14, 2017 By Horn Book Preaching to the choir here (Trump voters notwithstanding), but we are disgusted, enraged, and horrified by the violence and hate perpetrated by White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, and also by what they stand for. Week in Review, August 7th – 11th August 11, 2017 By Katie Bircher This week on… From the May/June 2017 issue of The Horn Book Magazine: Special Issue: Humor: "A Quick Way to Die: Humor in Translation" by Julia Marshall August issue of Notes from the Horn Book: Five questions for author Mitali Perkins, … [Read More...] A Quick Way to Die: Humor in Translation August 11, 2017 By Horn Book by Julia Marshall For humor to work, someone has to find it funny. Netflix’s The Little Prince August 11, 2017 By Shoshana Flax Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince is a book of philosophy as much as it is a story. On Jean C. August 7, 2017 By Kitty Flynn That's Jean Craighead George, folks.

A Geek in Librarian's Clothing The Hub | Your Connection to Teen Reads Today’s Quick Picks nominees are filled with thrills and chills. Breaking by Danielle RollinsBloomsbury USA Children’sPublication Date: June 6, 2017ISBN: 9781619637405 Charlotte has never been a top student at her prestigious, expensive, academically rigorous boarding school. Her best friends Ariel and Devon, however, are true Weston Prep material – freakishly smart and incredibly talented at a multitude of things. Understandably, Charlotte is reeling after they both commit suicide within weeks of each other – they were pretty much her only real family.

The Traveling Librarian This blog has been created by Sarah P. Gibson. For more info please visit my webpage: The homepage artwork (c2013) is courtesy of Abrian Curington, an artist and former library assistant. What have I published? How to Become an International Librarian, Amazon, 2014 Going International! Libraries Burning: A Discussion to be Shared (PDF) Progressive Librarian, Issue no. 26, Winter/Spring 2006, p. 40 Strangers in Paradise, School Library Journal, June 2001 If you Knew Dewey…, School Library Journal, August 2001 Afraid to Come In: Students who Fear the Library (PDF) unpublished Out-of-Sight in the Buraydah, Cricket Magazine, Part I – Nov/Dec. 2009, Part II – Jan. 2010 The Truth about Horses, Friends & My Life as a Coward Marshall Cavendish, October 2008 160 Pages, ages 8 and up ISBN: 978-0-7614-5459-5 Lisa’s Snow Day Gannett Books,1988, Picture Book Island Progress, Maine Island Journal, Vol, 5. 1998, p.79. Where in the world have I been? Where in the world am I now? Like this:

Global Read Aloud | One Book to Connect the World YALSA Book and Media Awards and Lists for Libraries *YALSA has launched the new Teen Book Finder Database, which is a one-stop shop for finding selected lists and award winners. Users can search this free resource by award, list name, year, author, genre and more, as well as print customizable lists. This new resource will replace the individual award and list web pages currently on YALSA’s site that are not searchable and that are organized only by year. Awards I Selected Lists I Teen Book Finder app & database I Additional Resources While these books and media have been selected for teens from 12 to 18 years of age, the award-winning titles and the titles on YALSA's selected lists span a broad range of reading and maturity levels. Book Awards Learn more about each award below and read speeches from winners. Selected Book & Media Lists Learn more about YALSA's Book and Media Lists, including: Teen Book Finder App & Database Best of the Best Committee Contacts Suggest a Title Use and Reproduction of YALSA's Awards and Lists Additional Resources

Google Web - A Scholar's Guide to Google Advanced SearchingTips on conducting advanced web searches using Google, including using operators not readily available from the Advanced Search Page. Google users can conduct advanced searches in two ways: 1. By using the search engine's dedicated Advanced Search page 2. By integrating Advanced Search Operators into their search. Advanced Search Page Google's Advanced Search screen (shown below) allows researchers an easy way to refine a query by filling in special fields or using a series of pull-down menus. Google also allows users to automatically filter explicit sexual content from their results list by using SafeSearch Filtering. Alternate Query Types Some special queries NOT readily available through the Advanced Search Page are listed below. cache: The query [cache:] will show the version of the web page that Google has in its cache. For instance, the search above will show Google's cache of Harvard's main homepage. is the same as 1. 2. 3. Google searches are not case sensitive. 4.

hls | …how would you Hack Library School? The Daring Librarian WRITE ON! Sandra Markle: Share The Long, Long Journey I'm delighted to share the story of the bar-tailed godwits. Every year these birds make a marathon migration from their summer home in Alaska to their winter home in New Zealand. This bird's story is very special to me. That always signified winter was over and spring had arrived. Now open the book and enjoy the story. Check out the aerial view of Cape Avinof, Alaska (the godwits' starting place) by visiting this website. Can you fly non-stop, the way the godwits do? How much will it cost you to fly between Alaska and New Zealand? So you learned what it costs the godwits is energy--what they get from eating and storing body fat. Just for fun, figure out what you would weigh if you doubled your weight to make this long trip. Now, try this activity to find out how the godwit uses its long beak to find and pick up food. First, cut the top off an empty gallon-sized milk jug. Take a close look at this picture of godwits in flight.

The ALSC blog contains many book reviews for children's literature as well as other resources for school librarians. by kl03645 Sep 11

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