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The Moscow Times | Russia's only daily English-language newspaper :: Johnson's Russia List :: JRL Home :: Government, Politics, Elections, Protests - archive :: Putin Urges Duma Dominance as Medvedev Promotes New Parties Opposition leaders who organized protests that erupted after alleged Duma election fraud in December say that a new law proposed by lame duck president Medvedev will not prevent authorities from blocking the formation of parties wishing to compete in elections ... Ilya Arkhipov and Stepan Kravchenko, Bloomberg ; JRL 2012-62, 4.4.12 :: Moscow Region Governor to Leave Post in May The powerful governor of the Moscow region will step down once his term ends in May, signaling that the Kremlin is serious about removing unpopular governors before the possible return of direct gubernatorial elections this year ... U.S. :: Russian Pundits Say 'Reset' With USA Over, Mull Future Of Bilateral Ties Two Russian pundits interviewed by state-owned RIA Novosti news agency have said that U.S. :: Video: Ambassador Mike McFaul Interview with VOA - Back to the Top - Middle East, Syria - archive Interfax

IfM - Thomson Reuters Corporation Thomson Reuters ist 2007 aus der Fusion des kanadischen Medienunternehmens Thomson mit der 1851 gegründeten britischen Nachrichtenagentur Reuters hervorgegangen. Der Grundstein für das Unternehmen Thomson war 1934 gelegt worden: Der Kanadier Roy Thomson (1894–1976) erwarb mit der “Timmins Press” aus Ontario seine erste Zeitung. In den folgenden Jahrzehnten baute Thomson das größte Zeitungsimperium Kanadas auf. Den Umbau - weg von Print hin zu elektronischen Informationsdiensten und Datenbanksystemen - setzte ab 1997 CEO Richard Harrington fort, der bereits seit 1982 für Thomson gearbeitet hatte. Fusionspartner Reuters war über 80 Jahre vor Gründung der Thomson Corporation entstanden und blickte auf eine traditionsreiche Vergangenheit als eine der wichtigsten Nachrichtenagenturen der Welt zurück. Reuters’ Historie hatte kurios begonnen: Der Deutsche Paul Julius Reuter (1816-1899) nutzte Mitte des 19.

The Moscow News Foreign Policy: The 10 Worst Predictions for 2008 1 Scott Gries/Getty Images If [Hillary Clinton] gets a race against John Edwards and Barack Obama, shes going to be the nominee. Gore is the only threat to her, then. Barack Obama is not going to beat Hillary Clinton in a single Democratic primary. Weekly Standard editor and New York Times columnist William Kristol was hardly alone in thinking that the Democratic primary was Clintons to lose, but it takes a special kind of self-confidence to make a declaration this sweeping more than a year before the first Iowa caucus was held. Peter writes: Should I be worried about Bear Stearns in terms of liquidity and get my money out of there? Hopefully, Peter got a second opinion. 3 ERIC CABANIS/Getty Images [In] reality the risks to maritime flows of oil are far smaller than is commonly assumed. On Nov. 15, 2008 a group of Somali pirates in inflatable rafts hijacked a Saudi oil tanker carrying 2 million barrels of crude in the Indian Ocean. 4 Spencer Platt/Getty Images 6 Brad Barket/Getty Images

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