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Natural selection

Natural selection

Complicity and the Brain: Dynamics in Attractor Space Dr. Peter Henningsen Abstract: This paper outlines a research program that is intended to look for the emergence of consciousness in computers. We argue that a good place to look is the space of Self-Organizing Networks of Attractor Neural Networks (SONofANNs). In the main part of the paper, we then specialize our investigation to Self-Organizing Hopfield Networks (SOHNs), and construct a model that can give rise to emergent semantic networks and brainwave processing, two new concepts introduced here. This paper is structured in five parts: Parts 1 and 2 introduce a class of dynamic systems called SONkANNs - self-organizing networks (k times iterated) of attractor neural networks. Decomposing the Neocortex into Subsystems When analyzing a complex system, the first step is to check whether the system can sensibly be decomposed into subsystems. There are other reasons as well. Possible Subsystem Dynamics Levels of Emergence in the Brain Creating Complicity from Scratch

Lenski affair Dear Mr. Schlafly: I tried to be polite, civil and respectful in my reply to your first email, despite its rude tone and uninformed content. Given the continued rudeness of your second email, and the willfully ignorant and slanderous content on your website, my second response will be less polite. I expect you to post my response in its entirety; if not, I will make sure that is made publicly available through other channels. I offer this lengthy reply because I am an educator as well as a scientist. First, it seems that reading might not be your strongest suit given your initial letter, which showed that you had not read our paper, and given subsequent conversations with your followers, in which you wrote that you still had not bothered to read our paper. "I think it might be best to clarify some of Richard's work. “I read Lenski's paper, and as a trained microbiologist, I thought that it was both thorough and well done. Finally, let me now turn to our data. One of your acolytes, Dr. – online reading for free. Online | Winners of MAKE Volume 27 Robot Contest Here at headquarters, we just wrapped up the newest issue of MAKE, Volume 27, the Robot issue. Look for it on newsstands on July 26th. While we were working on the issue, we were curious to see what kinds of bots our community members were making and thought it would be fun to host a little contest. The premise of the contest was simple: we were looking for bots with lots of character. To enter, folks contributed their build photos and text into Make: Projects, along with a video of the bot in action. Entries were judged by the editorial staff of MAKE based on the following criteria: (a) Entertainment Value: 50%; (b) Quality of Written Documentation: 25%; and (c) Quality of Documentation Photography/Video: 25%. TOP BOT:Chopsticks the Spider Robot by Russell Cameron won us over with his big eyes, the way he walks, his awesome legs made of chopsticks and polymorph plastic, and Russell’s fabulous project documentation and videos. Thanks to everyone who entered! Goli Mohammadi Related

Twitter for Mac update When Twitter for Mac launched at the beginning of the year it received praise for its simplicity, speed and look. It also came packed with features like auto-shortened URLs, Tweets appearing in real-time, and multi-account support.Today, we’re releasing the first major update to Twitter for Mac. Some of the highlights: See multiple timelines at once. You can download the update from the Mac App Store now.

Einstein for Everyone Einstein for Everyone Nullarbor Press 2007revisions 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Copyright 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 John D. Norton Published by Nullarbor Press, 500 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260 with offices in Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15222 All Rights Reserved John D. An advanced sequel is planned in this series:Einstein for Almost Everyone 2 4 6 8 9 7 5 3 1 ePrinted in the United States of America no trees were harmed web*bookTM This book is a continuing work in progress. January 1, 2015. Preface For over a decade I have taught an introductory, undergraduate class, "Einstein for Everyone," at the University of Pittsburgh to anyone interested enough to walk through door. With each new offering of the course, I had the chance to find out what content worked and which of my ever so clever pedagogical inventions were failures. At the same time, my lecture notes have evolved. This text owes a lot to many. i i i

Pick the Perfect Swimsuit for your Body Type – as told by Lauren Conrad! | The lovely Lauren Conrad is getting ready for summer. On her website, she blogged about swimwear pick for every body type out there! Now you do not have to stress about searching for that perfect summer suit. Get ready to shop for your summer suit at Singer22 of course! Thank you, Lauren, for the easy-to-follow shopping tips! ATHLETIC OR BOY-SHAPED "Choose a suit with details at the bust such as ruffles, bows or side ties to add curves." PETITE OR FLAT-CHESTED "Go for slim cuts, bigger prints or vertical stripes to add height and size." PEAR-SHAPED "Pick a suit with high-cut bottoms and a low-v neckline, such as a string bikini." TALL OR LANKY "Get a swimsuit with some ruffle or bow details to create the illusion of curves. CURVY "Opt for a suit with ruche details and a deep-v neckline." BUSTY "Patterned bikinis are the way to go. HOURGLASS "Plunging necklines and tie sides will flatter your figure best.

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