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The Chess Variant Pages: Zillions index Our Featured Variant: Try the Chinese game of Xiangqi, one of the most popular and enduring Chess variants in the world. Turn your Windows machine into a Chess Variant monster! This webpage gives the index to the files on the Chess Variant Pages about or for the program `Zillions of Games': a review, and additional downloadable game rule files. Note that this webpage, and the other webpages of the Chess Variant Pages are not a publication of Zillions-of-Games Co., but of a happy user of their program. Reviews Links Houdini Chess Engine Welcome to the Houdini Chess Engine home page. Houdini is a state-of-the-art chess engine for Windows combining outstanding positional evaluation with the most sophisticated search algorithm. The name Houdini was chosen because of the engine's positional style, its tenacity in difficult positions and its ability to defend stubbornly and escape with a draw – sometimes by the narrowest of margins. On the other hand Houdini will often use razor-sharp tactics to deny its opponents escape routes when it has the better position.

Chess Board Editor Link to clone of righthand chessboard (embedded initial position and moves to navigate): Link to current position on righthand chessboard with no moves included: Link to playing current position on righthand chessboard against computer (online for free): HTML code for static diagram image with link to share: The Best Online Sources To Play & Learn Chess I love playing chess and collecting chessboards and like everything else, my enjoyment of the game has moved online. As well as playing installed software chess games, I also have some favourite chess websites where I like to meet other players from around the world for a game or two. After all, it gets boring eventually playing against a computer. Sometimes, it’s good to play against a real live human being. So here are some of the places where I like to play chess online.

The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits – A Guided Tour ‘Smile, breathe and go slowly.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh By Leo Babauta While some of you have been following Zen Habits since its early days (beginning of 2007), many of you are fairly new readers. home - Computer Chess Wiki Your trusted source for computer chess information! If you like Computer Chess, then you will love our site! It is the best place to discover hard-to-find information about how to download, set up, and run chess engines – both free and commercial – in various chess GUIs such as: Winboard, Arena, Chessbase, etc. We urge you to join us by hitting the 'Login' button at the top right of this page.

The power of CPT’s unique repertoire concept I’m not only developing CPT, but I'm an active chess player too. Recently I’ve started with the preparation of the upcoming season. This year I wanted to take advantage of the new repertoire concept, which CPT 4 introduced. Although I’m the author of the program I sometimes discover new things myself. Indian Defence Indian defences are chess openings characterised by the moves: 1. d4 Nf6[1] The Indian defences are considered more ambitious and double-edged than the symmetrical reply 1...d5. In the Queen's Gambit Declined, Black accepts a cramped, passive position with the plan of gradually equalising and obtaining counterplay. In contrast, breaking symmetry on move one leads to rapid combat in the centre, where Black can obtain counterplay without necessarily equalising first. The usual White second move is 2.c4, grabbing a larger share of the centre and allowing the move Nc3, to prepare for moving the e-pawn to e4 without blocking the c-pawn.

SWAN /All Libraries "UNDERSTANDING IS THE ESSENTIAL WEAPON" Chess and Our Origins When Sissa had invented chess and produced it to King Shihram, the latter was filled with amazement and joy. He ordered that it should be preserved in the temples, and held it the best thing that he knew as a training in the art of war, a glory to religion and the world, and the foundation of all justice. — ibn Khallikan, thirteenth century Stories do not exist to tell the facts, but to convey the truth. It is said that in ancient India, a queen had designated her only son as heir to the throne.

Use the One-A-Month Technique to Adopt Habits that Stick A month can be helpful because it gives you a week to troubleshoot the concept and implementation. If it turns out an idea doesn't make sense, or fit you, you can adapt to something that works better. Assuming you plan to think over the results once every couple of days, you have time to try three versions of the resolution before you settle into one that fits you.

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