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Miss Moss

Miss Moss
Custos Naturae is the slogan of the Kruger National Park, it means Guardian of Nature. i have been very familiar with it since i was a kid, as we were lucky enough to visit the park in my childhood days. we’ve just returned from our recent trip, and i took too many photos as per usual. i decided not to spend hours editing every single last one – so here are a selection of my favourites, highlighting some of the best things we saw. every trip is different, last year we saw hyena (and were lucky enough to see a leopard!) this time round we saw neither, but we did see a LOT of rhino – 16 to be exact – up close and personal, which was such a privilege considering the dire rhino poaching situation in the park and across Africa. we also spent a fair bit of one morning in the company of some beautiful male lions, who were so close to our car it made me nervous. when a lion looks straight into your eyes… you can actually feel yourself moving a few notches down the food chain.

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Sunlight Pills by Vaulot&Dyèvre Every winter the same picture: Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull and the tendency to a depression hit right in. Though this shouldn't be a problem anymore as Vaulot&Dyèvre designed a range of supplements for our lack of sunshine and to restore our vitality. The sunshine from Borabora to the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas is available as a healthy little pill. Though be careful and don't exceed the recommended daily dose. All images © Vaulot&Dyèvre | Via: i-ref The Artwork of Sterling Clinton Hundley Some offer the idea that creatives are capable of plucking great ideas from thin air. My ideas have never come easy. It is, after all, the concept that validates the motivation behind my paintings. If the idea is weak, then the very foundation of the painting is in jeopardy. Pigment may impress with its application, but it simply dresses up what is underneath. Posted on | January 3, 2013 | 31 Comments The last weekend of 2012 we did our first overnight trip with Frances to Vermont. We were invited to stay at a beautiful farmhouse my sister rented in Waterbury, Vermont. The trip was just over 3 hours from Massachusetts and a safe distance to practice our new parenting skills.

Notebooks Adorned with Hand-embroidered Blood Vessels, Insects, and Geometric Patterns Athens-based Fabulous Cat Papers offers a wide range of hand-made notebooks with embroidered Japanese paper covers featuring anatomical, floral, and geometric designs, all stitched by hand. What you see here is just a peek, see much more here. (via Demilked, Lustik) Issue 10: Mergers & Acquisitions Biology | Genetics Can Science Breed the Next Secretariat? How a “speed gene” test is stirring up horse racing and athletics. By Adam Piore & Katie Bo Williams Ben Pentreath Ltd. Sorry – I almost forgot it was Monday. I find the days between Christmas and New Year quite strange… curiously lethargic… not helped, perhaps, by another huge storm blowing across London today. I’m back up here now, and pretending not entirely successfully to get on with a mountain of work that needs to be done before I’m away on my (proper) holiday and a serious dose of sunshine and change of scene in… oh, less than ten days’ time, which is something to hold on to at this time of year. New Year can be a melancholy time, can’t it?

A P R I L Z E R O This is the first chapter of how I designed this site. I will share some sketches, deleted concepts and old prototypes explaining how it evolved along the way. March 2014 – Inspiration Get your move on I was about to go to Paris with my roommate. He is an avid photographer and usually when we go somewhere he builds a minisite about our trip, full of nice fullscreen photos and videos. PATTERN OBSERVER PATTERN OBSERVER Hello! Each month Sherry London will be bringing The Textile Design Lab an in depth post on how to improve our design process by using technology to its fullest capacity. Sherry has written over a dozen books on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter, taught Photoshop, Illustrator, prepress, history, systems design, ballet, and knitting, and been a fiber artist, digital artist, graphic and surface pattern designer.

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