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PirateBox DIY - David Darts Wiki

PirateBox DIY - David Darts Wiki

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OpenWRT Piratebox 0.5.1 with lighttpd Hi folks, it is a while ago I start playing around of using lighttpd instead of several python scripts. Now, I can proudly announce PirateBox on OpenWRT with lighttpd running! I've included in the piratebox-package and in the "curious" piratebox_img file a lot of feedback from the community and some features. In this release contains the following features: How to make a tool set Life without tools is barbaric. But even simple tools can be expensive in rural parts of developing countries. Import duties bump the costs up higher than they are in the States or elsewhere, and sometimes only low-quality brands are available anyway. So, to hold off future barbarians, we'd like to show how to build a simple tool set on a very low budget. Larry Bentley, the man who figured out how to make these tools, said a wise thing: "Without tools, kids don't take stuff apart, and without taking stuff apart, you don't learn how things work." These tools, Bentley says, could be in the hands of the next William Kamkambwa,who made a working wind power generator from backyard scraps in a village in Malawi.

PirateBox DIY OpenWrt - David Darts Wiki Update May 30, 2014! PirateBox 1.0 has been released and building or upgrading a PirateBox has never been easier! Please refer to this tutorial for instructions and more info. For support, be sure to visit the new PirateBox Forum. 10 Free Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity If you value efficiency and effectiveness, then your Android device should be your best friend. These tech toys are capable of handling all kinds of work and personal tasks, from email and schedules to file management and to-do lists. And all the tools you need are conveniently located right in the Android Market. With so many choices, however, things can get a little complicated. Here are ten highly rated, absolutely free Android apps that will help you work smarter, get more accomplished, save time and stay organized. 1.

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