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Free Stock Images: The Ultimate List of Stock Photos For Commercial Use

Free Stock Images: The Ultimate List of Stock Photos For Commercial Use
I know your pain. You’re looking for free images for your website. You’ve looked far and wide for gorgeous, free images to use online, but keep running into cheesy pictures of people laughing at their salad. The good news is there are ton of different free and paid images for commercial use available online if you just know where to look. In this post, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of resources to source free images for your website. Whether you want free stock images for your blog, to download, or for commercial use - you’ll find them here. Take a look, and enjoy! Note: While these may be listed as free, it’s best to double check to ensure what the licensing is for each resource. Unsplash Why it’s good: High resolution stock photography10 new photos every 10 daysRoyalty free Gratisography Free images for commercial useNew photographs added weeklyHumor, and high contrast photography Little Visuals 7 new photos every 7 daysLandscape and nature focused photographyFree high resolution images

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Review: Faster Than the Speed of Light by João Magueijo Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation by João Magueijo 320pp, Heinemann, £16.99 John Dryden's poem "Annus Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders", 1666, celebrated the Royal Navy's victory over the Dutch and the failure of the great fire of London to consume the entire city. Yet as significant as these events are, they pale in comparison to one of the true high points of human achievement that occurred during that same year: the 24-year-old Isaac Newton laid the foundations of calculus and the theory of gravity, and outlined his theory of light. Only one other year and one other scientist bear comparison with Newton and his annus mirabilis .

How to Capture High Quality Product Photos With Your SmartPhone This is a guest post by Krysten Leighty from Before you spend money to rent a DSLR camera and a lens for your product photography, consider using the quality camera that you carry around with you all the time: your smartphone. You may be thinking that using your smartphone for product photography sounds a bit crazy, but with today’s advances in technology, it’s absolutely feasible to create great product images by utilizing your smartphone’s advanced camera features and a tripod. This option is both budget and user-friendly – not to mention convenient!

30 More Websites To Download Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images Whether it is for your personal website or just a new portrait that you’d like to hang somewhere in your room, stock photos are essential for your design needs. With copyright issues becoming a pain, you will need to consider using a royalty-free image for the project you’re working on, partly for the budget and partly to keep your work free from infringement. The biggest problem with this solution is that it’s not always easy to find a good quality stock photo that fits your needs. To help you with this, here we’ve compiled a list of 30 websites for stock photos and royalty free images that would probably have something perfect for whatever project you are working on. Some sites let you download any of the photos for free, others require that you attribute the site or credit the owner of the photographs.

Download all image files from any Web page - CNET Today's Internet makes it easier than ever to share great images, and there are plenty of sites that offer plenty of sweet pics. Downloading them individually is easy with a right-click, but that can turn into a pain if we want to snag more than three or four shots. Image Collector makes it easy to download a page's worth of pictures to Dropbox or Google Drive. Druuna The Forgotten Planet by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri Skip to main content FrançaisEspañolNederlandsDeutsch Premium log inregister 5 Online Logo Makers to Design Your Brand You have a product that will fly off the shelves, but are struggling with your branding. You need a logo but don’t have any idea about how to design a great one. You could hire a designer, but you don’t want to spend all of your startup costs on your logo. This is a side project for you after all. What do you do?

John Paul Chacha's Lab - Chasys Draw IES - Product Homepage "amazingly flexible, amazingly powerful" Chasys Draw IES is built to adhere to three core principles, which I call the "three pillars" of Chasys Draw IES: Character: No photoshop imitations here. Performance: Fast, efficient and stable. Innovation: New techniques and out-of-the-box thinking. The adherence to these principles is the reason why it is said that once you go Chasys you will never go back.

12 YouTube Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know YouTube has always been a great source for entertainment. We love the plentiful web design lessons we can find on the video-sharing site, as well as the 20 best YouTube tech channels to subscribe to. And when things get tough and stressful at work, here are 40 Youtube channels you can unwind with during the weekends. This post however is on a few tricks you can use on YouTube, for instance, did you know that you can make GIF files from any YouTube videos with just a few clicks? You might like that trick and a few others that are great not only for video lovers but also for video makers. For more tricks, check out the two earlier posts we have on YouTube tricks (Part 1, Part 2) as well as this post on keyboard shortcuts you can use on YouTube.

How to Start a Business Blog: Seven Essentials for Success Social Media Examiner Are you interested in starting a blog for your business? Want to know how to set it up to get the best results? There are lots of design and functionality options to consider when setting up your business blog. Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know - Hongkiat Editor’s note: For a newer, updated version of this post, check it out here. I’m sure you use Youtube a lot, to watch oh, I don’t know, funny home videos with babies or pets, strange and bizarre occurrences, the latest music videos, tutorials, game walkthroughs etc, recorded events and talks, [insert anything that can exist in video form here] etc. Watching Youtube videos is second nature to most Internet users, which is why if you are an avid Youtube fan, you really should know about these Youtube shortcuts.

26 Blogging Tools to Simplify Your Life: An A-Z List Do you have a company blog? Are you looking for ways to improve it? Everything counts in blogging. In this article I’ll share some must-have tools for your business blog to help you do all of that and more. #1: Accentuate Social Follower Counts