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Going home to roost

Going home to roost

Love in Paris Dress {Pattern and Tutorial}... Have you seen the movie Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen? I am not typically a Woody Allen fan, my hubby and I rented this not knowing it was one of his. But I must admit, we actually really liked it! The screenplay was something so different than anything we had ever seen. So much so, that I simply had to remake one of their 20′s dresses into something for my own kids. And that is how Chloe and Madeline came upon their Easter dresses this year. I decided to make Chloe’s in all pink linen, with contrasting pink trim. We had a lot of fun at the photo shoot. But I must admit, I think I like Madeline’s version more. Whenever I ask Madeline what she wants to wear she always says the same thing – ‘flowers’. To make your own Love in Paris 20′s dress, click HERE. I hope you like it. Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time… Happy Sewing! *Please Note – The link should bring you directly to a Google doc. Jess Latest posts by Jess (see all)

Organize and Decorate Everything — Organize Your Life and Decorate Your World Here is another garland I made for Emilee’s birthday and to decorate her bedroom door. This is another great way to give money as a gift. To make the Dollar Bow Garland you can make as many bows as you like and in any denomination. My folding skills aren’t amazing so I decided on making a simple bow. Start by folding the bill in half length wise. Fold one end of the bill toward the center, then the other end. Accordion fold the center of the bill a bit then smush it together. Cut a length of bakers twine and wrap it around the center of the bill a few times to secure it. Cut bakers twine for the length of the banner. Emilee loved it! I have one more garland I made for her birthday. Check out these posts if you missed fun ways to give money to teens:Straw GarlandBirthday Money Balloons Do you know the perfect birthday gift for your teen? I started with 50 $1 bills and 18 straws. I measured and cut the straws in half. Then I used a needle to pull the bakers twine through each straw.

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking Halloween Beauty Bits - Tried & Tested! What better way to start the Halloween week, than by reviewing a heap of Halloween-perfect beauty bits? I recommend all of the products featured in the post, and hopefully you see something that'll catch your spooky eye.. Lush The Enchanter Bath Ballistic (€3.95): This gorgeous bath ballistic transforms your bath water into bright pink and orange swirls, and fills your bathroom up the oh-so famous Lush scents! Lush Twilight Shower Gel (€5.50): When I heard one of my favourite bath ballistics was going to be made into a shower gel for Halloween, I squealed with delight! Pixy Softening Body Oil (€7.99): Before I ever used this Body Oil, I fell in love with its potion-like bottle. Shu Uemura eyeshadow palette: Whilst looking through my makeup stash, I spotted this eyeshadow palette immediately with its Halloween-perfect colours. Barry M White Foundation: I picked up this White foundation in Topshop, when I was in London last month.

Balancing Home — Making It All Work On A Budget Fluffy Stuff - two ingredient play-dough What do you get when you mix shaving cream with corn starch? You get fluffy stuff (a mold-able play-with-me dough) that could be used to make summer snowballs. I don't know if I found a cheaper way to entertain a group of children ranging from seven to two for an hour. Blogger mamas throughout the web rave about this stuff and I can see why! It was fun to make, super messy, fun to mold, fun to squish, fun to play with, and inexpensive. Did I mention it was really messy? Here's how we made our fluffy stuff: Dump two (2) 16-oz boxes of corn starch into a plastic container. You could also be prepared with a broom and a dust pan to clean up, as this stuff gets everywhere. Some other notes (please see the photos): As you can tell, I did this activity OUTSIDE. The mixture washes off in the bath. I think the pictures of my dirty little ones say it all!

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