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9 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Are Basically Impossible To Kill

9 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Are Basically Impossible To Kill
Pop quiz: which is more polluted, indoor air or outdoor air? 10 times out of 10, indoor air in your house, office or apartment is going to be worse than the air outside. Indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top 5 greatest risks to public health by the EPA, and stagnant indoor air allows pollutants to build up and stick to the things inside of your home. The things in our homes emit some nasty toxic chemicals like formaldehyde for example. You can also be impacted by pollutants like pollen, bacteria, mold, and various outdoor contaminants that find their way inside. 1. This plant was found by NASA to be a real air-purifying beast. 2. Spider plants are incredibly easy to grow, so if you’re a beginner, this is a great one to start with. 3. There are over 40 kinds of dracaena plants, which makes it easy to find the right one for you. 4. Ficus trees are a favorite of mine as they are able to grow quite large depending on the type of pot you have them in. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Related:  Other 2New Age/ Pers devjardinage

Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites The Native American National Council will offer amnesty to the estimated 240 million illegal white immigrants living in the United States. At a meeting on Friday in Taos, New Mexico, Native American leaders weighed a handful of proposals about the future of the United State’s large, illegal European population. After a long debate, NANC decided to extend a road to citizenship for those without criminal records or contagious diseases. “We will give Europeans the option to apply for Native Citizenship,” explained Chief Sauti of the Nez Perce tribe. “Any illegal European who has a criminal record of any sort, minus traffic and parking tickets, will be deported back to their native land. European colonization of North America began in the 16th and 17th centuries, when arrivals from France, Spain and England first established settlements on land that had been occupied by native peoples. “They all need to be deported back to Europe,” John Dakota from True Americans said.

Os 7 elementos do universo Zilhões de partículas se movendo freneticamente dão forma a tudo o que vemos nesse mundo. Essas partículas, estudadas pela física quântica e que vão muito além do átomo uma vez pensado para ser indivisível, são tão pequenas que desafiam nossa compreensão. Nesse artigo, vamos explicar os constituintes básicos do universo – e o que realmente pode ser chamado de fundamental. 1. Neutrino A cada segundo, cerca de centenas de bilhões de partículas praticamente sem massa atravessam seu corpo quase na velocidade da luz. Neutrinos surgem no núcleo do átomo, quando um próton se transforma em um nêutron ou vice-versa. 2. O elétron, diferentemente do “nômade” neutrino, tem seu “habitat natural”: é a periferia do átomo, também conhecida como eletrosfera. Essas partículas, descobertas em 1897, possuem massa desprezível, mas não podemos dizer o mesmo de sua utilidade. 3. Quarks são as partículas que formam os prótons e nêutrons (as superpartículas que formam o núcleo do átomo). 4. 5. 6. 7. Lucas

Voici 10 plantes qui attirent les énergies positives Les plantes s’utilisent depuis toujours dans la décoration d’intérieur des maisons, des bureaux ou des commerces car elles donnent un aspect frais et naturel à ces lieux, mais aussi parce qu’elles améliorent le flux d’énergies positives tout en chassant les énergies négatives. Les experts de ce domaine affirment que certaines plantes, plus que d’autres, ont la capacité de promouvoir les énergies et de nous donner une sensation de bien-être tous les jours. Pour cela, elles doivent être vivantes, c’est-à-dire qu’elles doivent être placées dans un pot de fleurs et que nous devons en prendre soin. Une fois cela dit, nous allons vous révéler les 10 meilleures plantes pour avoir des énergies positives. Le romarin Le romarin est une plante qui détient de nombreuses propriétés médicinales qui s’utilisent depuis l’Antiquité dans différentes cultures. Le jasmin Le bambou La hierbabuena Le cactus La menthe L’aloès Le thym L’eucalyptus Les chrysanthèmes

Catholic Nun Explains Pro-Life In A Way That Will Stun Many Republican Lawmakers In one simple quote, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B. sums up the hypocrisy of many in the 'pro-life' movement: "I do not believe that just because you're opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. This quote applies well to many Republican lawmakers who continue to introduce/pass restrictive misogynist laws against woman's reproductive rights. You don't hear of these Right Wing anti-choice extremists adopting children from unplanned pregnancies or putting funds into sex education. An outspoken advocate for women, Sister Joan Chittister is a lecturer and author of 50 books. The photo of Sister Joan Chittister is from her new upcoming book: 'Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith by Tom Roberts, due out in September.'

Correct Poor Eyesight Naturally with These Tips By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World More often than not in our daily lives, we find ourselves staring at tiny type on computer screens and cell phones for long periods of time, leading to increased incidence of eye strain and fatigue. Add to this the natural deterioration of vision as we age — along with the more serious problems of glaucoma and cataracts — and sharp eyesight can seem like a distant dream. Despite these seemingly inevitable obstacles, we can, in fact, enjoy healthy vision to a ripe old age. Eating for healthy eyes For bright vision — and to avoid potential problems down the road — food is a powerful ally. Dark leafy greens, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, yellow peppers and egg yolks contain potent antioxidants like beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein — which defend against age-related blindness resulting from macular degeneration. Foods high in sulfur, lecithin and cysteine are another helpful addition to the diet. Exercises to improve vision

Le bon espacement… pour un jardinier paresseux | Jardinier paresseux Dans cet aménagement comestible, fleurs et légumes sont plantés serrés. Il n’est pas très utile de laisser des espaces vides dans une plate-bande ou un potager: les mauvaises herbes finissent par s’y installer. Il faut planter assez serré pour combler tout l’espace tout en laissant assez de place pour que les plantes puissent atteindre leur pleine taille. Suggestion de paresseux: plantez les végétaux à un espacement équivalent à environ trois quarts de leur diamètre adulte. Ainsi, une vivace qui atteindra 75 cm de diamètre à maturité pourrait être plantée à environ 60 cm d’espacement. Potager sans interligne entre les rangs: plus de légumes, moins de mauvaises herbes! Dans le potager, c’est la même chose. Que faire alors? Quand vous semez ou plantez vos végétaux un peu serré, les plantes sont heureuses et vous êtes heureux. J'aime : J'aime chargement… La livèche : le céleri des jardiniers paresseux Produire du bon céleri (Apium graveolens dulce) est une tache difficile. Dans "Truc du jour"

10 Amazing discoveries that will make you question everything. What are the true origins of humanity? There are so many ancient artifacts from the past that still perplex us today. How did ancient civilizations create such intricate and advanced technologies? There are so many mysteries surrounding humanities past that we are finally becoming aware of. Here is a list of some of the most amazing discovery’s to date! 1: The London Artifact- This artifact is speculated to be so extremely old that part of the wooden handle has turned to coal. 2: The Fuente Magna Bowl- This is one of the most controversial artifacts in South America. 3: The Hidden Character Stone- This stone is located in a scenic area in Zhangbu village, China. 4:The Antikythera Mechanism- This is an incredible 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator built by ancient Greeks! 5: Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone - The stone’s age, purpose, and origin are unknown. 6: The Voynich Manuscript- I suggest doing some more researching into this particular fascinating artifact. 8:The Baghdad Batteries-

Le compostage: pas si sorcier! | Jardinier paresseux Avec la saison qui avance, il est temps de penser au compostage. Et ce n’est pas très compliqué: toute matière organique se décomposera si elle est exposée à un peu d’humidité et de chaleur, que ce soit dans un bac, dans un tas ou tout simplement étendue à travers les plantes du jardin (compostage en surface). Il se trouve toutefois que les matières organiques se décomposent plus rapidement quand il y a environ la même quantité de matières brunes, riches en carbone, et matières vertes, riches en azote (mais qui ne sont pas nécessairement de couleur verte!). Matières brunes feuilles mortes;plantes mortes;terreaux usagés (plantes d’intérieur, jardins en contenant, etc.) Matières vertes déchets de jardin (résidus de taille, fleurs fanées, etc.)déchets de cuisine d’origine végétale (pelures, fruits pourris, etc.) Ne pas composter La Cadillac des composteurs Le composteur le plus efficace et le plus productif est le composteur rotatif. Dans "Comment utiliser un composteur rotatif" Dans "Compostage"

CARTI ELECTRONICE(I) | EARTH CHANGE MZ AM PRIMIT MULTE CERERI DE LA PERSOANE CARE DOREAU să aibă acces la carti online gratis. Este vorba de oameni care au venituri mici și efectiv nu își permit să cumpere cărți. Astfel o să ușurez lectura celor care au acces la internet însă nu pot să cumpere cărți. Asa ca, incepand de astazi, am sa public cartile pe care le am in format electronic, dvs. avand posibilitatea sa le descarcati in propriul computer. Astazi, cateva carti ale lui Drunvalo Melchizedek : Spatiul sacru al inimii – Drunvalo Melchizedek97844489-Drunvalo-Melchizedek-Spatiul-Sacru-Al-Inimii Cartea inimii – Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo – Cartea Inimii A trai in inima(text) – Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo Melchizedek – A trai in Inima Vindecae prin energie subtila(text) – Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo Melchizedek – Vindecare prin energia subtila (1) Floarea Vietii(vol.I) – Drunvalo Melchizedek-Floarea-Vietii-Drunvalo-Melchizedek-vol-1. Floarea Vietii(vol.II) – Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo Melchizedek – Floarea Vietii – Vol 2