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Dubai Flow Motion (Superb time-lapse video)

Dubai Flow Motion (Superb time-lapse video)

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New virtual reality sign will boost tourism (From Largs and Millport Weekly News) The world of virtual reality is coming to one of the most relaxing and beautiful scenic areas in Largs, but don't worry, it will actually provide a range of information for tourists, and is at the cutting edge of technology. A new augmented reality sign allows mobile phone users to download an application which allows them to view moving images and information about tourism hotspots. Magnus the Viking will even make an appearance, while a swooping eagle will also provide some eye-catching graphics.

Once Upon a Time: Swan Queen — A Celebration in GIFs! We love Once Upon a Time for the magic, the family relationships, and the cool twists on beloved characters, but let's be real — the shipping is important, too. Really, really important. That's why y'all are going wild over our ship bracket. We're celebrating some of the most popular of the many awesome OUAT ships with GIFs, from canon True Love to the relationships that will probably only happen in fans' imagination and creative fanworks. And there's no non-canon ship bigger than Swan Queen (Emma/Regina, for the uninitiated). The writers may not have an intended it, but there’s a compelling narrative to be had between these two gorgeous women — a story of redemption, salvation (Emma is the savior, right?)

Log In Tourism is now the island’s biggest industry, taking over from fishing and aluminum smelting, much as the financial sector did in the years before the crash. The influx could be even higher following the rise of the Pirate Party. With its black pirate flag and anarchist leanings, it recently gained more seats in Parliament and even more attention, helping to burnish Iceland’s image as cool and alternative. The number of tourists has risen by as much as 30 percent every year for the last four years, according to Iceland’s Tourist Board. They brought in revenues of $3.2 billion in 2015, a third of the country’s export earnings. Tourism is the single biggest employer, and many Icelanders are pouring money into services and new construction.

#OMGB - GREAT Britain - Home of Amazing Moments campaign International campaign Building on the success of the initial campaign in the Americas and Europe, we have launched #OMGB (Oh My GREAT Britain) - Britain, Home of Amazing Moments in Australia and China, marking the beginning of phase two of the campaign that is due to roll out globally in the next few months. Each market will have carefully selected ‘moments’ that resonate with the audience to provide a richer experience. The second phase kicked off in Australia on 9 September 2016 and is primarily targeting the affluent trendsetter. So what's so bloody brilliant about Bordeaux then? Brilliant Bordeaux. Photo: Flickr The city of Bordeaux and south-west France seems to come top of every ranking so The Local tries to find out just what's so special about the city and the region around it. It seems like you can't open a French newspaper these days without seeing the south-west of France leading some kind of ranking. Direct Matin, for example, trumpeted that 54 percent of the French public would choose to head to the region first if they were to move somewhere else in the country. In August 2014 the region was voted as the "best place to work" by the French, with 39 percent choosing Bordeaux first and 37 percent saying they could imagine themselves working in the city.

9 Images To Make You Visit Swanage - Darwin Escapes The Dorset Jurassic Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and these images will show you why… Our traditional family location on the Dorset coastline, Swanage Bay View Holiday Home Park, has been a family favourite UK holiday destination for over 50 years, and these 9 stunning images show why. Swanage is a breath taking location, with lots of family fun things to do around the local area, as well as on the park itself. Take a look at the 9 images below to sway you on where to stay for your next UK holiday to Dorset… 9 Images To Make You Visit Swanage Did these sway you to stay at Swanage Holiday Home Park?

Map Shows Every Country's Tourism Slogan This map shows the every country’s tourism slogan*. From the straightforward (‘Travel in Slovakia – good idea’) to the dramatic (‘Colombia is magical realism’) these slogans are an insight into the ways tourism departments in countries across the world sell their countries to visitors. There are 12 exclamations used (Lithuania uses three with ‘See it! Feel it! Love it!’) These are the world's most visited cities in 2016 London will be the second most visited city in 2016.Flickr/August Brill This week Mastercard released its Global Destination Cities Index, which provides a ranking of the 132 most visited cities around the world. Measured by the number of international overnight visitors, the study, now in its seventh year, predicts which countries will be the most visited in 2016. From the AsiaPacific region to Europe to the Middle East and Africa, here are the 20 cities set to see the most visitors this year:

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