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8 Useful jQuery Mobile Tutorials

8 Useful jQuery Mobile Tutorials

10 jQuery Scripts To Optimize Forms Last week I posted HTML5 Forms Styled With CSS3. There you can find useful links on how to style your forms and add effects with HTML5 and CSS3. I mentioned that beside for old browser fall back you won’t need Javascript. But if you want to optimize your forms and add more options, Javascript is still needed. I have chosen the more common optimization scripts and almost all are simple ones making it easier to implement in your design or to customize. Turn any webform into a powerful wizard with jQuery Collapser plug-in Password Validation Give Your Characters a NobleCount Submit A Form Without Page Refresh Simple Chained Combobox Ajax Upload; A file upload script with progress-bar, drag-and-drop Create a Progress Bar With Javascript Date Range Picker using jQuery UI 1.7 and jQuery UI CSS Framework jQuery Add/Remove Input Fields Recommended for youRecommended for you across the web

5 Sliding Content Techniques, Examples & jQuery How to’s Aug 12 2009 The more intuitive layout structure is designed, the better users can understand the content. Whatever content you have to present, you can present them in a more interactive & more responsive ways. Today we would like to focus on sliding effects and how i can change the structure of a page in a truly unique and creative way. In this article we’d like to present 5 smart techniques for sliding and scrolling content using the power of CSS and the beauty of jQuery. - “Sliding Verticaly” with Button Controls Share Point Artist has taken a truly unique approach to the “My Work” area. The navigation options, the “Previous” & the “Next” buttons are slightly animated yet creating an appropriate atmosphere. ImageSwitch- The main point of this plug-in is to make an easy-to-use, simple and fast plug-in to create effect when you switch between images. View DemoDownload Files - “Sliding Horizontally” with Button Controls jCarousel (Riding carousels with jQuery) – View DemoDownload Files Homepage

Documentation | Spritely Spritely is a simple plugin with only two key methods, sprite() and pan() both of which simply animate the background-image css property of an element. The difference between the two is that a 'sprite' image contains two or more 'frames' of animation, whereas a 'pan' image contains a continuous image which pans left or right and then repeats. Typically, in either case, you would use a png file (with or without transparency) for this. You might wish to use a transparent gif for Internet Explorer 6, though it probably won't look as good. For documentation in languages other than English, please see Unoffical Documentation. Please note: there is a problem with the current version of Mobile Safari on the iPad On the iPad, using the pan() method may cause crashes in Mobile Safari. Quick start If you're impatient to try out Spritely and want to see some self-contained working examples, you can download some sample 0.4 code as a zip file. What's new in version 0.6? What's new in version 0.6?

jQuery 1.5 Released: What is new? As they promised, jQuery Team released a new version of jQuery today. It has come a long way from its initial version and has become one of the most used JavaScript frameworks in the world. I will try to tell you the exciting news in the new version. As the new version is released, the jQuery Team updated their jQuery 1.5 API Documentation which is very useful and handy. The biggest news is jQuery.sub() which allows a developer to override native jQuery methods without actually affecting the methods that other users would interact with – or even create encapsulated APIs for your plugins that avoid namespace collision. New jQuery AJAX The jQuery Team rewrote the whole jQuery AJAX module. Perhaps the largest change is that a call to jQuery.ajax (or jQuery.get,, etc.) now returns a jXHR object that provides consistency to the XMLHttpRequest object across platforms (and allows you to perform previously-impossible tasks like aborting JSONP requests). Prefilters Converters Transports

20 Brilliant Kinetic Typography (Motion Typography) Videos at DzineBlog Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Here I’ve collected 20 brilliantly animated Typography videos which i enjoyed most ( I kind of addicted to it, now) hope you like it. 1: A world Made only with Type 2: Ya no sé qué hacer conmigo 3: Red 4: Nick the Greek – Lock, Stock, Two smoking Barrels 5: Austin Powers Typography 6:FITO FITIPALDIS – Acabo de llegar 7: Typography from Vancouver Film School 8: Citizen Cope – Let The Drummer Kick (AFX) 9: Alternative Rugby Commentary – The Tri Nations: Part 2 10: Who Are you? 11: Phonebooth Typography Animation 12: Blink 182 – Online Songs Kinetic Typography 13: Mad World 14: Full Metal Jacket in Motion Graphic 15: Duck and Cover 16: Intonation a great piece of type-in-motion designed by Jarratt Moody 17: The Hush Sound Lions Roar 19: Trainspotting

Build a Spiffy Quiz Engine | Tuts+ Premium | The best way to learn creative and technical skills. The first official Nettuts+ quiz was a massive success with an impressive number of developers participating and evaluating their knowledge. There were a non-trivial number of comments asking how the mini quiz engine was built. And lo and behold! That’s what we’re gonna learn today. A Word from the Author Quizzes are a great way to engage the community — just take a look at our recent quiz. I believe a demo is worth a thousand words. Today, we are going to look at how to implement this with, you guessed it right, our favorite JavaScript library, jQuery. Design Goals The design goal for this version are incredibly simple. We’ll something that looks slick and elegant — one that invites the user to take the quiz.This is no place for a long list of questions with radio buttons and labels. Some notable features that I’m opting out of: No post quiz reviews. That’s about it, I guess. Plan of Action We’ll now need to map out what needs to be done in a specific order. Core Markup

HTML5 Grayscale Image Hover Once upon a time, grayscale image has to be manually converted in order to be displayed on the web. Now with HTML5 canvas, images can be manipulated into grayscale without having to use image editing software. I've put together a demo to show you how to use HTML5 & jQuery to dynamically clone color images into grayscale (see demo). View Demo HTML5 Grayscale The Purpose This demo is intented to show you how to make a grayscale/color image hover effect with HTML5 and jQuery. jQuery Code The jQuery code below will look for the target images and generate a grayscale version. How to use it To apply this to your site: include a copy of jquery.js paste the code as shown above set the target image (eg: .post-img, img, .gallery img, etc.) you may change the animation speed (ie. 1000 = 1 second) Compatibility It works with any browser that support HTML5 and Javascript such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Credits

Google Plus Circle Animation With Jquery and CSS3 in Your Website — Tech Blog If you are a Google plus user, I am sure you will fall in love with Google plus circle animation. Google plus given an awesome user experience, specially circle’s animations. When I saw the rotation animation first time in Google plus, I was so excited to create my own rotation animation like Google plus. I have been working in these days to develop circle rotation animation effect with Jquery and CSS3. I have tried circle rotation animation effect with Jquery and CSS3. Click here to watch live demo T1 Click here to watch live demo T2 Circle CSS3 circle diameter 50px