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Language Learning with Free Podcasts

Language Learning with Free Podcasts

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Say what you type in French : Say what you type in Spanish the best way to start with French and Spanish! Choose the language you want to listen your text, type your text in your selected language then click on "say it". You can change the character or the voice if you want. Use this keyboard for foreign accents: Be a Good Human and Get Your Student Loans Paid Off This organization will trade your volunteer time in exchange for paying down your student loans. Yes, you read that right. SponsorChange has created a mutually-beneficial initiative that provides people power for high-impact non-profits in need, while simultaneously helping to relieve students of their ever-impending debt. From the Take Part post on the topic:

Spanish Idiom Dictionary Spanish idioms are essential to understanding and communicating with native speakers. Because Spanish is spoken in so many different countries, extra care is required when learning idioms. Make sure to pay attention to who is saying what under what circumstances before you attempt to use anything but the most common expression. Not Everyone Wants To Be A Director... By Cybel Martin | Shadow and Act March 13, 2014 at 1:09PM 'What I Really Want to Do is (Not) Direct. So, What is Your Best Role in Film Production?' Not everyone wants to be a director (Splat! Half of my readers faint in disbelief). Africa - Geography Maps -Map Game "I stumbled upon your fun interactive geography games from a link on the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance Website. Since then, your games have become quite a hit with my competitive colleagues!" --Candice Gomes, Education Outreach Coordinator, Boston Public Library

Basic French – Learn French Online Course Description French is spoken by millions of people in many countries around the world and is a very popular second language to learn. ALISON's free online course is a series of engaging video lessons for beginners that introduces the learner to various aspects of the French language including basic French vocabulary and grammar. On Becoming a Game Writer One of the questions I get asked most frequently is How do I get into game writing? Now, this isn’t the same as How did you get into game writing? Ask ten game writers that question and you’ll get twelve different answers. No, what people are looking for is the clear and well-manicured path into the profession – a certain set of steps to follow that, once completed, will yield a position as a game writer. This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, and in a just and fair and logical world, it would have a simple and concise answer.

Free Mastering French Grammar and Vocabulary Online Course Course Description For learners who have studied our first two French courses, this third course will further increase your understanding of the French language. You will build on your existing knowledge of French vocabulary and master important areas of grammar that will greatly improve your comprehension of the French language and your ability to communicate effectively with native French speakers. In this free online French language course you will be taken step by step through grammar topics such as using adverbs and prepositions, using relative and demonstrative pronouns and understanding the differences between 'depuis', 'pendant', 'pour' and 'il y a'.

How To Become A Video Game Writer This interview is part of the Quest for Your Career series. We focus on each specific job in the video game industry by interviewing an expert in the field. Learn what they do, how they got started, and whether it's a good job for you.