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Welcome to Mind Maps®: Learning Skills from A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking (Also known as Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping, Spray Diagrams, and Spider Diagrams) "Mind Map" is a trademark of the Buzan Organization (see Record ideas memorably with James Manktelow & Amy Carlson. Have you ever studied a subject or brainstormed an idea, only to find yourself with pages of information, but no clear view of how it fits together? This is where Mind Mapping can help you. Mind Mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving. By using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject. More than this, Mind Maps help you remember information, as they hold it in a format that your mind finds easy to recall and quick to review. About Mind Maps Mind Maps were popularized by author and consultant, Tony Buzan. . Uses Mind Maps are useful for: Brainstorming – individually, and as a group. 1. 2.

Mind42: Free online mind mapping software Coggle The EMV Liability Shift is Coming. Prepare Your Business. Beginning October 1, businesses that fail to update their payment processing terminals to accept chip-enabled EMV credit and debit cards will be exposed to new, potentially devastating liabilities. This date represents a key liability shift from payment processors to businesses for chargebacks stemming from fraudulent transactions, since EMV chip cards offer enhanced security protection compared to older, magnetic-stripe technology. Failing to adopt now not only puts your profitability and business at risk, but your brand reputation as well by leaving your customers vulnerable to fraud. But it's not only about protection. This guide shows you what you need to understand and prepare for EMV, strengthen your data security standards, protect yourself from chargeback liability, and realize all the marketing advantages that EMV migration offers for your business. Get the information you need in a straightforward, easy-to-understand guide so you can prepare your business simply and effectively.

MindMeister : un outil pour créer des cartes mentales collaboratives Pour structurer ses pensées ou présenter des dizaines d'éléments selon leur utilisation ou leur pertinence, Mindmeister est peut-être l'outil qu'il vous faut. À la différence d'un logiciel comme FreeMind, Mindmeister offre la possibilité de pouvoir collaborer en ligne sur la même carte, de la diffuser, partager et la mettre à jour en temps réel en tout temps. Tout particulièrement en éducation, cette option favorise la collaboration en ligne et augmente radicalement le potentiel d’utilisation comme outil pour construire des références dynamiques. On pourra voir de plus en plus souvent de telles références pertinentes dans chaque domaine de connaissance... Mindmeister Niveau : Populaire

Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. Mind Mapping software from Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Maps Everything I Needed to Know About Negotiating I Learned Watching My Dad Make a Huge Buck on Some Old Furniture My father, Bernie, passed away a couple of years ago, and yet he lives on in so many practical life lessons that he taught me over the years. While he couldn’t spell "banana" (he always spelled it “banna” on his grocery lists), he could negotiate a mean deal. Sometimes, his method of choice was annoying the hell out of the other party, but in this example, it was something quite different. In the early 1990s, my parents got divorced and my father had to sell our house. Related: This Strategy Will Make Negotiations Less Painful One of the pieces was a “gorgeous” wall unit from the fine French furniture company “The House of Tackee.” I am sure you are entirely shocked to hear that there wasn’t a lot of demand for this type of furniture (this was before hipsters became a thing), so my dad had to be resourceful. Apparently, she had been smoking a very powerful substance, because when she came to view it, she liked it -- a lot. “Why don’t you make me an offer?” “Two hundred dollars?” 1. 2. 3.

Carte heuristique : méthodologie pour créer des cartes mémorisation, imagination et organisation La carte heuristique (ou le mindmap) permet de représenter visuellement et de façon schématique les connexions sémantiques entre différentes idées, mots, liens (hiérarchiques ou non) sous forme d’arborescences pour amener la prise de décision, la réflexion autour de concepts, une analyse de processus, faciliter la mémorisation, représenter des histoires ou organisations… La représentation via ces cartes mentales peut s’effectuer via des logiciels de mindmap qu’ils soient libres, gratuiciels, partagiciels ou payants. Mais rien ne remplace une méthodologie claire pour utiliser ces logiciels avec efficacité (ce ne sont que des outils!). Le site proposé par la firme Stabilo permet de mieux comprendre ce qu’est le mindmapping avec des fiches pratiques qui invitent à mettre en place des activités avec des cartes heuristiques dans un contexte pédagogique. Comment faire un mindmap MEMORISATION (6 pages) : méthodologie avec 4 exercices, Licence :

20 Good Map Creation Tools for Students A couple of years ago I published a list of 21 online map creation tools. Since then some of those tools have gone offline and new tools have replaced them. Here's my updated list of online map creation tools for students and teachers. Wikia Maps is a map creation tool from Wikia. Wikia Maps has two map creation options. You can use Wikia Maps to create maps in a manner similar to those that you may have previously created in Google Maps. Odyssey.js is an open source map creation tool from CartoDB. Visits is an online tool for creating a location history timeline by using your Flickr images and Google Maps. National Geographic's Map Maker Interactive offers themes on which users can create custom map displays. ikiMap is a free service for creating custom maps online. Animaps is a service that was built for the purpose of allowing users to create animated Google Maps. Tripline is a service designed to enable anyone to record a trip they've taken or to plan a trip itinerary.