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Teachers tap into brain science to boost learning JUDY WOODRUFF: Next: neuroscience and education. Thousands of teachers around the country are learning about an alternative teaching program that aims to use scientific discoveries about the brain to improve the way children learn in the classroom. Special correspondent John Tulenko of Learning Matters reports from Philadelphia. How to Podcast How to Podcast Steps to Podcasting - Resources for step by step podcasting 1. create audio file (see audio recording software) 2. add the audio file to an RSS 2.0 feed (see create podcasts) 3. tell the world about your podcast ( see submit podcasts) Podcasting Tutorial - Podcasting tutorial that provides step by step tutorial how to use FeedForAll to create a podcast. How to Podcast - Podcast Bunker presents a step by step how to, detailing the easiest way to create a podcast.

10 Virtual Field Trips to Explore the World By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team Celebrate the world, experiencing famous cities and unforgettable scenery, without ever stepping foot outside of your classroom. Take a walk through the ruins of Pompeii or head to the top of the Tokyo Tower—whatever you do, don’t forget to take in the view. 1. Pick a city, any city—and visit it!

Storybird lets anyone make visual stories in seconds. We curate artwork from illustrators and animators around the world and inspire writers of any age to turn those images into fresh stories. (From Storybird) by agoratheque Apr 9