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49 Fascinating YouTube Videos to Learn About the Human Body

49 Fascinating YouTube Videos to Learn About the Human Body
As any doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care professional knows, the body is an interesting system. In many ways, it’s like a machine, with many complex parts. There is a lot to learn about the body and how it works, as well as how its different systems interact to create a larger system. Brain Your brain directs the rest of the body’s functions. How the Body Works: The Regions of the Brain: An interesting look at the different regions of the brain, and what they are responsible for.Brain Anatomy Function: How brain works? Nervous System The nervous system brings messages from the brain to all over the body. How the Body Works: The Anatomy of the Central Nervous System: Find out how the nervous system is set up, and how it works.How the Body Works: Anatomy of Nerve: The nervous system is made up of thousands of nerves. Muscles Our ability to walk, lift things and even lounge around comes from our muscles. Skeleton Circulatory and Respiratory Systems Other Systems Disease and Injury Related:  CERE-BRAINAPBIO

8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating - StumbleUpon “Music helps me concentrate,” Mike said to me glancing briefly over his shoulder. Mike was in his room writing a paper for his U.S. History class. On his desk next to his computer sat crunched Red Bulls, empty Gatorade bottles, some extra pocket change and scattered pieces of paper. Mike made a shift about every thirty seconds between all of the above. Do you know a person like this? The Science Behind Concentration In the above account, Mike’s obviously stuck in a routine that many of us may have found ourselves in, yet in the moment we feel it’s almost an impossible routine to get out of. When we constantly multitask to get things done, we’re not multitasking, we’re rapidly shifting our attention. Phase 1: Blood Rush Alert When Mike decides to start writing his History essay, blood rushes to his anterior prefrontal cortex. Phase 2: Find and Execute Phase 3: Disengagement While in this state, Mike then hears an email notification. The process repeats itself sequentially. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The Ductile Helix: "Jumping Genes" May Influence Brain Activity Mobile DNA molecules that jump from one location in the genome to another may contribute to neurological diseases and could have subtle influences on normal brain function and behavior, according to a study published October 30 in Nature. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.) Retrotransposons are mobile genetic elements that use a copy-and-paste mechanism to insert extra copies of themselves throughout the genome. First discovered in plants about 60 years ago, they are now known to make up more than 40 percent of the entire human genome and may play an important role in genome evolution (pdf). Researchers from the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, have now comprehensively mapped retrotransposon insertion sites in the genomes of normal human brain cells for the first time. Their analyses identified more than 7,700 insertion sites for L1, the best-characterized retrotransposon family that was already known to be active in brain cells.

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs If I ask my kids what they want for dinner, there's a ninety percent chance they will say pizza. They love it, as most kids do. I guess I have an affection for it too, but we don't indulge too often. So when my kids came home from school and I had this afternoon snack waiting for them, they were pretty excited to be having pizza at 3 PM. These are the simplest, yummiest little bites. If you have a mini muffin pan you are good to go. Preheat oven to 375o. Stir the batter and divide among the mini-muffin cups. Microwave the pizza sauce until warmed through, then stir in 1 Tablespoon basil. Sprinkle the puffs with the remaining 1 Tablespoon basil. Print Recipe Ingredients 3/4 cup all-purpose flour3/4 teaspoon baking powder3/4 cup whole milk1 large egg lightly beaten 4 oz shredded whole milk mozzarella4 oz pepperoni, cut into small cubes1/2 cup pizza sauce2 Tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil Directions Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

ReziTests - Simulare concurs/teste rezidentiat 2013 - Grile Grilele sunt grupate pe teme, lista temelor fiind redată mai jos. Pentru raportarea unor probleme legate de corectitudinea grilelor (enunţ incomplet, răspuns greşit, încadrare greşită în tema etc.) puteţi folosi formularul de raportare, iar pentru probleme mai generale (informaţii de pe site, funcţionarea site-ului etc.) puteţi folosi formularul de contact. Ambele functionalităţi sunt accesibile doar utilizatorilor înregistraţi (pentru a preveni spamming-ul). Grilele raportate ca fiind greşite sau care nu mai corespund programei actuale apar în secţiunea de grile, însă tăiate cu o linie (strikethrough). Aceste grile nu sunt incluse în teste. Pentru a descarca o versiune statica a site-ului salvata la începutul lui octombrie 2013 (pentru uz offline) apasati aici. Pentru a accesa grilele corespunzatoare vechii tematici (< 2012), apasati aici. 1.

Studenția la medicină Not Enough Sleep and Its Effects on Focus Yesterday morning was a very focused, productive day. I established the daily foundation of writing and jogging. I also met up with a couple local entrepreneurs that are doing some great things, and will hopefully help boost the Southern California Startup brand. Here’s the thing, though: I didn’t get enough sleep. Anyways, this lack of sleep didn’t really hit me until around 11am. My thesis for when writing the chapter on the concept of “sleep” and its effects on focus will center on experimenting with different sleep cycles and meal times. IMPORTANT: If you enjoyed this article, I'd like for you to experience much more by purchasing the book. Tagged as: body, focus, meals, mind, Sleep

The Illustrated Guide to Epigenetics Illustrations by Joe Kloc This month marks the ten-year anniversary of the sequencing of the human genome, that noble achievement underpinning the less noble sales of 23andMe's direct-to-consumer genetic tests. To commemorate the scientific occasion, we've created an illustrated introduction to one subfield of genetics likely to produce even more dubious novelty science projects someday: epigenetics. What is epigenetics? FIGURE 1: Through a process called mitosis, a single cell (A) splits into two cells (B) with identical genetic information. FIGURE 2: DNA coils around proteins called histones, forming a nucleosome. How does the epigenome work? Molecular "caps" called methyl groups can be attached to genes in order to effectively block them from giving instructions to the cell (FIGURE 3). FIGURE 3: Methyl groups attach themselves to base pairs of a gene, changing the way the gene is expressed.In these two ways the epigenome controls which genes ultimately get expressed.

Jungle Survival: Finding Water" Because jungles are so wet, collecting rainwater is probably the easiest part of survival. Leaves on the rainforest floor are large because of the limited amount of sunlight they get. The larger the leaf, the more of the sun's rays it can soak up. Large leaves are useful in collecting dew and rainwater. If you have a container to store water, simply angle a leaf into it overnight or during a rainstorm and you have some fresh drinking water in no time. If you have a poncho, tie it to a tree on a slant to allow the rain to collect and drain. You'll fare even better if you can find a running water source. Believe it or not, plastic bottles also work for boiling. Green bamboo has clear and odorless water inside it that you can drink. Another way to collect water is to make a solar still. The moisture from the ground reacts with the heat from the sun to produce condensation on the plastic. These are just a few methods you can use.

Rahianestezia – generalitati, efecte adverse | Rahianestezia este o forma de anestezie loco-regionala, efectuata in coloana vertebrala in spatiul dintre doua vertebre, care presupune inteparea durei mater (implicit si a arahnoidei) cu un ac foarte subtire si injectarea in lichidul cefalorahihidian (LCR) a unei substante anestezice (cel mai frecvent utilizate fiind bupivacaina, xilina, ropivacaina). Nivelul abordului paentru rahianestezie, tipul acului, tipul si cantitatea de substanta injectata ramane la decizia medicului anestezist in functie de particularitatile individuale ale pacientului si tipul interventiei chirurgicale. Pentru pacientul care va urma sa beneficieze de rahianestezie este foarte important sa respecte postul alimentar si hidric de dinaintea operatiei recomandat de medic (6-8 ore pentru solide si 2-3 ore pentru lichide) ca preventie a greturilor si varsaturilor ce pot sa apara datorita sedarii aditionale sau in cazul in care apare necesitatea instituirii anesteziei generale.

medicina | Blog de mediciniști Două evenimente recente, care au marcat lumea medicală clujeană, m-au determinat să scriu acest articol. Primul este cazul paramedicului SMURD Florin Benea care la o vârstă fragedă (și după ce a fost salvator pentru foarte mulți de-a lungul timpului), se vede în situația de a nu se putea salva pe sine. Cel de al doilea este decesul unui cunoscut hematolog clujean. În primii ani de facultate, după ce depășești perioada aceea de “depresie de anul întâi” și facultatea de medicină pare mai accesibilă, ajungi să te întrebi: „De ce se spune că medicina este atât de grea?”. Un medic psihiatru ne spunea că în specialitatea lui te întâlnești cu cele mai joase condiții ale existenței umane și că în lipsa unei bune “împăcări” între tine și propriul psihic, există posibilitatea să ajungi un nou caz de psihiatru care devine pacient. Inevitabil, un medic bun, care se atașează într-un fel sau altul de fiecare pacient, suferă pierderi periodic.

Scientists to unlock the secrets of long life by unravelling DNA of world's oldest woman Dutch woman remained mentally sharp right up until her death aged 115 By Daniel Miller Updated: 10:48 GMT, 15 October 2011 Scientists are studying the DNA of a woman who was the world's oldest person until her death at the age of 115, in the belief it could contain the secrets to long life. Dutch woman Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper was born in 1890 and became the word's oldest person in May 2004 before her death in August the following year. What made her even more remarkable was the fact she remained mentally sharp right up until her death. Miracle: Scientists are examining the DNA of Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper to try and discover how she remained so mentally sharp until her death aged 115 She showed no signs of Alzheimer's disease which most experts assume would be inevitable for someone of her years. Nor did she suffer from may other conditions normally associated with people who live over the age of 100 such as hardening of the arteries. He said: 'That came as something of a surprise.

NOVA Why Did NASA Kill Cassini? On September 15, 2017 NASA destroyed Cassini—on purpose. Why kill a multibillion-dollar spacecraft? Sep 20, 2017 Death Dive to Saturn Follow Cassini's final days as it skims the cloud tops before plunging into the planet. Commentary: Unsolicited and Unwelcome, Climate Denial Comes to Schools In mid-March of 2017, I saw the first indications of trouble. From Education Blog | Sep 19, 2017 Cassini's Search For Life Is there life beyond Earth? Sep 15, 2017 Amazing Discoveries from Cassini Relive Cassini's greatest hits from its 13 years studying Saturn. Saying Goodbye to Cassini Cassini, a brave explorer that was dispatched to study a distant ringed world, has died. What Saturn Can Tell Us About Earth—and Beyond After Friday’s crash landing into Saturn, NASA scientists are reflecting on the lessons Cassini has imparted.