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The girl who wanted no rain - original story The girl who wanted no rain - original story - Lily was a little girl who lived with her parents, her friendly fluffy dog and her playful tabby cat in a beautiful house on the outskirts of a big city. Her parents had preferred life in a small city because the air was cleaner and because Lily liked playing outside a lot. Lily had many friends and quite a few favourite dolls whom she enjoyed talking to very much. One day she heard her parents talking: “Look, it’s raining. “Yes, that’s great news”, said dad. Lily was surprised. “Mom, dad, do you like the rain?” “Of course we do. “But I can’t do anything when it rains. “My little Lily...I used to think that way when I was your age. “Yes, they smell so nice and when you bring them inside the whole house smells nice too”, answered Lily “Do you know what would happen to them if it never rained? “But, we could water them every day, mom and the rain wouldn’t come anymore”, said Lily