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Download HTTrack Website Copier 3.48-22 - HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)

Download HTTrack Website Copier 3.48-22 - HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)

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30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Software Developers We don’t mention software developers on this site often enough but it would be a crime to not have a cheatsheet for this group after catering cheatsheet collections for: If you are just embarking on a journey to learn a programming language or would just like to find some cheats that would make debugging a tad bit easier, we have a compilation of 30 cheatsheets & infographics for software developers. Recommended Reading: 15 Websites To Test Your Codes Online

Importing bookmarks and other data from other browsers Firefox enables you to import bookmarks and other information from browsers installed on your computer. To start importing your bookmarks or other data: Click the Bookmarks button on the right side of the navigation toolbarOn the menu bar, click At the top of the Firefox window, click the menu and select to open the Library window. Create a Cool Website with Fancy Scrolling Effects I’m sure we’re all familiar with the popular parallax effect in web design. It has become a great tool to create a fun browsing experience that responds to the user’s controls as they scroll up and down the page. In this tutorial we’ll use a couple of readily available jQuery plugins to quickly put together a cool little single page website of our own, complete with fancy scrolling effects. This tutorial will be a walkthrough of my design process for a simple portal site that presents all of my websites and social profiles. Each website has its own individual section in a series of ‘slides’ laid out vertically. With the help of some cool jQuery plugins clever scrolling and parallax illusions are added to inject an element of fun and novelty to the site.

Importing Bookmarks from an HTML File To replace your existing bookmarks with a Firefox bookmark backup file in JSON format, see Restoring bookmark backups. Before proceeding, you should make a backup of your current bookmarks. You can do this by opening the Bookmarks Library window (explained below), then selecting <img class="wiki-image frameless" src="//<a href=" alt="f60cc26c38fc04cce87eb6ea6ec8c400-1259975468-619-1.png" title="" /> Import and Backup and choosing .

Apache Hadoop Copyright © 2010 Lars Vogel Apache Hadoop This article describes how to use Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is a software solution for distributed computing of large datasets. Fancy Scrolling Sites In the last year or so, there's been enough sites that do fancy things when you scroll down that it's kind of a trend. I thought I'd blog it, you know, for the sake of history. By "fancy things" I mean something happens when scrolling down besides the site scrolling down.

Online FTP tester Introduction Setting up an FTP server is not easy. Since there are dozens of different server products and thousands of different firewalls and router models exist, it is impossible to give detailed step-by-step instructions suitable for every user. So in order to configure your server as well as the routers and/or firewalls involved, it is important for the you to understand the basics of the FTP protocol. This documentation describes the history of the FTP protocol and how some aspects of the protocol work.

Hadoop Tutorial home | Cloud Types | Related Technologies What is Hadoop? Miha Ahronovitz, Ahrono & Associates Kuldip Pabla, Ahrono & Associates Hadoop is a fault-tolerant distributed system for data storage which is highly scalable.