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Is employability data being manipulated? The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey is being abused, according to one former university employee When I started the post, it was said that the DLHE would make me hard of hearing. In no time at all, they laughed, I’d be hearing ‘barrister’ not ‘barista’ A management position at a university on a meteoric rise through the league tables, reporting impressive levels of graduate employability. A job that sounds too good to be true? In my case, it was. Postgraduate Research and Operations Handbooks 1-3 (below) are compiled annually by Research Student Administration. The documents are also available to registered students and staff in alternative formats (e.g. Braille, large print, e-text or audio) by contacting

Shimer College: the worst school in America? In a classroom in Bronzeville, on Chicago’s South Side, eight students are locked in intense debate about Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development. They’re tearing Kohlberg apart, with justification, as far as I can tell, but keeping up with fast-paced Socratic dialogue about complicated philosophy is not my strong suit. I’m visiting this college, Shimer, because something quite calamitous has just happened to it. The communications officer, Isabella Winkler, gives me a tour. Which lasts about three minutes. Shimer is tiny.

PhD Funding - A Checklist Of Possible Funding Sources - Careers Advice There are probably more funding sources for your PhD than you think. It’s worth making sure you have investigated them all. Funding bodies support PhD students in different ways; some will pay course fees only; some will include a stipend (maintenance costs) or travel expenses while others will simply be a one-off award to ease the financial burden of further study. Similarly, each funding body will have its own criteria for eligibility. At PhD level full funding will tend to be awarded on academic merit, but there are also some that take into account financial background and other criteria such as gender (such as in the case of the British Federation of Women Graduates). Below is a list of all of the main sources of funding for UK based PhD students.

Agents paid an average of £1,767 per non-EU recruit THE investigation shows spike in spending on fees as UK ‘reliant’ on middlemen Source: REX Guiding hand: one pro vice-chancellor suggested changes to the visa system had pushed more students to seek agents’ advice Getting Started Getting Started University Welcome for Research Students Starting your Research Degree workshop Agreeing a training plan A-Z of Key Information for new postgraduate researchers Starting Your Research Degree workshop presentation slides University Welcome for Research Students The objectives of the University Welcome for Postgraduate Researchers are to: *bring together new postgradaute researchers from across the University and across the disciplines *signpost you to key areas of the University and the resources and facilities available to you *provide an opportunity for you to meet staff from core support services at the University University Welcome events are held in February, June, September, October and November.

Dear Student: Should Your Granny Die Before The Midterm ... Every semester, on college campuses across America, there’s a rash of students who kill off their grandmothers right before a midterm paper or exam. Some are serial murderers who repeatedly send their grannies into that long, dark night. No, students aren’t actually shanking their nanas over tea and wrapping the bodies in knitted afghans. But this crime, which veteran professors say has long been part of the folklore of teaching, is a real phenomenon. And there’s a name for it. It’s called the “Dead Grandmother Problem.”

How to apply Below you will find detailed information about the application and selection process. The application process starts by completing and submitting our online form. You should only start the application if you feel you have the necessary subject knowledge. If you don’t feel you have the necessary level of subject knowledge we advise you to begin the application process for an ITT course leading to QTS so that you can potentially be allocated a place on an SKE course. Why UK universities should adopt US-style degrees I am finishing my 20th year of teaching in the UK. I came to Lancaster University from my native US in 1994, and in 2006 I left Lancaster for the University of Aberdeen. I was born, raised, and educated in the US. But by now I think I fathom the very different UK conventions. David Willetts, the universities minister, is encouraging UK universities to introduce the US custom of having both a major subject, which can be anything, and a minor one, which can be anything else.