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Ellis Island - FREE Port of New York Passenger Records Search

Ellis Island - FREE Port of New York Passenger Records Search

WikiTree - Family Tree and Free Genealogy GC Immigration Working Group: John Jay Immigration and Deportation Initiative : Events From the initiative's description: The initiative is intended to bring the continuing legislative efforts around immigration – and the discourse that surrounds them – into the community life and curriculum of the college, to generate debate and conversation, and to engage our students (nearly half of whom are themselves immigrants or the children of immigrants) intellectually with issues that will likely have direct and profound effects on their own lives and those of their loved ones. This project will bring together a series of activities and events in order to encompass as many of the multifaceted origins and impacts of deportation as possible. This collection of approaches is intended to paint a varied and textured picture of the issues surrounding migration generally and deportation in particular. Take advantage and participate in this exciting local program! - A Free Place to Host Your Family Tree Online Family Tree Builder Genealogy, also known as Family History, is an exciting hobby enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Here at, our goal is to provide you the best tools for genealogy and family history research - whether you are an experiencedgenealogist or a beginner who wants to see what genealogy is all about. Download Family Tree Builder, our free genealogy software for putting together your family tree. It's not only completely free, and free of ads and spyware, but it's also one of the best genealogy software programs you'll find. It has original, easy-to-use pages that let you grow your family tree visually. It runs in 34 languages and lets you create and print your family tree in several languages. Download Family Tree Builder <a href=" class="FL_LinkLargeBold" style="text-decoration:underline;">Download Family Tree Builder</a> Learn more about Family Tree Builder Create my Family Pages now

Genealogy - Glossary of Old Occupations & Trades Glossary of Old Occupations & Trades The world of work has changed greatly from the times of our ancestors, causing many occupational names and terms to fall into disuse. If you found your ancestor named as a ripper, seinter, hosteler, sperviter, dobber, or pettifogger, would you know what it meant? This free glossary of old occupations explains the function of hundreds of old occupations, trades, and job titles. This old occupations glossary is a continual work-in-progress. Related Resources: Main Glossary of Genealogical & Historical Terms

Why New York Is Still the Capital of Immigrant America ICE agents pat down detainees. New York City recently passed legislation to protect immigrants from the Obama administrations zealous detainment and deportation policies. (AP Photo/Brian Kersey.) In March of this year, Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared New York “the most immigrant-friendly city in the world.” The occasion: the signing of Local Laws 982 and 989, two pieces of of legislation designed to shield immigrants from the long and overzealous arm of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. About the Author Ghita Schwarz Ghita Schwarz is an attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights and the author of Displaced Persons, a novel. In passing these laws, New York joins a small group of cities rejecting some of the harshest effects of the Obama administration’s expansion of the federal Secure Communities program. And New York City does more than defend immigrants from ICE; it takes affirmative steps to serve immigrants. Tarnished Golden Land Tired, Organized Masses A New Life?

Main Page - Rodovid EN Automated Genealogy Native-Born Americans More Likely To Commit Crimes Than Immigrants, Study Finds By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee "Native-Born Americans More Likely To Commit Crimes Than Immigrants, Study Finds" A Criminology and Delinquency study released last week found that second generation immigrants have “striking similarities” to their native-born, non-Hispanic white counterparts when it comes to committing crime. In fact, when it comes to crime rates, second-generation offenders are merely “catching up” to the native-born population, as the Pew Research Center’s data blog Fact Tank reported. Biance E. Bersani’s study helps to dispel previous theories that some second-generation immigrants exhibit criminal behavior solely because they live in “two colliding worlds”– they purportedly act out because they are caught between conflicting family and social expectations. She also finds that, “having peers in a gang increased the probability that an individual had been arrested in the previous year by 23% for second-generation immigrants and 25% for native-born non-Hispanic whites.” Update

Free Genealogy and Family History Online - The USGenWeb Project Welcome to The USGenWeb Project! We are a group of volunteers working together to provide free genealogy websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free genealogy access for everyone. Organization is by county and state, and this website provides you with links to all the state genealogy websites which, in turn, provide gateways to the counties. Clicking on a State Link (on the left) will take you to the State's website. All of the volunteers who make up The USGenWeb Project are very proud of this endeavor and hope that you will find their hard work both beneficial and rewarding. The USGenWeb Project Team Bookmark the USGenWeb Project!