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How to Write Headlines That Work

How to Write Headlines That Work

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Three Tips To Improve Your Employee Communications Our employees are bombarded with messages every second of every day. How do you break through the clutter and get them to read your communications? Incorporate these three easy tips into your employee communications to increase engagement and readership. 1. Use Headlines Case Study: How I Created a Viral Ebook Landing Page – Using ThemeForest, PayWithATweet, Qualaroo and Unbounce Want to plug great online tools together to create higher conversions? Me too. Today I’ll show you how I created and optimized a professionally designed, socially viral landing page for an eBook, and how you can do the same in just a few hours, without writing any code.

10 Elements of a Compelling Story Sundeep Kapur | February 9, 2012 | 1 Comment inShare51 Keep your consumers engaged by telling a compelling story so you can build and thrive on engagement. Social media is about creating engagement. This Title Doesn’t Work. By all intents and purposes of today’s “Guides to Successful Headlines” (given their own merits) — this title doesn’t work. The funny thing though is, you clicked on it. So it must be a “successful” title, right? It worked, it achieved its goal — it interested the reader. Cast this Magic Spell For Crystal Clear Internal Comms Copy Hey – want to learn a cool new trick? It’s a spell that I just wrote. You can cast it on your staff to make sure they read what you write. It’s not hard to learn – but first let me tell you just how this spell will help you: When you cast this spell, each word you write will be easy to readWhen you cast this spell, every point that you make will sink in fastWhen you cast this spell, your comms will hit home so hard that friends will ask how on earth you do it

These 5 Squeeze Page Tricks Have Helped Me Get Up To 58.6% Opt-In Rates Okay, right up front I need to call your attention to the fact that you’ll never convince anyone to opt in to anything if they aren’t right for your offer—or if your offer just sucks. In other words, these tricks aren’t magic bullets—they aren’t the deciding factors in my high opt-in rates. But if you’ve got a good offer and well-qualified traffic, they certainly will improve your existing opt-in rates by at least a few percent. So here they are: 1. How To Write Your Own Website By Jackie Barrie, Copywriter, Trainer & Author at Comms Plus These days, more and more businesses have a Content Management System (CMS) website, or use a blogging tool such as Wordpress to build their own. Quite right too. Why should you have to pay a web professional every time you want to update something? But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might be losing custom. Here are my top tips for effective web content.

25 Rules And Formulas For Writing Irresistible Headlines There is an art to writing post headlines and bloggers have to learn this art in order to better attract visitors. Your potential visitors are busy people. You are competing to get their attention and a share of their valuable time, and you compete against many other things. Their work, their family and friends, their social network, their interests, all the other media and websites and many more factors. To attract visitors and draw them in you must write powerful, relevant and eye-catching headlines for your posts. Your headlines must be sharp, they must make people curious and prompt them to click on your link no matter the distractions and the competing choices in their news feeds.

Words and Phrases to be Banned, 2014 Edition Posted on January 13, 2014 Filed Under Internal Communication, Media Relations, Social Media English has 1.1 million words, more words than any other language, according to the Global Language Monitor and other sources. That’s double the next most prolific language. And English adds about 15 words per day, or one every 98 minutes. So 400 years after the greatest English wordsmith of them all, William Shakespeare, the language remains a living, changing, vital form of communication, something PR folks use every day. And they work hard at it.

How to Quadruple Your Opt-In Rate - Case Study Test Results: How to Quadruple Your Opt In Rate If you’ve been doing email marketing for over a week, you’ve probably heard all about split testing: why you should, easy split tests you can implement today, split testing your web forms and calls to action, and so on. If people liked email as much as they like cats, “test it!” would be our “I can has cheezburger?” (It practically is around AWeber.) You’d think there’s no way we wouldn’t be testing everything possible around here, right?

Increase Online Sales With The Product Context Method There are triggers that persuade people to buy… …and when you know how to activate them, it can be the difference between making or losing the sale. Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite buying triggers. Is $5 Always Worth $5? The short answer is, no. Back in the 1980s, two researchers, the nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, stumbled on this fascinating facet of human buying behavior: