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Morality Quiz/Test your Morals, Values & Ethics - Your Morals.Org

Morality Quiz/Test your Morals, Values & Ethics - Your Morals.Org
Welcome to, where you can learn about your own morality, ethics, and/or values, while also contributing to scientific research. We are a group of professors and graduate students in social psychology at the University of Virginia, The University of California (Irvine), and the University of Southern California. (See us here.) Our goal is to understand the way our "moral minds" work. Why do people disagree so passionately about what is right? Why, in particular, is there such hostility and incomprehension between members of different political parties?

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The Competing Values Framework Explanations > Culture > The Competing Values Framework Cultural dimensions | Competing Values | OCAI | So what? The Competing Values Framework for cultural assessment was distilled by Quinn and Rorbaugh (1983) from analysis of Campbell's longer list of effectiveness dimensions into a two dimensional pattern. Cultural dimensions 10 Websites With Fun Tests To Gauge Your IQ Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a term that’s related to the wattage of your brain; in short intelligence and reasoning skills measured across a few standardized tests. Before an inferiority complex starts laying its foundation, remember that I.Q is not a measure of knowledge or its practical application. To rub our egos the right way, you might take a few serious approved tests and arrive at your IQ. Me? I don’t want to find out where I end up on the dunce scale, so I usually head to these fun tests to gauge my IQ.

Joe Girard Joseph Samuel Gerard, better known as Joe Girard, (born November 1, 1928 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American salesman. Having sold 13,001 cars at a Chevrolet dealership between 1963 and 1978, Girard has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's greatest salesman.[citation needed] One of America's most sought-after speakers, Girard has spoken at engagements with General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, and Kmart.

Team Management Profile - Team Management Systems (TMS) worldwide People tend to practice what they prefer and therefore perform better in those areas that match their work preference. Understanding work preferences is a critical component in developing individual, team, and organizational performance. Team Management Systems' Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ) is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual's approach to work. Based on the responses to the TMPQ, the Personal Team Management Profile (TMP) provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual's work preferences, based on the Team Management Wheel, and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.

How To Treat Others: 5 Lessons From an Unknown Author Five Lessons About How To Treat People -- Author Unknown 1. First Important Lesson - "Know The Cleaning Lady" During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Attacking Faulty Reasoning Attacking Faulty Reasoning[1] is a textbook on logical fallacies by T. Edward Damer that has been used for many years in a number of college courses on logic, critical thinking, argumentation, and philosophy. It explains 60 of the most commonly committed fallacies. Each of the fallacies is concisely defined and illustrated with several relevant examples. For each fallacy, the text gives suggestions about how to address or to "attack" the fallacy when it is encountered.

Got Your ACE Score? « ACEs Too High There are 10 types of childhood trauma measured in the ACE Study. Five are personal — physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, and emotional neglect. Five are related to other family members: a parent who’s an alcoholic, a mother who’s a victim of domestic violence, a family member in jail, a family member diagnosed with a mental illness, and the disappearance of a parent through divorce, death or abandonment. Each type of trauma counts as one. So a person who’s been physically abused, with one alcoholic parent, and a mother who was beaten up has an ACE score of three.

Understanding Your Individuality One of the aspects of having a balanced mindset is that you are no longer prone towards extremist view-points, you don’t see things in a “black and white” manner, rather you start perceiving the “grey areas”, which is what allows you to be free of delusional thinking. For example, the adage of “you can do anything you set your mind to”, or “impossible is nothing”, can feel very emotionally motivating, and it can create a spur of adrenaline, and it makes for a great pep talk, but it’s also a very “black and white” statement, which is delusional at best – it’s just a fact that there are many things that you just can’t do, no matter how hard you try, simply because your body is not made for it. Another aspect of understanding your individuality is to see through your “past”, see through your old self, your past conditioning, that no longer resonates with you currently. Being aware of your current individuality Letting go of your old self Implications of living your current individuality

The 59 Slogans of Lojong Lojong was originally brought to Tibet by an Indian Buddhist teacher named Atisha. It is a mind training practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is based on a set of aphorisms formulated in Tibet in the 12th century by Geshe Chekhawa. The practice involves refining and purifying one’s motivations and attitudes. Six Human Needs Test As human beings we have six basic needs that we must meet in some way and at some level, and we all find ways to meet these needs, although these ways do not always serve us. No matter what race, sex, or religion we are, no matter where we are born or how we are raised, we, as human beings have the same six basic needs. We are not talking about things that we can do without, we are talking about things that are absolutely necessary for a us to live a happy, healthy life.

Character flaws: The seven chief features of ego - Personality & Spirituality Untitled, by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1984) Every one of us has a fundamental flaw, an immaturity of character, a dark side or negative tendency. This character flaw, also known as a ‘Chief Feature’, tends to take control whenever we feel stressed, anxious or uncertain. To the extent that you can identify and handle yours, you are doing well in your personal growth. What is a Chief Feature?

Aristotle (384 BCE–322 BCE) - Encyclopedia of Philosophy Aristotle was born in Stagira, a Greek colony in Macedonia. His father was physician to the Macedonian king, and the family had both a tradition of learning and connections to the Macedonian elite. At the age of seventeen Aristotle came to Athens to study in Plato's Academy (he may also have briefly studied rhetoric under Isocrates). The HEXACO Personality Inventory - Revised Take the HEXACO-PI-R On this website you can complete the HEXACO Personality Inventory-Revised (HEXACO-PI-R). If you complete the inventory, you will indicate your agreement or disagreement with various statements of the kind, "I like to watch television" or "I often go for walks". It usually takes about 15 minutes to complete the inventory itself (100 questions) plus 5 additional research questions and some (optional) demographic questions (e.g., gender, age, education, etc.).