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Pro Color Palette Software from COLOURlovers

Pro Color Palette Software from COLOURlovers

Color Palette Generator Color Palette Generator #ffeeff #ffccdd #eeaaaa dull #33aa77 Color Theory - Art Instruction For Beginners - Online Art Lessons Color Mixing Basics with Richard Robinson Richard Robinson is the Webmaster of where you will find a range of video painting lessons suited for beginner AND advanced painters ranging from painting beaches and skies, to waterfalls, lakes and mountains, light and atmosphere, still life, color and more. My absolute favorite product of Richard’s is his course on Mastering Color.

Using Color Psychology For Effective Business Marketing Theories in color psychology can play an important role in business and product marketing. After all, research shows that colors have the power to alter the physiology and mental states of a person. In fact, a 1981 study by Wohlfarth and Sam concluded that blood pressure and aggressive behavior can be controlled by simply altering the lighting spectrum within a subject’s environment. Through the years, market researchers, brand managers and product designers have used this information to effectively solicit favorable business perceptions and influence initial product engagement. Just look around and you’ll definitely see evidence of this marketing strategy – fastfood restaurants are usually red and orange, banks and financial institutions are often blue, while luxury products are typically packaged in black.

Free tools for working with digital colors Pigments through the ages Browse pigments by color family to learn the history of how some color families (like the browns) have been used for millenia, while other color families were more rare because they were either impossible to paint before modern chemistry (like purples) or were very expensive. Choose a color family: Color is recognized as such through our sense of sight, much like a scent is identified through our sense of smell. For example, when our noses detect a chocolate scent or a strawberry scent, many different molecules form the combination that the nerve cells in our noses identify as either “chocolate” or “strawberry." Similarly, many combinations of wavelengths form colors. (Read more about how our minds see color.)

Mouthwatering Collection Of jQuery Plugins And CSS3 Tricks I’m sure that at one point or another you were designing a website and thought it could use a little something extra. That bit of something that adds extra functionality or enhances what it already has, making it not only easier for the user to receive the information they seek, but also present it in a neat package. In no particular order, I give you a handpicked collection of jQuery plugins and some CSS3 tricks to top it off. Surely, with these in your designer arsenal, your creations will stand out more than ever before. jQuery 1.