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Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Nik's Learning Technology Blog By Nik Peachey: 20 + Things you can do with QR codes in your school QR codes are possibly one of the most underused useful features of new technology. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is that many people see them as a form of barcode and wrongly believe that they can only be produced by companies, but the reality is anyone can produce a QR code within seconds. QR literally stands for 'quick response' and it enables you to transfer various types of digital content onto a mobile device in seconds without having to type any URLs. There are two essential things you need to make QR codes work for you. 1. Here’s how to create the code: 2. QR codes can have a transformative effect, not only within a the classroom but also within a school. Here are a few suggestions In the classroom Everything you print and put on a wall or put on paper and handout can be distributed using a QR code.In the self access centreCreate QR codes for self-access worksheets and online activities that students can then scan and complete on their own device rather than paper.

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