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Educatief gebruik van een avatar Ik kan me niet herinneren dat één van de Nederlandstalige Edubloggers al over Voki heeft geschreven. Met behulp van deze tool kun je een avatar aan je weblog of website toevoegen. Educatieve redenen hiervoor kunnen zijn: Je maakt je blog of website wat menselijker. Dat werkt vaak motiverend. Avatars Everywhere: 27 of the Best Avatar Makers Avatar creator Meez is back in the news this week, but there are dozens more avatar creation tools gunning for this market. Today we attempt an overview of that market: please add more suggestions in the comment section. Weblin- Create an avatar and use it as your virtual self within web pages in real-time, interacting with other Weblin users who share the same interests.

Dumpr - Photo Fun RoboHash Make a character Please select one of the following options: If someone is bothering you, use the Ignore button to block them. They won’t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you won’t see their comics anymore. Pimp My Profizzle Create Avatar - Avatar Generator to Make & Create Nintendo Mii characters & Best Avatar Makers Online Reviews Create A Face Online! Make Your Own Character Online, Create A Virtual Person. Your Caricature, Caricature Drawings From Photos.