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Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology
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Anatomy | The Biology Corner This worksheet provides steps for identifying structures of the grasshopper, with a focus on the external anatomy and mouthparts. The lesson can be part of a larger unit on insects … In animals, form and function are closely related. This concept is illustrated very simply by looking at a variety of bird species where the shape of the beak and … Instructions include how to identify crayfish mouthparts, eyes, and appendages. Students investigate what happens to the respiration rate of a fish as the temperature is increased and decreased; includes directions, data table and analysis. Students examine the symptoms of a newborn baby who has a problem with his heart and suggest treatment options. Worksheet provides instructions for dissecting an earthworm, starting with external anatomy and then locating internal structures, like the crop and gizzard. External and internal anatomy of the squid with directions for dissection and identifying structures.

Human Body Systems: Facts Kids' Biology: The Human Body: Articles, facts, photos Kids' Health: How the Body Works: Facts , Movies, Articles BBC: The Human Body: An EXCELLENT resource on each system of the human body, including INTERACTIVE activities Get Body Smart: Visually learn about the human body using Interactive"Flash" Animations A website presented by the United States government with the hopes of improving the health, safety, and well-being of girls throughout America The Science Museum of Minnesota: Tissues of Life: Learn about the four tissues that make up the human body; interactive with flash movies VirtualBody: Tour the Human Brain, the Skeleton, the Human Heart, the Digestive Trace of of the human body through animated graphics *The circulatory system consists of blood vessels and the heart. *The digestive system consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines. *The endocrine system consists of the body's glands. *The kidneys are the core organs of the excretory system.

Zygote Body - Interactive Human Body Browser for your Whiteboard Biologists who wanted a human body browser in the same style as Google Earth, Google Sky, Google Moon etc got very excited a few years ago when Google brought out its Body Browser. They then got sad when Google retired it. Well it looks like it’s back (sort of) under new management and is now called Zygote Body. But it looks exactly the same as it did when it was Google Body, which is great. Zygote Body gives you a fully-explorable 3D body. Double click on any organ to isolate it from the rest of the body. This will make teaching about the human body much better on an interactive whiteboard. Combine this with the desktop annotation or image capture and annotate to label organs and systems, or to just explore different organs in detail. Hopefully this will be around for a while and won’t vanish like the Google Body Browser did. Go take a look at : Update : You now have to register to access Zygote Body, but you can get the basic features for free.

The Effects of Smoking & Alcohol on the Body Smoking and drinking are two lifestyle habits that get a lot of negative criticism in the health industry, and for good reason. They both cause multiple complications with the body that can range from mild to life-threatening. The only exception is moderate consumption of alcohol. One to two alcoholic beverages a day can actually be beneficial. Knowing the facts about the effects of smoking and drinking on the body can help you find the motivation to quit. The lungs are pliable organs that need to be elastic and flexible to breathe properly. In 2010, the United States alone saw 222,520 new cases of lung cancer and 157,300 deaths, according to the National Cancer Institute. To achieve an erection, males must have a steady flow of blood going to the penis. The skin is composed of elastin and collagen fibers. When you drink excessively and smoke, you increase your chances of getting high blood pressure. Free Online Day Care Management.Simplify Enrollment, Tuition &

Physiology | Life Sciences Outreach Program The following resources were developed for classroom use by high school biology teachers who participated in MCB-HHMI Outreach's Summer 2009 "Experimental Biology and Multimedia Workshop". This year's topic was "Physiology". Keep in mind that lesson formats vary greatly because each was developed with a particular classroom in mind. Understanding Your BMI and Making Healthy Choices Catherine Erickson (Introductory Biology) Brain Development Cheryl Wilson (Advanced Biology) Histology: Morphology and Function Erica Browne (Advanced Biology) Enzymes Malinda Pires (Introductory and Advanced Biology) Animal Nutrition Todd Ryan (Advanced Biology) How different diseases affect various body systems Ann LaBrode (Introductory Biology) Enzymes, pH, and the Chemistry of Life Beth Mick (Introductory Biology) Physiology of Flagella in Bacterial Movement Daniel Smith (Introductory or Advanced Biology) Evolution of Human Walking and Running Danny Fain (Introductory Biology) Photosynthesis Classroom Activity

Mind Matters Upload TED-Ed Loading... Working... ► Play all Mind Matters by TED-Ed39 videos82,182 viewsLast updated on Oct 22, 2015 Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to Loading playlists... > Anatomy T-shirt Target age group: ages 7-12 Purpose of activity: To review general information about internal organs Description of activity: Patterns are provided so that you can either draw this design yourself or you can take the design to a T-shirt print shop and get it professionally printed onto a shirt. Time allowance: 30 minutes (or more) for coloring, and another 30-45 minutes if you are drawing the design onto the shirt by hand Materials you will need: White T-shirt, pattern(s) printed onto paper, pins to hold pattern in place, fabric markers, and possibly a fine point Sharpie for drawing the detailed black line drawings Click here to download (do-it-yourself) T-shirt patterns Do you like this idea but can’t handle the technical difficulties of gettting the design printed onto the shirt? Comments are closed.

Curriculum Division / HS Anatomy/Physiology Throughout this comprehensive laboratory course, students will explore the human body in an in-depth study of human structure and function. The course objective is to learn about the human body using verbal, visual, experimental, and written strategies. It will include facts about the structure of cells, tissues, and organs and their interaction with each other as the person lives, works, and dies. Prerequisite: Biology or permission of instructor

2nd Biannual NGSS STEM Education Conference Download the conference schedule and a map Session 1 Arms & Arteries: Adventures in Biomechanical Engineering Looking for ways to integrate engineering into your life science and biology classes? Try biomechanical engineering! Download Session PDFs Session 2 Environmental Engineering: Life in the Bay Water Together we’ll design and build tools for exploring bay water. Session 3 Seismic Engineering Feeling a little shaky on how to teach engineering in your earth science unit? Session 4 Build a Battery of Batteries Come explore the physics and chemistry of simple batteries! Session 5 Build a Better Motor We’ll start by taking apart a spring-powered motor to see how it stores and releases energy, and then we’ll take apart a small electric motor to see how the magnets, wire coils, and electrical connections are arranged. Session 6 Wire It Up! Using a shoebox, discarded holiday lights, and some simple tools, you and your students can create and wire a model building complete with switches.

Anatomy and Physiology Learning Modules - CEHD - U of M Quiz Bowl and Timed Test were retired at the end of summer 2013. Quiz Bowl had always been buggy, as many people had pointed out, and it had become difficult to maintain. It also used technology that doesn’t work on a lot of newer computers or tablets. Timed test depended on a browser add-on that both Microsoft and Apple have encouraged users to remove for security concerns. For these reasons, we took these two quizzes down at the end of the month. Looking for the Image Bank? Conference for High School Anatomy and Physiology Instructors - October 17 and 18, 2014 - Minneapolis, MN. WEB ADVENTURES: FOR EDUCATORS | Teacher Resources — Virtual Clinical Trials - About The Series About The Series Players use scientific methods and process skills as they learn the process for designing and conducting a trial, the underlying neuroscience behind the medical advances being tested, and the related careers involved. 2013 Interactive Media Award Virtual Clinical Trials received an Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement. View award

WEB ADVENTURES: FOR EDUCATORS | Teacher Resources — N-Squad - About The Game About The Game Students work with forensic scientists to solve an alcohol related crime. Along the way, they will learn about alcohol's interaction in different body systems: digestive, circulatory, and nervous. About The Game Students work with forensic scientists to solve an alcohol related crime.