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Decadent Lifestyle

Decadent Lifestyle

FUNNY WEED T-SHIRTS | SENSIMILLA STREET T-SHIRTS - Theta Wave Brain Synchronization This is a replication of a Theta wave entrainment rhythm first created by scientists in the 1960s to lull patients into a deep, colorful, creative dream state. Listen to it for 10 minutes, longer if you can. The longer it plays, the deeper you’ll go. How It Works The human brain produces different levels of electrical activity depending on the amount of information it is processing. Throughout the day, the brain lingers between four different types of brainwave patterns: Beta (12 -30 Hz): the normal, awake consciousness associated with busy tasksAlpha (8 – 12 Hz): the relaxed and reflective state, like those induced by closing the eyes during waking hoursTheta (4 – 7 Hz): a very relaxed state associated with meditation and some sleep statesDelta (3 and under Hz): deep, dreamless sleep Theta waves (at around 4 to 7 Hz) are the sweet spot for many brain functions.

Bayeuxtapeten Bayeuxtapeten är en berömd medeltida textil som skildrar normandernas erövring av England år 1066. Bayeuxtapeten, som är unik i sitt slag, är inte bara ett konstverk, utan även ett historiskt monument. Tapeten redogör inte bara för en historisk händelse, utan ger även en ovärderlig inblick i den medeltida människans liv och vardag. Tapeten är inte endast av intresse för historiker utan även för experter inom textilier, arkitektur, arkeologer med flera. Även astronomer får här bekräftat att 1066 var ett år då Halleys komet rundade solen. Tapeten, som sannolikt utfördes cirka 1076, omtalas för första gången 1476 i ett inventarium över föremålen i katedralen i Bayeux, där den tidigare hade varit upphängd tillfälligtvis. Bayeuxtapeten beställdes troligen av biskopen Odo av Bayeux och Vilhelm Erövrarens halvbror, och skänktes till katedralen i Bayeux. Broderiet innehåller i sina bilder ett försvar för Vilhelm Erövrarens anspråk på England och en teckning av vad som hände vid erövringen.

50 Life Secrets and Tips Memorize something everyday.Not only will this leave your brain sharp and your memory functioning, you will also have a huge library of quotes to bust out at any moment. Poetry, sayings and philosophies are your best options.Constantly try to reduce your attachment to possessions.Those who are heavy-set with material desires will have a lot of trouble when their things are taken away from them or lost. Possessions do end up owning you, not the other way around. Read “Zen and the Art of Happiness” by Chris Prentiss.This book will give you the knowledge and instruction to be happy at all times regardless of the circumstances.

Log in Wild Mood Swings - Surf the web on a whim. (C) Sean McManus Hulder Top 10 Common Faults In Human Thought Humans The human mind is a wonderful thing. Cognition, the act or process of thinking, enables us to process vast amounts of information quickly. The Gambler’s fallacy is the tendency to think that future probabilities are altered by past events, when in reality, they are not. Reactivity is the tendency of people to act or appear differently when they know that they are being observed. Pareidolia is when random images or sounds are perceived as significant. Interesting Fact: the Rorschach Inkblot test was developed to use pareidolia to tap into people’s mental states. Self-fulfilling Prophecy Self-fulfilling prophecy is engaging in behaviors that obtain results that confirm existing attitudes. Interesting Fact: Economic Recessions are self-fulfilling prophecies. The Halo effect is the tendency for an individual’s positive or negative trait to “spill over” to other areas of their personality in others’ perceptions of them. Escalation of Commitment

Get In Loser We're Going... | Canvas Prints, Stretched Canvas and Wall Art Our Canvas Print is printed with UV resistant ink which preserves the original artwork from scratching or fading. Designs are printed onto museum quality canvas that is delicately wrapped around all sides of the frame for a continuous image. Each Canvas Print comes ready to hang. This funny Hillary Clinton design features the former First Lady, Senator, and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the words "get in loser we're going campaigning" and is perfect for fans of Hillary Clinton, people who want her for president in 2016, Democrats, political nerds, progressives, feminists, political science majors, and is perfect for campaign rallies, college, university, class, working out, or showing your love for Hillary Clinton anywhere you go! Search hillary clinton posterhillary clinton campaign posterhilliary clinton election posterhillary clinton 2016 poster2016 election posterdemocrat posterfeminist poster

Nishe / blog Joanna among roses, summer 2015. Nishe / blog Posts - Page 2 - Searching For Tomorrow - A Photographic Diary by Kitty and Nathan Every step forward is creating a tale. A tale of forests, of creaking, groaning, moaning trees. Taller, ever taller towards the sky, swallowing the light and freezing everything beneath in a tomb of darkness. The air still, and old. The world has slowed here, the ancient veins of the pines sinking their hold on this place. A tale of beaches shaped by time, of sand beneath and between our toes. A tale of rocky mountain paths, of sore feet and sweeping vistas. Though we may be weary from our journey long, there are so many steps left to take and so many mountains to conquer.

onestepbeyond - Ta 50% med en nypa salt, 25% är ironi, 6% är sanning., 12% är bara halvsanningar och 7% är rent ljug.