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Turn Your Arduino Into an ISP

Turn Your Arduino Into an ISP
There are a few instances in which it is neccesary to program microcontrollers without a bootloader. For example, if have run out of storage on a chip you can get an additional 2KB when you program without a bootloader. Another example, the one I will show you how to do, is to program chips that have no serial capabilities and therefore cannot use a bootloader. The ATtiny85 is one of these chips. To program the ATtiny85 using the Arduino ISP you must first add ATtiny85 support to the Arduino environment: * Download * Unzip the folder * Copy the folder to the Arduino IDE's Hardware folder * Reopen the Arduino IDE, you should see the ATtiny85 in the Tools >> Board menu Now connect your Arduino ISP to the ATtiny85 like the diagram below. Open the Blink sketch, change every '13' to '0', select ATtiny85 from the Tools >> Board menu, and select the serial port that is your Arduino ISP.

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Using an Arduino + Ethernet Shield to Update a ThingSpeak Channel Using an Arduino + Ethernet Shield to Update a ThingSpeak Channel This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Arduino to read in the analog input and update a ThingSpeak Channel by sending an HTTP POST via the Arduino Ethernet Shield or the Arduino Ethernet (all-in-one). The analog input can be the output of a sensor, like a light sensor or temperature sensor. ThingSpeak Client Arduino Sketch This Arduino sketch takes the value of Analog Pin 0 and updates Field 1 of a ThingSpeak Channel using the ThingSpeak API. Arduino_to_ThingSpeak.ino [Arduino 1.0+]

Update Twitter with ThingTweet and Arduino + Ethernet Shield This tutorial explains how your Arduino via an Ethernet Shield can update a Twitter status using the ThingTweet App from ThingSpeak. Setup ThingTweet Sign in to select Apps from the menu, and then click on ThingTweet. Under the ThingTweet App, select “Link new Twitter account”. This will redirect you to Twitter to see if you want the app to have the ability to access your account. You can Allow or Deny the process. Arduino-Square with Color LCD • To install the Color-LCD library copy and paste the entire “ColorLCDShield” folder into the Arduino Library folder o Win: My Documents\Arduino\libraries\ o OS X: ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ • Start the Arduino software and open the BSQ-ColorLCD sketch. • To configure Arduino for your Arduino-Square select Tools->Board and select “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8Mhz) w/ ATmega 328” • Go to Tools->Serial Port and select the Serial Port that was created for the FTDI serial port adapter (example “COM 5”).

EVERYONE Needs a Multi-Meter A multi-meter can save the average person a lot of money over a few years, even though ladies who choose to buy one may not carry it in their purse when going out for the evening. You will often be able to solve many problems yourself in less time than it would take to get a technician to come to your home. This Instructable will show how to do that simply and easily. I often meet handy people, both men and women, who do not go near to anything electrical because they are frightened of electricity. Breadboard Sanguino Okay, so you want a Sanguino but Zach's Sanguino is too expensive ;-> Or too red ;-> Or you just have to have it NOW ;-> And you just used up the last of your solder so a strip board is out. What are you to do … bread board Sanguino. Of course, nothing in life is free. While the bread board Sanguino is easy and quick, it also is very limited.

Arduino Ethernet Shield Tutorial The Ethernet Shield is based upon the W51000 chip, which has an internal 16K buffer. It has a connection speed of up to 10/100Mb. This is not the fastest connection around, but is also nothing to turn your nose up at. Wireless Wii Nunchuck controlled Arduino Use a completely unmodified wireless Wii Nunchuck as a control system for any Arduino based project. No added radio transmitter/receiver pairs etc. This instructable does assume some experience with the Arduino microcontroller. Real-time Web Based Household Power Usage Monitor There are a few ways to measure electrical power. The way I chose might not be the most accurate but it achieves two of the main criteria for this project. It had to be cheap and I didn't want to screw with my home electrical wiring to make it work. I did not want make an electrical connection with main power wires. The idea of interfacing directly to 220v makes me nervous. I could have used a Kill-A-Watt but it is only good for one outlet.

xoscillo - A software oscilloscope that acquires data using an arduino or a parallax (more platforms to come). About This is a multiplatform software oscilloscope and logical analyzer. It supports arduino(with custom firmware) and a Parallax USB oscilloscope. More platforms to come. Features Controlling Arduino Using Android The article provides some basic information on how to use an Android device to read sensor values from an Arduino, that too with the help of a low cost bluetooth serial device. Read on to know more about this. The circuit mentioned here uses python as the scripting language. But there is an array of other scripting languages that can be used for this purpose. Introducing the Wixel USB Wireless Module EDIT: I've entered this into the makerbot contest , so please vote if you liked it. What am I 'making' you ask, hopefully ideas and desire to create. :] /EDIT I have been playing with a Arduino microcontroller and robotics bits and pieces for a while now. I'm still designing my first robot and wanted a two-way wireless capability, but until now they were either too expensive , or too basic . BUT NOW I HAVE THE SOLUTION: The Pololu Wixel programable USB wireless module! It comes in a variety of packages, the one I chose was the assembled combination deal, (picture two ), which has a pair of modules and a mini USB cable for $42 USD + shipping.

Web Based Water Metering with ioBridge After the real-time power meter project I did back in January, the next logical step seemed to be an ioBridge based water meter. Lets face it, power conservation isn't going to save the planet on it's own. There are plenty of resources besides electrical power that each of us use on a daily basis. All these resources have a measurable impact on the environment and our bank accounts. Controlling an Arduino with an iPhone Skill Level: Beginner by Pete-O | November 30, 2009 | 72 comments You can download the Source Code here.