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Des cartes pour s'initier à Scratch - School(Re)mix

Des cartes pour s'initier à Scratch - School(Re)mix

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10 Squares (The 100th SDS!) Celebrate the 100th SDS with us by creating a project with 10 squares! Create a project that contains 10 squares on the screen at a time, and 10 squares only. It could be a train driving on a track, with the train made out of 7 squares, and the tracks made out of 3. It could be an Ice-cream simulator with the ice cream made out of 5 squares, and the ice cream machine made out of the other 5 squares. The possibilities are endless! Wondering why we're making things out of 10 squares?

Scratch Offline Editor You can install the Scratch 2.0 editor to work on projects without an internet connection. This version will work on Mac, Windows, and some versions of Linux (32 bit). Scratch Offline Editor A Plotting of Fiction Genres 18" x 24" Peruse literature’s myriad modes with this plotting of fiction’s prominent genres. From broad story classifications to some truly punctilious partitioning, each genre is represented here by a hand-illustrated book cover, then branches further into subcategories and sub-subcategories as merited—providing at least two representative works for each. Whether you’re partial to Epic Fantasies (“The Lord of The Rings), Romance (“Bridget Jones’s Diary”), Cozy Mysteries (“The Convivial Codfish”), or Literature Qua Literature (“Moby Dick”), this celebration of creative writing’s delineations is sure to please readers of all brows—whether high-, low-, or in-between. Each print is signed and numbered by the artists, and comes packaged in a Pop Chart Lab Test Tube.

Coding in French - Free Printable Coding Blocks It’s a pleasure to have a guest blog post today by Ashley Soltesz, a fellow French teacher who like me is on a mission to share French resources with others so we don’t have to keep recreating the wheel! She’s made some amazing free French printable coding blocks you can use in your classrooms, enjoy! A primary goal for me as a French Language Teacher is for my students to see the relevance in learning to communicate in French, be it in Reading, Writing, or Speaking. I want my students to know that what they do in English, they can do in French and in turn, receive many opportunities because of this skill that they have. If, somewhere in the future, my students think back to the time spent in my classroom, I want them to remember that what they learned, was useful and important to them. This includes use of the French language to discuss and teach others about their interests.

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Aurasma in the Music Room Augmented Reality! (This sounds like something from a sci-fi novel; but, I promise it is not as complicated as it sounds!) I recently attended our district's technology conference and was introduced to the app Aurasma. With this app, you can bring any image to life. Learn to Code Menu If you would like to see my video tutorials using Scratch, click here to access my YouTube channel. Primary: Junior: Intermediate+: Classic PC Games : Free Software : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive by Bulma Produktions software eye favorite 30 If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system Mercury Venus Earth You Are Here Moon Mars

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