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Overly Sensitive, Highly Emotional, and Other Feminine Flaws

Overly Sensitive, Highly Emotional, and Other Feminine Flaws
That’s my (admittedly random) approximation of the number of times I’ve been called highly emotional or otherwise plastered with the overly sensitive label. Though I disagree with the qualifiers, I’m in unabashed agreement with the adjectives. For sure, I am both emotional and sensitive – traits that render me highly qualified to live, love, express, and explore as my authentic self. How about you? Do you find yourself dodging the punches as folks try to heal you of your apparent emotional ailments? If you do, you’ve likely tried to process those opinions – you know, in the name of self-betterment and all – and you might even be working at becoming less sensitive and less emotional. No prob. Do your work; explore your experiences; see what you might see. And as you do so, let me offer you some insights on the reasons people feel the need to label you, and your options for managing those labels. The primary reason you get the label is because most people are uncomfortable with honesty. Akilah S.

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Seeing Other Women As Allies, Rather Than Enemies: A How-To I’ve definitely been the type to see a beautiful woman walk into a room and feel less-than, have a friend receive a better grade and feel stupid, or, honestly, see any woman doing anything spectacular at all and feel not only jealous, but also the nagging feeling that I could never accomplish the same things. When I looked at other women’s accomplishments, I felt worse about myself. I would first note the gaps and weaknesses in my own life, and then start picking and finding ways to break down the women who were – as far as I could tell – responsible for making me feel this way. Criticizing was my defense mechanism. And even though I thought it would make me feel good, all it really did was make me feel depleted and disappointed in myself. I think that this – girl-on-girl hate – is a phenomenon that many of us can relate to.

The 6 Types of Love If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase, “When you’re in love, you’ll just know…” I’d be pretty close to buying a new yoga mat (or at least putting down a small deposit on one). But if it was that simple, we wouldn’t be reading (or writing) so many articles on the complexities of love. Love may sometimes be complicated but, like most things, there is a science to it. The Fix-a-Feeling Dilemma: How to Be There for Someone During an Emotionally Difficult Time Word in the spiritual sphere is that there are no experiences that come to us unless and until we summon them our way. It also goes that we do so either to learn a lesson we’ll need for the rest of our journey, or to re-visit a spiritual tenet we’ve yet to fully learn. I don’t agree. I believe that we can be victims of senseless acts of wicked energy gone rogue.

7 Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others 1. Don't expect them to always do the right thing. This is the greatest way we set ourselves up for failure. Being in a Romantic Relationship When You Don't Feel Like You're Lovable You’ve probably heard that old adage more than once, “You can’t love someone until you love yourself!” Or, as RuPaul says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?” Well, if you’re reading this post, you may be proving the adage wrong. In fact, in some ways, when you don’t feel lovable it can actually feel much easier to love somebody else than yourself.

The #1 Thing To Do In The Bedroom That Could Save Your Marriage I remember the first time it happened. My adventurous lover started talking dirty and somehow this spilled into a “scene.” He was my teacher. I Really Want to Be Well: Healing Trauma is Central to My Feminist Practice A breakthrough is nothing more than an awakened breakdown. I have had plenty of breakdowns that I have survived, but I haven’t always been fully aware of what was happening in the moment. I just kept going. I know some tools to help get myself out of the dumps without spiraling to pits so low. But there comes a point when what you have collected in terms of wounds and scars — no matter how you have managed to carry them, rearrange them, and make them beautiful — weigh in too heavy, and you are forced to stop. I realized I was at that place where breakdown meets breakthrough last week.

20 Secrets Of Happily Married Couples  By Susan Pevaroff Berschler for Bridal Guide Planning a wedding is stressful, challenging, and exhausting, but also joyous, exciting, and unforgettable. Who knew it would perfectly prepare you for the adventure that is marriage? The road to happily ever after is fraught with some treacherous terrain, and successfully navigating those peaks and valleys as a couple is, well, all of the above. For insight on how to build a happy marriage, we sought out veteran married couples with a wide variety of field experience, from a decade of enthusiastically saying "I do" to over 60 years of successfully dodging marital mortar fire. You Have My Permission To Love And Accept Your Body, Just As It Is, Right This Minute Originally published on Body Love Wellness and cross-posted here with their permission. Of course, you know that you don’t actually need my permission to love your body, right? Who the frick am I to give you permission to love your body?! That’s your choice, isn’t it?