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CmapTools on the App Store

CmapTools on the App Store

CmapTools - Wikipedia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Software for concept mapping Example concept map created using the IHMC CmapTools computer program CmapTools is concept mapping software developed by the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC).[1] It allows users to easily create graphical nodes representing concepts, and to connect nodes using lines and linking words to form a network of interrelated propositions that represent knowledge of a topic.[2] The software has been used in classrooms and research labs,[3][4] and in corporate training.[5][6] Use[edit] The various uses of concept maps are supported by CmapTools. Multiple links can be added to each concept to form a dynamic map that opens web pages or local documents; The links added receive a category chosen by the user ono the provided list of types, to help with organization, some categories are: URLs; Documents; Images; and so on. References[edit] External links[edit] Official website

Cmap Cloud & CmapTools in the Cloud - Cmap Cmap Cloud: Shared Resources and concept mapping on the Web The Cmap Cloud enables the construction and sharing of concept maps using Web browsers, and the sharing of these concept maps with other users. The Cmap Cloud provides a centralized sharing site for users to store and share their concept maps and access them from the three versions of CmapTools: CmapTools (for Desktop), CmapTools for iPad and CmapTools in the Cloud. CmapTools in the Cloud: Web-based, online version of CmapTools CmapTools in the Cloud is a Web-based, online version of CmapTools that runs on all modern Web browsers, e.g. Features Simple interface with drag-and-drop and right-click menus for manipulating resources and concept maps.Same simple, intuitive user interface for the construction of concept maps and Knowledge Models as CmapTools. Cmap Cloud: Shared Resources for all CmapTools versions