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Jumi-Mouse, ULTIMATE REMOTE DESKTOP SOLUTION<br /> JumiMouse+ Turns your iPhone / iPod / iPad into a fully functional mouse, keyboard, and remote desktop client, as well as a set of remote controls for your media players. It gives you full control of an unlimited number of PCs via Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge. JumiMouse+ Gamer's Edition has all the JumiMouse+ capabilities and also includes a professional Joystick JumiMouse is a free version that does not include keyboard & remote control suite Its a remote desktop client, which lets you access & work on your PC from anywhere Its also a remote for any app on your PC, so you don't have to get up from your couch And its got an extra keyboard so you can do CTRL / ALT key combos COMMON USES Couch Remote: remote control your PC while watching movies / listening to music Application control: if you went out and forgot to activate something on your pc (backup, downloads, etc), connect with Jumi Mouse PLUS and get it going. Downloads & Getting Started Getting More Remotes Get New Remotes from Our Gallery

Jumi-Gamer, REMOTE PC DESKTOP + JOYSTICK JumiMouse+ Gamer's Edition Turns your iPhone / iPod into a fully functional joystick, mouse, keyboard, remote desktop, and a suite of remote controls. it includes all the JumiMouse+ functionality, as well as a professional joystick / game controller COMMON USES Ultimate Fun: Flight simulators, Driving games, Shooters, Arcade, Strategy, Multiplayer games, more! The ultimate weapon for game lovers. Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)INSTALLATION & CONNECTION Install the Jumi Controller on your PC Start JumiMouse+ Gamer's Edition on your iPhone or iPod and connect. Downloads & Getting Started What People Say "Well Done! "The quality is excellent, setup was cake, and the thing just works" "The program worked so well in lite mode, I immediately purchased" "works just as advertised...I watch the puppy from work...very cool" "stable, works very well is you are running multi webcames" "I was up and running in less than 5 minutes, works great!" "this app could become the number one in video monitoring"

Jumi-Presenter, iPHONE POWERPOINT REMOTE CONTROL WHAT IS JumiPresenter JumiPresenter turns your iPhone/iPod into a remote control for presentation delivery It gives you complete control of the presentation, while standing away from the computer you are presenting from there is no need for any other external devices - only your iPhone or iPod and it will work automatically via WiFi, 3G, or Edge You can see the desktop, the presentation, or the slide notes on your iPhone/iPod while you display You can connect to an unlimited number of PCs Simple to use & very user friendly COMMON USES Sales presentations Corporate presentations Company & customer meetings Small & Large crowd presentations SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit) INSTALLATION & CONNECTION Install the Jumi Controller on your PC Start JumiPresenter on your iPhone or iPod and connect. That's it. Downloads & Getting Started Support & Technical Info Getting Started Guide Troubleshooting Guide 3G Connection Guide General FAQ Jumi Info Forums

Jumi-Files, BROWSE & GET ANY PC FILE ON-THE-GO WHAT IS JumiFiles: Constant On-the-Go Access to your PC - Browse, Preview & Download files to your iPhone! Browse from your iPhone your PC files - documents, presentations, music, video and photos - download and send them on-the-go anytime & anywhere! Forgot to send the presentation that you revised over the weekend? Connect online to your PC with JumiFiles, access files and store them on your iPhone Need a quick review of a PC stored file while chatting with a client? Access your PC with JumiFiles, browse the directory and preview the file while on call Want to share with your friend your favorite music but it's stored on your PC? Browse with JumiFiles your PC media player, your connected USB device or your DVD drive to locate and fetch any file Your cloud-based storage is inaccessible on your device at critical moments? Description: Features: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)INSTALLATION & CONNECTION Install the Jumi Controller on your PC Start JumiFiles on your device and connect.

Tuto : enregistrer en vidéo l'écran de l'iPhone / iPad facilement avec OS X Yosemite Que l'on soit développeur ou utilisateur, il peut être pratique de pouvoir enregistrer une application affichée sur l’écran de l’iPhone pour le diffuser ensuite… Malheureusement, ce n'est pas possible directement sur l’iPhone ou l'iPad (sauf avec des solutions Jailbreak et/ou installs parallèles) mais Apple a tout prévu avec OS X Yosemite. Pour cause, l'App Store accueille désormais les vidéos, alors il faut bien pouvoir les réaliser ! Précisons de nouveau que le Mac doit tourner sous OS X Yosemiten quant à l’iPhone ou l’iPad ils doivent être sous iOS 8. Sur l’iPhone il n’y a strictement rien à faire. Une fenêtre qui utilise la caméra intégrée du Mac s'ouvre alors. Apple a pensé à tout puisque sur l’iPhone qui s’affiche sur le Mac, le réseau est affiché à fond, tout comme la batterie et il est toujours 9h41, heure symbolique chez Apple, voir ici l'origine précise ! Désormais, développeurs, testeurs ou amateurs peuvent enregistrer des applis et tutos iPhone et iPad facilement !

How Trello Showcased Their Mobile App with Video We've made two videos to showcase our mobile apps for Trello, and wanted to share our experience with the process. The video above shares some production techniques that we learned while setting up a camera and lighting to shoot video of a mobile device. The post below is going to cover some of the thought process that went on behind the scenes. Trello for iPad Our decision to produce a video for the launch of the Trello iPad app came after we watched the Mailbox app video. We did the requisite Googling for "how to shoot video of mobile," but didn't find a lot of helpful information (this is surprisingly difficult. Making a video for the first time was quite challenging, but I was surprised at how quickly we were able to overcome a lot of the technical challenges and come up with a final product (I finished the editing within Premiere Pro's free trial period). Additional resources from the Trello for iPad video: Trello for Android Additional resources from the Trello for Android video:

Book Creator est maintenant disponible pour Windows ! L’application Book Creator est disponible depuis le 23 juin sur le Windows Store. Elle est même gratuite pour une courte période de temps. Cette application est très populaire sur tablette. Cette application est donc maintenant disponible pour iPad, pour Android et pour Windows 8. Ils offrent aussi une version gratuite sur tablettes iPad et Android, mais celle-ci ne permet que de faire un seul livre. Le modèle fréquent est que l’enseignant a la version payante et que les élèves ont la version gratuite. Enregistrer l'écran de son iPAd Dernière mise à jour de ce procédurier: 14 juin 2015 Il arrive que les applications présentées ne soient pas fonctionnelles pendant une certaine période. Les développeurs de l'application Shou font toujours un effort de fournir des mises à jour fonctionnelles. Allez à l'adresse suivante: Trouvez l'application "Shou" dans la liste et cliquez sur GET Cliquez ensuite sur Installer L'application sera installée sur votre iPad Lorsque vous cliquerez sur l'îcone pour une première fois, choisissez l'option Se fier Lors de la première connection, on vous demandera de télécharger l'application ShouTv du AppStore. Installez ShouTv L'application sera inutile pour enregistrer son écran, mais son installation est nécessaire à faire fonctionner Shou. À l'ouverture, il faudra vous enregistrer. Sélectionnez ensuite votre compte (comme ci-haut) ou entrez vos informations. Acceptez ensuite les conditions de Google en cliquant sur OK. Retournez ensuite sur l'application Shou (la première installée).

Stick Around iPad App Play, design, and share labeling and sorting puzzles! Stick Around comes with an assortment of puzzles, including ordering decimals and classifying rocks. It's the player's job to drag the stickers from the tray to their correct spots on the background before time runs out. The best feature of Stick Around is that you can create your very own puzzles in just three steps: Use drawing tools and/or import photos to make a background.Add stickers with text, images, sound, arrows, and/or drawings.Indicate where stickers belong by making an answer key. You can share puzzles with others via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and WebDAV. Teachers can make puzzles for their students to practice content. There are loads of possible uses for Stick Around for any age level, from toddler to college!

Who Has What? – An App for Keeping Track of Borrowed Materials I can’t tell you how many books, CDs (remember when we used those to listen to music?), and DVDs I’ve lent out and never seen again. Who Has What? Who Has What? Who Has What? Tags: ipad app, ipad apps, organization, productivity, task management Nearpod Step 1. Go to to create a Nearpod account. Step 2. Create presentations by logging in to your Nearpod account on your computer and using their web based presentation tools. Step 3. Step 4: From the My Library page, tap on the launch button below the presentation you want to show your students. Step 5: Have your students launch their Nearpod apps on their devices and have them enter the presentation number located at the top of the Nearpod teacher dashboard. Step 6: The second slide of any Nearpod presentation will require students to log in. Step 7: Continue to swipe left to advance your class through the presentation in a linear fashion Step 8: Tap on the slides below to go in to preview mode and navigate the presentation, then tap on share to push the current slide on to your students' devices. Step 9: After students have submitted answers to a quiz, click on share to share the aggregate results.