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Alison | Free Online Courses & Online Learning Home Agent Antibiotic Yes, absolutely! Antibiotics really do kill indiscriminately, and not just in the colon. Of course not everyone experiences problems, but antibiotics kill beneficial microbes all around the body, leading to side effects that include not only diarrhea, but also yeast infections and skin rashes. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea happens when antibiotics taken to treat an infection cause an imbalance in the intestinal microbial population. Some studies suggest that it can take months or even years for our microbial ecosystems to fully recover from a single course of antibiotics. Visit Your Microbial Friends to learn more about how bacteria and other microbes keep us healthy.

A Handful of Tools That Help Students Analyze Their Own Writing Last Saturday I reviewed Analyze My Writing. That post proved to be one of the most popular posts of the week. It also prompted a bunch of questions from readers looking for other tools like it. Here are some more good tools that students can use to analyze their own writing. Hemingway is a free tool designed to help you analyze your writing. WordCounter is a simple tool that writers can use to identify the words that they use most frequently in their text. StoryToolz offers a few tools to help you edit your work. Word clouds can help students analyze their own writing by showing them the words that they use with the most frequency in their works.

British Council LearnEnglish Teens | Free resources for teens to help improve your English BBC Bitesize - Home Gene Expression - The Basics - Gene Expression | DNA Transcription | Protein Synthesis - PhET Interactive Simulations Topics Gene Expression DNA Transcription Protein Synthesis Cells Stoichastics of Molecular Interactions Description Express yourself through your genes! Sample Learning Goals Explain the main sequence of events that occur within a cell that leads to protein synthesis.Predict how changing the concentrations and interactions of biomolecules affects protein production.Explain how protein production in a single cell relates to the quantity produced by a collection of cells.

5 Free Tools for Creating Animations in Your Browser or On Your Tablet Monday's post about Parapara Animation was quite popular and prompted questions from readers looking for similar tools that either work on tablets or offer more features than Parapara Animation. Here are some other sites and apps for creating animations. ABCya Animate is a web-based tool from ABCya that allows students to create animated GIFs containing up to 100 frames. On ABCya Animate students build their animation creations by drawing, typing, and inserting images. Students can change the background of each frame, include new pictures in each frame, and change the text in each frame of their animations. The feature that I like best about ABCya Animate is that students can see the previous frames of their animations while working on a current frame. Animation Desk is an iPad and Android app (free and premium versions available) for creating short, animated videos. Draw Island is a free online tool (tablet-friendly) for creating drawings and simple GIF animations.

10 Brilliant TV Series to Improve Your English Speaking and Pronunciation The root of successful language learning is undoubtedly motivation. If you are motivated, determined and have a clear aim, success is almost guaranteed. Like everything, it takes time and lots of practice. And what do you do if you find textbooks, your weekly homework or newspaper articles a bit boring? For most of us watching series on a weekly basis, or in one block is the secret “guilty pleasure” after work or at the weekends. Tips for watching series in English Use this opportunity to improve your English speaking and pronunciation! Below is a list of series that have been (or are still) popular recently. Recommended for you:Here is how to watch serials to improve your EnglishHow Learning English Will Allow You to Enjoy Many of Life’s Pleasures 1. HIMYM is one of the most successful ongoing sitcoms (situation comedies) not only in the United States, but all around the world. Besides that, it is hilarious. 2. Have you read the trilogy books Game of Thrones? 3. Who would Snow White be?

BBC Learning English - Learning English Interactive Cell Model Thematic - A Nice Tool for Creating Visual Stories Thematic is a new service designed for building and sharing visual stories. Thematic allows you to display up to twenty pictures organized around a theme of your choosing. You can add one line of text to each image in your story. Creating my Thematic story was rather easy. Applications for Education Thematic, like the similar iPad app Storehouse, could be a good service to use to tell a story about the highlights of a field trip, a research assignment, or a school event. H/T to The Next Web.