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Infosecurity Magazine - Information Security & IT Security News and Resources

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Cyber security - small firms now in the firing line Small businesses need to upgrade their awareness of - and abilities in - cyber security if they are to avoid becoming the 'soft underbelly' of the UK's fights against hackers and cyber threats. Media Reports about IT security breaches resulting in data loss and other compromises to corporate data integrity usually only make headline news when big name brands are hit. Resultant concerns about reputational damage have spurred many medium-to-large enterprises (MLEs) into reviewing their cyber-security strategies and redoubling their efforts to ensure that their ICT is properly protected - or at least as protected as possible within the context of their risk assessments and IT budgets. Because of their size a lot of the damage can over time be 'managed'. Disproportionate riches

5 Information Security Trends That Will Dominate 2015 In information security circles, 2014 has been a year of what seems like a never-ending stream of cyberthreats and data breaches, affecting retailers, banks, gaming networks, governments and more. The calendar year may be drawing to a close, but we can expect that the size, severity and complexity of cyber threats to continue increasing, says Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum (ISF), a nonprofit association that assesses security and risk management issues on behalf of its members. Looking ahead to 2015, Durbin says the ISF sees five security trends that will dominate the year. "For me, there's not a huge amount that's spectacularly new," Durbin says.

Information Security - Business Information - Information Management A holistic and business-oriented approach to managing information security, and a common language for information security and business management to talk about information protection. What if there was a model that would help security professionals address the complexity of security while encouraging a balance between protection and the business? There is. The Business Model for Information Security (BMIS) challenges conventional thinking and enables you to creatively re-evaluate your information security investment.

IT Security News and Security Product Reviews The good, bad and ugly November 01, 2012 While some instances of Stuxnet and Duqu found their way into seemingly unplanned locations, the majority of occurrences were localized to targeted systems. 10 steps toward eliminating insider threats Security Notice Update: July 10, 2015 @ 8:00 PM EST Thank you for taking the time to read our posts and follow our recommended actions after the recent events. Behind-the-scenes, our response has been ongoing. As we mentioned before, we’ve engaged security experts and firms to help us, and we’re working with the authorities to take the appropriate actions. These events have put our systems to the test, and we’re more secure as a result.

Protect your organization from steganographic data theft It appears that steganography is a growing challenge for forensics investigators and organizations using content monitoring or filtering to protect sensitive data. The art and science of steganography has been around for centuries. It’s used to write hidden messages in a way that prevents anyone but the recipient from interpreting them. As technology grew it was only natural for steganographic techniques to find their way into electronic processes. It appears that steganography is a growing challenge for forensics investigators and organizations using content monitoring or filtering to protect sensitive data. What is steganography?

Boosting Security for Employees’ Personal Information BUworks’ new two-step log-in can be done via a smartphone app, an automated phone call, or a text message. Photo by Jackie Riccardi To protect against Internet scammers, BU is mandating a two-step authentication process for employees seeking online access to their direct deposit bank information and other data in BUworks. Faculty and student employees of the University must perform the two-step process beginning today. Other employees were enrolled in recent months. The process, using the online security tool Duo Security, requires employees to log in to BUworks through its Central Portal with their usernames and Kerberos passwords as in the past.

Rosetta Stone for Unix Footnotes 1. In System V-based Unixes, run level relates to booting, shutdown, and single-user mode. In BSD, it has to do with security. Introduction to Cyber Security: More free resources from The Open University Copyrighted image Copyright: © Oksipix 4 | 5 - Cyber Security Photo About the course Do you want to better understand online security and protect your digital life, whether at home or work? Qwerty Steno - Lessons - Basic Thanks to modern keyboard technology, you don't need to buy a $3,000 steno machine in order to learn stenography. All you need is a modern keyboard that has N-Key Rollover (NKRO). Most gaming keyboards have this but we recommend the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard. But wait!

Office of Information Security Shares 5 Tips to Safely Using Social Media photo courtesy of October is National Cyber Awareness Month (NCSAM) and according to, NCASM was created as a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. The Georgia Southern University Information Security Office is celebrating this month by sharing cyber information and tips each week. Chief Information Security Officer Mike Wise says the Office of Information Security promotes a secure environment for the University to meet its mission of academic distinction in teaching, scholarships, research and service. “Cyber Security is a constant factor in our lives.

ID access management's cloud challenge With users accessing systems from ever more obscure points of entry, how do you keep control of access privileges? We look at the software that may have the answer. The problem of offsetting data security against accessibility has proved a ubiquitous problem of the last decade. As the range of software that users have to work with has broadened and security's remit has become enlarged, IT administrators have struggled to keep control of system and application access without complicating the login process. Identity access management (IAM) software has emerged as an important tool for administrators trying to regain control. Research firm Gartner has estimated that companies are spending roughly 8 per cent of their data security budget on IAM tools.

What is Cybercriminal? - Definition from Techopedia Cybercriminals often work in organized groups. Some cybercriminal roles are: Programmers: Write code or programs used by cybercriminal organizationDistributors: Distribute and sell stolen data and goods from associated cybercriminalsIT experts: Maintain a cybercriminal organization's IT infrastructure, such as servers, encryption technologies and databasesHackers: Exploit systems, applications and network vulnerabilitiesFraudsters: Create and deploy schemes like spam and phishingSystem hosts and providers: Host sites and servers that possess illegal contentsCashiers: Provide account names to cybercriminals and control drop accountsMoney mules: Manage bank account wire transfersTellers: Transfer and launder illegal money via digital and foreign exchange methodsLeaders: Often connected to big bosses of large criminal organizations. Assemble and direct cybercriminal teams, and usually lack technical knowledge.

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